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Maitland (from the A. D. Edwardes Shipping Collection. State Library of South Australia.
Owner: The Libraries Board of South Australia. Refer note below.

The Ship 'Maitland' 648 tons, sailed from Gravesend on the 14th Sep. 1848 and arrived at Port Phillip on the 7th Jan 1849 after sailing for 115 days.

Master: John Gray.
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr. George Masters.

On board were 54 families, comprising 190 Scots, 48 unmarried males and 48 unmarried females, in all 286 Souls. They enjoyed good health during the voyage and arrived here in a healthy state. There occurred on the passage 3 deaths (children) and 4 births. They have been selected chiefly in Scotland, there are very few from England and none from Ireland.


Pass. No.




Native Place


Read or Write



SMITH William


Agl Labourer

Cromey Oxou

Prive Methodist

Read Only

was in possession of a Bible


SMITH Mary Ann



Cromey Oxou

Prive Methodist

Read Only






In the Disposal List of Immigrants -
William Smith was employed by C. Wedge of Ballymusary (very hard to read) for 6 mths with wages of £30 per annum, with rations.
Mary Ann Smith is listed directly underneath William so presume C. Wedge also employed her.

The Ship Maitland was well prepared for her third voyage to Melbourne. G. Marshall of London's ship Maitland was an old vessel, teak-built in Calcutta in 1810, and had been returned to the shipyards for repairs several times during her 30 years at sea, and classed *AE1 by Lloyds. She was doubled in 1832, in '46 part of the topsides were replaced and other general repairs carried out, and in 1848 her hull was metal-sheathed for speed. The steerage compartment was lofty and spacious.

Photo of the Maitland (from the A.D. Edwards Shipping Collection, State Library of South Australia. Owner the Libraries Board of South Australia)
Source "The Somerset Years - Government-Assisted Emigrants from Somerset and Bristol who arrived in Port Phillip Victoria 1839-1854" Florence Chuk, Pennard Hill Publications, 8B Sweeney St. Ballarat 3350 Victoria. ISBN 0 7316 0136 X

Ship Month Year Book Page Remarks
Maitland Nov 1846 2/3 231
Maitland Jan 1849 4 1 N
Maitland Jan 1849 4 195 N
Maitland Jan 1850 4a 224 N
Maitland Jan 1850 5 45 N

Note on the Maitland photo above that I posted to soc.genealogy.australia+nz newgroup in 1998:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the picture of the "Maitland" you have on your site is NOT the ship which came here in 1849. You have a photo of a later "Maitland", built in 1865.

My source for this is the South Australian Library. When I found your site, I was most excited, because Lil Wells and I have been chasing a photo of the 1838 "Maitland" for 20 years. When I saw your photo, and a description which matched the tonnage of the 1838 ship, I was overjoyed. I printed off a copy and sent it straight off to Lil Wells (my VIDLER co-researcher), who was equally pleased. Her first action was to contact the SA library to get a good print which we could include in our VIDLER book, and today she received the bad news.

The library went to quite a bit of trouble to verify their research before they phoned Lil, so I have no reason to doubt them. Lil was told that the picture you have was used (erroneously) by a published family history recently, so maybe that is how the mistake has been propogated?

So unfortunately, our search (and now yours) goes on.

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