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Note: As you see even during the Spanish American War, 50 years after the Civil War, the Blacks were still treated less then human, disrespectful in the South and it was not what my grandfather said the word "nigger" but the citizens of Macon, GA. 

Soldiers to be Mustered out soon

And there is much rejoicing in the ranks--Harold 
Griffith a victim of a holdup.

Camp FORNANCE Macon Ga. Jan 10 1899

EDITOR DEMOCRAT: Of course, you know by this time that the Second Ohio is to be mustered out but you must fail to realize the joy which the order imparted to the men of the Second. The order came in Sunday morning and was read to the regiment immediately. It directs that the men ae to be mustered out here and that each man is to receive traveling money and two months pay in advance. This part of the order meets with general approval, because it will enable many who desire is a chance to spend some money. and besides the traveling money and advance pay will amount to nearly $90 per man, which will leave a man a good balance after he has paid the expense of a trip home. 

There will be special trains to take those who wish to go home immediately and the rare will be less than half the regular rate. Most of the men are anxious to go home immediately but some intend to spend the winter in Florida and other places in the south.

The 2d Ohio hospital detachment will be mustered out with the regiment upon the individual application. There are about 22nd Ohio men in the detachment and most of them will ask for discharge.

Harold Griffith was principal actor in a daring holdup and a fight. "Dad" as he is known by his friends is the quartermasters orderly at 2d Brigade headquarters and last evening he was sent uptown with a telegram. After attending to that duty, he fell in with a soldier who he thinks was a member of the 7th cavalry, and while walking down one of the most frequented streets in Macon, was hit above the left temple with some kind of blunt instrument. The blow must have been terrific for it cut a hole through the hat and leather band and made an ugly though not serious wound in his forehead. "Dad" came to about two hours later in the division hospital, but could give no more than a meager description of his assailant. Robbery was presumably the motive for the assault, but the fellow was scared away before he could examine his victim. Nothing was found missing but "Dad's" colt revolver . The wound is very sore but does not prevent Harold from performing his duties.

Dell Noyes is the chief quartermasters office as division quartermaster. It is an easy job, but Noyes is going home all the same. 

Six troops of the Cavalry leave for Cuba this afternoon, accompanied by a hospital detachment.

The 81st Michigan passed through here this morning on its way to Savannah to board transports to Cuba. The 6th Virginia and Third North Carolina, colored are to be mustered out here. The citizens are making a vigorous kick against turning the niggers loose in Macon, but it seems that the government has ideas of its own on the subject and will will muster the men out in Macon.  Wood County people may expect to see the Second Ohio men before the middle of February and maybe much sooner.



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Be sure to read the Genealogy Forum News each month!