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Margaret Grogan's Family Album - Mills family

Stephen MILLS and Mary Ann Storey

Thomas MILLS (II) b. 1874 Hay NSW d. 1944 Hay NSW - photo taken 1908 for his marriage.

Earnest MILLS b. 1883 Hay NSW d. 1962 Hay NSW - army photo.

Arthur Clive Mills (1893-1976) Thomas MILLS (II)(1874-1944) Photo taken when Clive was working at Burralrgie with station horse and trap.

Earnest William Mills (1883-1962) Army Photo ( Hay Historical Society

Effie May Mills (1894-1964) Photo has the following inscription: "To Dear Amy, With Fondest love from May. 22-8-14"

Four of the six daughters of Stephen and Winnie MILLS, all born Hay, New South Wales. Possibly taken about 1921.

Last updated 3 Jan 2001

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