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Mary DONAHOE/DONOGHUE/DONOHOE/DONOHUE/DONOGHUE was born about 1856-1857, somewhere in Ireland. Mary arrived in Adelaide before her 1882 SA marriage. No SA census exists for her time in South Australia, 1881 - 1887. Mary lived in Victoria from 1887 to her death in 1896. No Victorian census exists for this period.

From Mary's 1882 SA Marriage certificate to William Rothwell OLIVER, dated 18 Jun 1882 at St. Patrick's, West Terrace, Adelaide, SA, Mary has no trade or calling, her age is 25 yrs. (so born about 1857), her father is Bernard. Her surname is spelt DONOHUE. Signed with her "X" mark. The Catholic Archives, Adelaide have less information than that in the civil registration.

Mary's four children with William are:
  • Mary's daughter Maude born 4 May 1881 in Wakefield St. Kensington, Adelaide, SA.
       Father: William Rothwell OLIVER    Mother: Mary DONOUGHUE    Symbol: S Book: 260 Page: 445

  • Frances Monica born 1882, Adelaide, not registered

  • Agnes Ann born 19th June 1885, Adelaide,
       father William Rothwell OLIVER,    Mother: Mary DONAGHUE    Birth Place/Residence: Adelaide
       District Code: Ade, Book: 353 Page: 215

  • Charles Burnett was born on the 1st Dec. 1887 in Richmond Victoria (Reg No. 5887). From this birth certifcate, the informant is his 13 year step sister Louisa - Mary's birthplace is given only as Ireland, maiden name DONOGHUE, and her age as 44 years (so born about 1843!)

    Mary died on the 24th June 1896 in Hospital, Gipps Ward (Electoral Division), Victoria - the informant was a hospital messenger. Mary's parent's are "Not Known". Mary's birthplace is "Ireland" and "about 10 years in Victoria". Her age at marriage is given as 22 years, rather than the 25 years on her marriage certificate. This hospital is likely to be the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    Using SA shipping records and the Griffith's Valuation of Ireland (1848-1864), then the possibilities for Mary's surname are limited to:

    SA Shipping with SA Births, Deaths and Marriages

    Possible assisted shipping for Mary DONOHUE/DONOGHUE into South Australia as supplied by SAGHS:
    From the Assisted Immigrants into South Australia (before 1881)
    Note the SA records do not show 'Native Place' or 'Religion' to narrow down the possibilities.

    75/6	Hesperides 3 Aug 1875 		DONOHUE Mary 21 (so born 1855)
    					DONOHUE John 19 years (so born 1856)
    					Possible as only 2 years difference
    					Assume John a brother?
    South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915
    DONOGHUE, John. Died: 1892-11-10 Aged: 24y  (so born 1868 too late), Status: N 
    	Relative: (not recorded) Residence: North Adelaide 
    	Death Place: North Adelaide District Code: Ade Book: 205 Page: 395
    DONOGHUE, John Died: 1905-02-07 Aged: 75y (so born 1830 too early), Status: N, 
    	Relative: (not recorded) Residence: North Adelaide, 
    	Death Place: North Adelaide, District Code: Ade, Book: 307 Page: 449
    DONOHUE John. Died: 1891-12-06, Aged: 84y (so born 1807 way too early), 
    	Status: N Relative: (not recorded), Residence: Yankalilla, 
    	Death Place: Yankalilla, District Code: Yan, Book: 198 Page: 293
    Digger - South Australian Marriages, Registrations 1842-1916
    John DONOHOE married Charlotte MEDD 21 May 1901
    Groom Age: 54 (so born 1847) Status: S Groom's Father: Bernard DONOHOE
    Bride Age: 54 Status: S Bride's Father: Thomas MEDD
    Place: St Patrick's Church [Adelaide] District: Ade Book/Page: 207/888
    	Note: same church that Mary married William OLIVER in 1882.
    76/9	Arundel Castle 	19 Apr 1876 	DONOHUE  Mary 22 years, servant
    						Possible as only 2 years difference, 
    						also servant could be likely. 
    						Stated that Mary was English not Irish.
    77/9	Lochee 		1 Feb 1877 	DONOGHUE Mary 21 years 
    						(Mary would have been 21 years)
    					DONOGHUE Martin 28 yrs ag. lab 
    					(so born 1849)
    					Highly likely on age, assume Martin is a brother?
    South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915
    DONAHUE, Martin. Died 1879-08-28, Aged 32y (so born 1847), Residence: Norwood, 
    	Death Place: Norwood, District Code: Ade 
    	Book: 97 Page: 125 
    	** Maybe so died 2 years after arrival?** 
    DONOGHUE, Martin. Died 1864-08-22, Aged 24y 
    	(so born 1840 - too early but died before ship's arrival!), 
    	Status: N Relative: (not recorded), Death Place: Adelaide, 
    	District Code: Ade, Symbol: H, Book: 18 Page: 21 
    Did a brother of Mary's arrive, and name a son Bernard?
    South Australian Births 1842-1906 (c) SAGHS
    DONOHUE, Joseph Bernard. Born: 1877-08-02, 
    	Father: Michael DONOHUE, Mother: Bridget Dorothea LAHIVE, 
    	Birth Place/Residence: Bakers Flat, District Code: Kap, 
    	Symbol: X, Book: 186, Page: 188. 
    	Cross Reference: See also: ODONOHUE Joseph Bernard 
    	** No marriage registered in SA for Michael and Bridget
    Donaho /Donahoe /Donahue /Donghoe /Donocho /Donoghoe

    The Griffith's Valuation of Ireland (1848-1864)

    Using the Griffith's Index CD the possibilities for a Bernard are narrowed down to the following: DONAHOE, DONOGHUE, DONOHOE, DONOHUE or DONOGHUE Donaghoe, Bernard Cavan Donoghue, Bernard Offaly/Kings Donohoe, Bernard Cavan (4 matches) Donohoe, Bernard Londonderry/Derry, Donohoe, Bernard Longford Donohoe, Bernard Westmeath Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864 Name County Parish Location Year of Valuation Donaghoe, Bernard Cavan Annagh Killybandrick 1864 Donoghue, Bernard Offaly/Kings Kilbride Srah 1864 Donohoe, Bernard Cavan Kildrumsherdan Drumnatread 1856-1857 Donohoe, Bernard Cavan Templeport Derrymony Donohoe, Bernard Cavan Templeport Keenagh Donohoe, Bernard Cavan Tomregan Derryginny Donohoe, Bernard Leitrim Cloone Corriga 1856 Donohoe, Bernard Londonderry Banagher Knockan 1858-1859 /Derry Donohoe, Bernard Longford Columbkille Aghakine 1854 Donohoe, Bernard Westmeath Rathconnell Killynan (Cooke 1854 Note: The following spellings were discounted because no Bernard was listed: Danagher, Danaher, Danahy, Donagher, Donahoe, Donahy, Donahy, Donoghoe, Donogoe, Donoher, Donohue, Donohy, Donoughoe, Donoughue, Donoughy A remote possibility is DONAGHY: Donaghy, Bernard Antrim Shankill Smithfield Townparks Mitchel Comment : and Another Donaghy, Bernard Cavan Shercock Latteriff Donaghy, Bernard Londonderry Dungiven Derryork /Derry Donaghy, Bernard Louth Roche Ballybinaby Donaghy, Bernard Monaghan Tedavnet Aghaclogha Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Arboe Ballymurphy Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Arboe Kilmascally Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Clogherny Tattykeeran Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Desertcreat Galcussagh Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Donaghmore Reclain Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Drumragh Aghalane Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Drumragh Mullanatoomog Donaghy, Bernard Tyrone Termonmaguirk Sultan Donaghy, Bernd. Donegal Fahan Lower Ballymagan Upper & Lower and Comment : Big Donaghy, Bernd. Donegal Fahan Lower Ballymagan Upper & Lower and Comment : Red

    Distribution of surnames in Ireland in 1890

    DONOGHUE - Total births: 97 Principally located in counties: Kerry and Cork (82 Munster, 6 Leinster, 7 Connaught, 2 Ulster)
    DONAHOE - no results found
    DONOHOE Total births: 162 Principally located in counties: Dublin Longford Cavan and Galway (26 Munster, 83 Leinster, 25 Connaught, 28 Ulster)
    DONOHUE - no results found
    Most Frequent Surnames in Irish Counties; Sorted by Surname:
    Donohoe Cavan 17
    Donohoe Longford 19

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