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        This site contains a section for each of six families I am researching (see below).  The majority of the information on
        this page has been compiled from my own research conducted over the past 20 plus years.  A significant portion has
        been given to me by other researchers like you.  You are welcome to join in this collaborative effort by sharing what-
        ever information that you can. (I might have additional information, not included on this Web site, to share with you.)
        I attempt to verify all information that I receive, but errors are bound to occur.  If you notice an error please email
        me and let me know so it can be changed.



                The family of Martin L. Chase & Laura B. Sackett, of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Minnesota

                The family of Cleophas Duboid & 'Clara' Elemond, of Canadian descent, who settled in McLeod Co., Minnesota

                The family of Peter Fitch & Ursula Chase, who were born in Pennsylvania and settled in Faribault Co., Minnesota;
                the family of Peter's brother, Porter, who settled in North Dakota

                The family of Aaron A. Mudge & Lydia Smith, which began in Pennsylvania before settling in Minnesota

                The family of Joseph Rivers & Martha Elemond, of Canadian descent, who settled in McLeod Co., Minnesota

                The family of Francois Joseph Stimart & Cecile Desiree Bajot, of Belgium, Wisconsin & Minneapolis, Minnesota

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