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The Second Regiment still at Camp Thomas
Death in Company B-Condition of the sick boys
from Wood County

Camp George E. Thomas
Chickamauga Park, Aug. 1 1898

EDITOR Democrat. The Second Regiment O.V.I. is still encamped at Chickamauga Park and it looks as if it were decreed to remain here for some time. But there are others--although there's little consolation in that fact. There are some thirty other volunteer regiments in this camp, whose ambition to win glory and eat hardtack and incidentally fight yellow fever and Spaniards, are gone like a snow ball in the caloric depths of hades.

This regiment had a gnawing desire to go to the front and receive the finishing touches upon its military career. This desire has caused many a home-loving lad to "join the army" and has served them to perform the arduous duties of camp life uncomplainingly. If it becomes evident that these soldiers are to remain in camp, their military ambition will fall with a dull heavy thud, and they will evidently become afflicted with that soul-wearing disease known by army surgeons commonly known as "home-sickness".

A local paper says that nine regiments are to be selected from these remaining at the park to go to Puerto Rico. The rest are to be garrisoned during the coming winter according to the report. If this be true we have one more chance to go and are waiting not without some misgivings.

Private Wertz of Company B died at division hospital Sunday morning from stomach disorder. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon. The entire regiment stood uncovered during the services paying their last tribute of respect to their dead comrade. The remains were taken to Chattanooga to be shipped to the deceased man's former home at Upper Sandusky.

Company B's sick are recovering. 

  • Art Yunker, who has been very ill with typhoid fever is improving slowly. 

  • Eddie Callin passed through an operation safely and will be about in a few days.

  • Mike Krieger is convalescing.

  • Delos Fry is in division hospital with typhoid fever.

  • James Mapes is confined there with measles.

  • Milo Brown is in quartered with malarial fever. 

  • Abe Conley, Charles Miller, and George Hall have been returned to duty. 

  • Capt. Fasig was indisposed last week, but is about again.

  • Teamster Billheimer of Co K is seriously ill at division hospital with typhoid fever. 

  • Private Long of that company is to be receive a disability discharge. 

  • Corporal White also of Company K left camp about a week ago has not been seen since. It is probable steps have been taken to arrest him for desertion. 

  • Dell Noyes has been assigned as bookkeeper to the brigade commissary department.

  • Charley Schraller "Caps boy" has been quite ill with malarial fever but is now recovered.

  • Harry Thomas of Co. H has been detailed as a wagoneer.

The rains of the past two weeks has made the camp pretty muddy. The weather is cool and pleasant however. Dan Colbert is writing for the Sentinel during Art Yonkers illness. His work is very much appreciated notwithstanding his mania for "snake stories". 


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