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Memorial Day Salute to all Veterans, passed or living.
"We have proudly served, and as tradition continues, they, in turn, will serve proudly." 
from Patrick J. O'Leary's email.

Joseph William Doe (My Father) 2nd World War--From MI
Jacob DELAMATER--Civile War--Killed in Battle of Gettysberg,
Buried on Field. Enlisted from PA Regiment.
Cpt. Isaac DELAMATER in FR & Ind War 1740-From Duchess Co., N.Y.
Joseph W. Doe--Was in Navy 4 yrs-Between Korean & Vietnamese war
Moses DEGRAFF--Rev. War--Duchess County, N.Y.
Henry Nussbaum, USN
Rosaire Levesque WWII
Robert Lévesque WWII
Charles-Henri Thériault WWII
Owen R. McCoy, FTCM (SS)USN Retired
Paul Brown, USAF Retired
Ronald Meng, USAF Retired
Donald Brown, USAF Retired
Ed O'Brien, US Army
Russell Gibbs, USN
Valentine McDaniel/McDonald, Revolutionary War
Asaph Bigelow, Rev War
Benjamin Herring, Rev War
Samuel Gleason, Rev War
John Hubert, USN 31 1/2 yrs Retired
Jeff J. Torstensen, gunners mate USN Vietnam
Don J. Torstensen, USN
Gordon H. Torstensen II, Sgt USAF
Gordon H Torstensen, FCI USN WWII
Selma Ayoob Torstensen, Pvt. Marines WW11
D. Allen Haun
John R. Haun
Richard Lee Haun, USAF
Roy Oscar Haun USMC
James Coad
Christian Oesterle
Margaret Coad Cicirelli
Raymond Victor Cicirelli
Elaine Londak
Nanette Reed
William S. Coad 
John D. Coad Jr.
John D. Coad III
Brenda Carnahan
Gregory Carnahan
Glenna Booth
Rhonda Baynard
Kenneth Baynard
Raymond Booth
William Truman
Jacob Hauser Pa Rev war
John Wesley Cripliver Co I 14th OVVI Sherman to the Sea civil war
Daniel Shellhart Civil War.
James D. Cripliver Co H. 111th OVVI, died 12/26/1862 measles and exposure civil war
Louis Malcom Krepleever, Co H. 2nd Reg. Spanish American war corrrespondent for Wood County Democrat.
Douglas Brimmer, US Army Colonel (still in) Desert Storm 
Donald Garner, USN WW11 died July 24, 1997
Robert Garner, USArmy WW11 died July 21 1996
Alice Garner, USArmy WAC WWII died 1995
Rex Shaw Sr. USN
James Garner USN
James McConville, USN
Lee Allan Meiring US Army 1985-87 Germany. US Army Reserves
Orly Arthur Drake, WWII
William Charles Cooley, Vietnam
William A. Staubs, USN Korea died 7/30/97
Charles Wright Henderson, Tech Sgt Hdqts Col Phillipines 
Dept. Ft. William McKinley Manila Phillipines, 
MIA Oct. 24, 1944; Rebecca Eleanor Henderson
Fording received purple heart in his honor
Grenval A. Bee USN WWII dec.
Hiram Howard US Army WWII
Keith Binger USAF 
Humphrey P O'Leary -(Army) Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, Humphrey was interned in Santo Tomas in Manila,
Humphrey P O.Leary, Jr -(Army) WWII - Bataan, POW Camp 17, Fukuoka, Japan
Patrick J. O'Leary - (Army) Vietnam (1st Sig Bde)
James M. O'Leary -(USN) - Beirut, Lebanon; Desert Shield/Desert
Sean P. O'Leary - (USAF) - Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Michael O'Leary, USAF
Brian O'Leary, USArmy
Marianne O'Leary, USA Reserves
Luis Orozco, USMC
Juel O'Leary van Blarcom, USN
Phil Is ( a university the japanese used as an internment camp for civilian POWs)
together with my dad's twin sister, from 1942 thru mid 1945 - liberation time.
During this same time frame, Dad was a POW.
John Frederich Appuhn, Pvt., Co. B, McLaughlin's Squadron Ohio Calvary. From April 1864 to June 1865. POW at Andersonville, Ga. from October 1864 to April 1865. (My great great grandfather) Civil war
David Kercher, Pvt., Co. C, 16th Ohio Infantry. From Oct 1861 to Oct 1864. Frederich Appuhn above) Civil war
John Edgar Barnes, US Army, died at Argonne, France. He has a VFW Post at Grant City, MO., named after him. WW1
Gilbert Jackson Stevens, US Army Air Corps, 1901 Eng. Avn. Bn. Co. A. Served from summer 1944 to 1946, in Guam, Okinawa. This is my father and has been gone 23 years now. WW11
John Edgar Barnes, US Coast Guard.WWII
Raymond Welton Barnes, US Army, wounded at Normandy, WWII
Ray Jones, US Army. WWII
Robert Israel, US Army Air Corps, Eng Bn. Served in the Philippines WWII
Loren B. Roberts, USAF, B52 shot down over Germany, no survivors. WWII
Henry Huffman Rev War 
Joseph HIGGINS Rev War
ALexander Duvall Rev War
Samuel WARDEN RevWar
Robert Scott Rev War
Philip MYERS RevWar
Valentine Myers Rev War
SAnford HOFFMAN Civil War WVA unit
Reason Huffman Civil War WVA unit
Brice Huffman Civil War PA unit
Mason Huffman Civil War served Laramie WYO
Joseph Collins USArmy WW2
Aubie D Cooper USArmyWW2
Gerald JONES USNavyWW2
Fred Anderson USNavy WW2
Calvin JONES Civil War ILL unit 
Fred PENTICO USNavy Korean War/ Vietnam War
Ray Dee Jones JR USArmy Vietnam War


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