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Update on Jon

20 March 2001 - I received an email last month from my son Jon in China saying he was leaving the next day to come to this continent to study English and that he wouldn't be able to pass the English test that the University of Toledo requires of incoming foreign students take. 

It would hard for a foreign student to come right to Toledo and not know any English, to start classes right off, so they take a TOEFL TEST, if they cannot pass it, they go to English classes at Toledo International Institute for 6 months and then after that they can take the test again. They continue the class till they can pass the test, it can get expensive if they don't. 

The classes cost as much as one semester at University of Toledo. Jon wants to take Computer Science when he comes here. So he and his family decided for him to go to Toronto Canada for his English classes and he would stay at a HOST HOME there owned by Victor Spretas. 

He left Beijing at 10 am on Feb 9th and arrived Toronto same time he left Beijing but he was smart, He slept all the way over. His host family called my mom in Michigan because they thought I was up there since they could not get a hold of me here. She gave me the number to call there when he arrived. 

His Host mother called at 11 pm to tell me he arrived ok, I got to talk to him but he was still sleepy. I told him to call his mother so she wouldn't be worried, but he didn't know how to call from this part of the world using the international number for China then for the Province then for the City of Chengdu. At 2 am, his host mom called and asked me if I would call his mom to let her know he arrived ok and give her his number in Toronto, which I did. Later on the next morning his mom called me back to let me know she finally got to talk to him. Well, actually I talk to her through Jon's cousin Judy who speaks very good English. 

I have no idea how long he will be staying there in Toronto. Hopefully on one of Bob's vacation weeks we can go up there and bring him back to Michigan for a week for his holiday.

Their time is 12 hours ahead of us so right now it is 9:15pm today there. They have invited Bob and I to go over and visit them next year after Bob retires. So maybe if it is later in the year than we can bring Jon back over here to start school at UT. So we better start saving our money!


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Be sure to read the Genealogy Forum News each month!