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RIC Ranks

Updated 3 Jan 2001

Submitted by Peter McGoldrick and posted here with his kind permission.

If it helps, RIC ranks in the General Register during this period went as follows:
During training at the RIC depot, the 'trainee' would have been a 2nd class Sub-Constable;
in the early years of the force these were of two classes:
1 & 2 (the lower class).

On allocation to a station he would have been promoted (hence P) to 1SC or 1st class Sub-Constable.
Where a policeman was punished, he may have been reverted to a former rank, hence R in the lists followed by the lower rank.
The progression was as follows
2SC 2nd class Sub Constable
1SC 1st class
AC Acting Constable
C Constable
2HC 2nd class Head Constable
1HC 1st class
SI Sub-Inspector (3 classes)
CI Couny Inspector (2 classes)
DIG Deputy Inspector General (about 3-4)
IG Inspector General (1 only)

In about 1887 the ranks were changed to Constable, Acting Sergeant (AS), Sergeant(Sergt), Head Constable(HC), District Inspector (DI, 3 classes), County Inspector (CI), etc

Hope this helps.
Peter McGoldrick.

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