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Margaret Grogan's Family Album - Mills family

mills.gif 92 KB Four of the six daughters of Stephen and Winnie MILLS, all born Hay, New South Wales.
From the left, I think, Elsie Williams MILLS,
then the eldest daughter, Lillian Margaret MILLS,
next, the third daughter Amy Martha MILLS, and then the second daughter Catherine Jane Nicholson MILLS

Lillian Margaret MILLS (b. 1882) married Nicholas Utah CASH in 1907, and they had only one child Douglas CASH born 1907.
Catherine Jane Nicholson MILLS (b. 1885) married 1910 Frederick Edwin DUMMETT, they had four children, three sons - Frederick George DUMMETT b. 1912 Eric DUMMETT b.1915 and Geoffrey Percival DUMMETT b. 1916.
Amy Martha MILLS (b. 1889) married Alfred Stephen SMITH in 1910, and her sons were Ronald Alfred SMITH b.1913, Kenneth George SMITH b. 1916 and Reginald Ernest SMITH b. 1917. I do not believe that the boy in the photo is one of Amy's sons.
Elsie Williams MILLS (b. 1890) never married.
Winifred Ethel MILLS (b.1892) married Francis Pywell in 1927 in Sydney.
(I doubt that the MILLS sisters would have travelled from Melbourne to Sydney for their sister's wedding.)
Effie May MILLS b. 1894, married John BROWN in 1921 at St. Catherine's Church, Caulfield.
I believe it is more than likely a photo taken at a wedding rather than a funeral.
If this is the wedding then the Mills sister on the left would be Elsie Williams MILLS b. 1890.
The other Mills sister, Winifred Ethel (Winnie) MILLS (b.1892) was a witness at Effie May's wedding, and the young boy in front would then be five-year old Geoffrey Percival DUMMETT.

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