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Llantrisant means " Church of the three saints" - Saints :Illtyd, Gwynno and Tyfodwg. It was created a Corporate Town by Hugh de Spenser in 1346. This charter was lost "because of indiference". The properties are now administered by the Llantrisant Town Trust, established in 1889. Very long history.

There is a record of a conflict between the men of Llantrisant and the Normans between the years 1262 and 1280 . The "Freemen" of the town hold a "Court Leet" in the town hall twice a year. The archers of Llantrisant gained fame during the French war in 1346. In the Battle of Crecy the Black Prince (Prince of Wales) took blind King John of Bohemia, prisoner. King John's crest and motto was three ostrich feathers with the words "Ich dien" (I serve).

LLantrisant is also famous as the home of modern cremation. In 1884 a local doctor William Price attempted to cremate the body of his child. He was tried at Cardiff Assizes where the case was dismissed on the payment of a farthing costs. Dr Price died in 1893 and was himself cremated at East Caerlan , Llantrisant . It was the first public cremation of modern times. (This is a direct link to Rudry, described elsewhere.)

The castle apparently was built prior to 1184. Beddau, which translates into "graves" possibly refers to a large number of soldiers being killed in battle in the area and being buried there. At Rhiwsaeson, south of Llantrisant, a severe battle was fought in 873 between the Danes and Saxons.North of Llantrisant is an area named Castellau, which means "fortification".

Taken from History of Llantrisant by Dillwyn Lewis

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1799 County of Glamorgan Map
Includes Tyn-y-Waen near Llantwit Fardre (Lantwittvardre) where my DAVID family was on the 1851 Census

Llantwit Fadre - where Evan DAVID (known as DAVIES in Australia), my great grandfather was born.

Llanstrisant - where Morgan DAVID my great great grandfather was born 1787 and buried 1866.

CoyChurch (south east of Bridgend) where Evan's parents Mary GRIFFITH (c. 1793-1851) married Morgan DAVID
Mary GRIFFITH does not appear on any parish registers for Llangrallo, Coychurch at the anticipated time of her birth

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