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State Registration of Births, Marriages & Death the Irish Times
Irish Register of Births, Marriages, and Deaths since 1864The National Archives of Ireland
Historical Research Ireland, 92 Bishopswater, Wexford, IRELAND., Tel: 353+53+45976,Fax: 353+53+46747 Patrick Hogan or Patrick Hogan or Patrick Hogan

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Church of Ireland Dioceses

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Coats of Arms for Ireland

Coats of Arms in Ireland by Eddie Geoghegan

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County CLARE

My Co. Clare page

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County CORK

My Cork pages

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My Longford page

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Gaelic Dictionary

The School Gaelic Dictionary

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Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l (IGSI)
GENUKI - Ireland
Irish Times Irish Ancestors
O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland IGSI
Administrative Divisions of Ireland Fianna
A Sample of Searching in Ireland Fianna On-line Tutorial for Co. Clare
Irish Counties and helpful addresses Fianna
Helpful Hints for Successful Searching by Maura Petzolt

Irish Alphabet "Irish Heraldry,Topograhy and Modern History" published in 1904 by Murphy and McCarthy
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Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland How To Use Griffith's Valuation
Database online for Leitrim-Roscommon
Lookup offer for Griffith's CD CD # 188

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Old Irish Kingdoms and Clans A supplement to Ireland History in Maps
Ireland History in Maps (updated 11 Oct 2003)
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Ireland Provinces University of Wisconsin
Counties of Ireland University of Wisconsin
Poor Law Unions, 1842-1849 University of Wisconsin
Famine Maps Page University of Wisconsin
Ireland's History in Maps
Ireland 3D Tour with Mad Map Geographical Information-Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Galway, Limerick
MapQuest - Ireland
">Tiara- The Irish Ancestral Research Organisation
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Tyrone
The Irish Ordnance Survey Office The Ordnance Survey Office in Ireland is responsible for the mapping of Ireland, the results of which can be purchased in paper and electronic form from the Map Sales office.
Land Registry and Registry of Deeds
Map of Ireland Major Towns
Meanings of Irish placenames
Irish Maps Of The Seventeenth, Eighteenth, And Nineteenth Century
Ordnance Survey Historical Mapping from Rallymaps
Atlases of Historic Towns Kildare, Carrickfergus,Bandon, Kells, Mullingar, Athlone- University College Dublin
Free Maps These maps cover Ireland both historically and today. They are all declared to be copyright free.
Border Art Antique Genealogy Maps Antique maps for sale

Map of Ireland - Counties - Chapman Codes. Click on map for larger image
irelandc_sm.gif -51.9 K

Source - gentext

Map of Ireland. Click on map to go to larger version of map at University of Texas
ireland_map_sm.gif -98.4 K

Source - University of Texas

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A list of first names commonly used in Ireland Fiona Hyland
Names of Ireland
Nick Names and Naming Traditions Judy Henley Phillips
Ainmneacha Fear - Men's Names
Ainmneacha Ban - Women's Names
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Place Names

The Times Place Names you can search either the whole of Ireland or a single city or county. If unsure of the exact spelling you can enter up to three groups of letters that occur in the name.
IreAtlas Townland Data Base This search engine will perform a search of the IreAtlas data base, and return all lines that meet the screening requirements. By entering a Townland and a County, it will return all lines that contain the requested Townland and the requested County.
  • Meanings of Irish place names from web page of Trish Loughman


    Passenger Lists Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l (IGSI)
    Transportation Records The National Archives of Ireland. The National Archives of Ireland holds a wide range of records relating to transportation of convicts from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868.

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    Surnames of Ireland, Robert Matheson 1890 Birth Records - Most Frequent Surnames in Irish Counties; Sorted by Surname

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    The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) gentext
    University of Texas- Historical Maps

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