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An Open Letter to
Grampa Louis and Nana Lulu

July 14th, 2001
Dear Grandpa  Louis and Nana Lulu,

Well, here I am writing to you, my grandparents whom I miss very much. Grandpa, I never had the opportunity of meeting you since you died when I was a month over 1 year old.  

From left to right front row: Evelyn K. Krepleever Shaw, Lulu Vey Fowler Krepleever, Louis Malcom Krepleever
from left to right back row: Donald Arthur Garner and Eleanor K. Krepleever Garner

NOTE: Evelyn and Eleanor are twins. Evelyn died February 14, 1996.



I have inherited something from you.  My mentor friend Pat Richley who writes a genealogy column told me I am a good writer.  I believe I received that from you.  I have read many of your articles while you were in camps before leaving for the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. I never knew they existed till I found out from a cousin of yours in a letter that was written to a neighbor of Nana's father John Fowler.  

I have gone all through this lady's collection at the Toledo Lucas County Library looking for information about you.  Mom never told me that you had changed the spelling of your name.  She just told me that I would not find anything since you had four daughters and the name of Krepleever was daughtered out. 

That made me even more determined to find out about you and your family. I sent an article to the weekly,  The Key Shoppers news asking if anyone knew anything about Louis Krepleever.  This lady in Waterville Ohio called me the same day the paper was delivered.  She came and picked me up and we went out to Bradner, Ohio. I met a nice lady who is the granddaughter of your sister Edna Rachel, but then they called her Rachel Edna.   We got into their car and went out to the cemetery and there was a stone that said John Wesley Cripliver.  Patty Conrad told me that he was your "daddy".

So that is what started all the information gathering of your family.  I even sent for your Dad's civil war pension file.  Then one day, Mom, Cousin Barbara and I were cleaning out Aunt Wemmie's things at the cottage I found a poster that  was the roster for the Company you were in for the Spanish-American War. That is what got me into looking into that article you wrote. 

I wrote to Steve Charter at the Center for Archival Collections and he sent me "21"  articles you wrote under the pen name of "KRIP". I made copies of them and gave to my cousins and my kids in a folder for each one of them.  That's when Mom told me that you had written a book, and that the manuscript is hidden in the desk in the office at the lake. Mom said I could eventually have it.

Nana, I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me. How to be fair with people. Enjoy life.  How much fun it was  to go fishing and teaching a kid how to fish.

You kept the family together Nana with the family Christmases. Now we don't even get together since you passed away back in 1976. My kids don't even know any of Aunt Mary's or Dorothy's or Wemmie's kids or grandkids. When we were all together mostly at Aunt Mary's or David and Phyllis'  because they had the biggest houses and yards to hold us all. My, your family has grown and you would be proud of your grandchildren and greats and great greats.

There was a little strife going on in Aunt Mary's family but it took my dad passing and memorial start to start the fences to mend. Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Carroll  and Carol Sue live clear out in New Mexico, Bob and his wife Wendy live out in Oklahoma.  His Rob lives in California and his Susan lives in Florida and Sharon Jane and her family live near Baltimore Md. The Shaw family is all scattered also.  Ken and Bill's family live in Michigan and all over.  Skips family lives all over the country and one even in Germany. and one in California. Dick and Carolyn are in Ann Arbor and Steve his wife in Virginia and Tim and Ellie are in Florida. live in Virginia and Sue's son David and his family lives in Va., while daughter Mary Beth lives in Ann Arbor with her growing family. Thank goodness my three sons live closer. Greg in Michigan, Lee and his family and Glen and his family live out by Delta, Ohio. Dave and Phyllis children except for Douglas live close by.  Douglas lives out east somewhere and is a Colonel in the army. Nana, Douglas even went to West Point Military Academy and he was also in Desert Storm out  in Iraq 10 years ago. Debbie lives close by with her two children, because her husband is a forest ranger at Maumee Bay State Park. I do not know what Don is doing. 

My brother Don lives with mom now after retiring as an engineer with the Air Force. His son Mark is a Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State University.  Dirk owns a Company in Cincinnati for computer networking consulting.  Pam lives in Sweden now with her new husband and son Nathan.  Duke just came back from a visit from there.

Can you imagine how large a place you would need now to get us all back together. for Christmas? So this is the count:

Bob, I, Greg, Julie and 2 sons, Lee and Dana and their two children and Glen and Angie and their 2.
Mark and Linda
Dirk, now divorced
Karen and Mitch.
Pam, Torborn, Nathan
Uncle Rex and His wife Mary
Ken, Donna, his 5 daughters, two married with husbands
Bill, Kay, Kelly and brother, and Amanda
Barb and Bob
Skip, Judy,Casey, Brendan and his wife,
Keven, Erin and her husband and child.
Aunt Dorothy, Carroll, Carol Sue, Tammy and Jenny.
Bob and Wendy, Rob and Marcea and their two daughters,
Sue and Mac, David, Katey, Brooks and Reed
Mary Beth, Peter, three sons
Carolyn, Dick Steve, and his wife,
Tim and his wife Ellie
David, Phyllis, Doug and Bambi, Debbie, jeff Dayna and son, 
Don and his new wife

See, Nana, since you are not  here to knit us back together, I don't know half of these kids in our family. Now I wish I had sat with you and asked questions about your parents. I am no closer on your side of the family especially the all the Fowlers, Cables, then when I started on this whole thing of searching for my ancestors. I try to get people to get their children interested.

Your granddaughter,


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