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The Boys Being Put on a War Footing
Brief Notes from Chickamauga - Private Yonker Improving-Private Catlin in Hospital

Camp George H. Thomas
Chickamauga Park July 10 1898

The 3rd battalion broke camp at 1 o'clock this morning and moved in heavy marching order to the rifle range about 6 miles to the east of camp. Here a temporary camp will be established and the battalion will be given three days of rifle practice. The men carried their ponchos, blankets, and "pup tents" witht hem and will be required to eat field rations during the stay. In addition to rifle practice this trip will give them an idea of campaigning as their equipment and mode of camping is the same as when long marches and temporary camps will be in order.

A local paper says that 3500,000 field rations are to arrive in Chickamauga this week. This amount of food will feed 3,500 men 100 days and if straws show which way the wind blows, this fact maybe accepted that an early movement of troops is intended.

The First Ohio Cavalry has received orders to leave tomorrow morning. Bowling Green boys in the persons of Mssrs. Roper, Reo and Catlin are members of this troop and those boys are recruits and have been in scarcely two weeks, we cannot help but envy their good luck.

The officers of the Second Ohio are considering the adviseability of purchasing hammocks for the regiment for use in case we are ordered to Cuba or Puerto Rico. Sleeping on the ground in those islands is not conducive to good health, and if we are to go there hammocks will doubtless prove their usefulness by preventing much disease.

Private Arthur Yonker, who has been in the division hospital for the past three days, returned this morning. He is not well by any means but prefers to be treated in his quarters. Private Catlin is confined in the hospital with a rupture. He is getting along finely. With these exceptions the general health of Company H remains excellent.

George Meredith, who has been with the Company in capacity of assistant cook, has secured a position in the company wagon and will assist Teamster Rosencrook in handling the move, receiving $30 per month as pay. Private Ordway is assisting the cook at present.

The new corporals of Company H are Clarence Richards, Thomas Deihl, Boyd Campbell, Scott Rosedale, Jack Stacker, Thomas Loman. All passed the examination receiving excellent grades.


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Be sure to read the Genealogy Forum News each month!