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Springhill House
Minane Bridge
Co. Cork

Updated 9 Jan 2001

Submitted by Joseph Daunt Johnston and posted here with his kind permission.

The estate of Springhill were created by my 3rd great grandfather, William DAUNT of Springhill (1745-1828). He was the son of William DAUNT of Ballyverane (d. 1768).

In 1771 William of Springhill built Springhill House on 69 acres of land which were formerly called Lackeragh. If you consult an ordinance map you will see Springhill House (it still stands today) close to the place called Minane Bridge.

In 1769 William DAUNT (subsequently of Springhill) married his cousin, Margaret BUSTEED, the daughter of Thomas BUSTEED and Martha DAUNT. William spent the next 50 years building his estate. He had inherited the 69 acres of Lackeragh and 440 acres of Ballyregan from his father. In 1800 he leased the lands of Farrenbrien (600 acres) from the Earl of Shannon, and in 1813 he acquired the lands of Rowell Parkinagh (300 acres) from his brother, Thomas DAUNT. William retired in 1824, moving with his two spinster daughters, Martha and Margaret, to Myrtleville where he died January 21, 1828.

After 1824 the Springhill estate was managed by William's son, also named William DAUNT (1785-1875). This William who had married his cousin, Mary BUSTEED, died of bronchitis at the age of 90 in Springhill House.

After 1875 Springhill was leased, and in the 20th century the government required that the property be sold to the lessee.

When the property was finally sold in the 1920s it was listed as a house and 29 acres.

Best Regards, Joseph Daunt Johnston

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