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Deaths 1864 - 1869
Townlands in the parish of Drishane
Townlands in the parish of Ballincuslane
Co. Cork

Updated 1 Aug 2000

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

LDS film 0823801, O'Kief,Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher, and Upper Blackwater in Ireland by Albert Casey
Townlands in the parish of Drishane - Coolanarney, Rathduane, Inches, Knocknaloman, Anagloor, Tullig, Caherbarnagh,Liscreagh, Millstreet, Knocknakulla, Shanaknock in the Barony of West Muskerry, PLU Millstreet, Province of Munster

Townlands in the parish of Ballincuslane, Barony of Trughanacmy,PLU Tralee, Province of Munster, , - Knockauncurragh, Glanowen, Glanawaddra, Knocknaboul. Ballynahulla, Tooreengarriv, Knockeennahone, Barna, Knockrower East.

Note, correct spellings of geographical locations are included in the above listings, but the spelling will vary in the actual transcriptions.

Deaths of persons born before 1830 on pages 418-421


1-14-1864/ Knocknaboule/ PATRICK SULLIVAN/ M/ 65/ tailor/ leg trouble 30 years/ uncert/ PETER SULLIVAN, son present at death also of same place

3-9-1864/ Knockeenahone / NORRY KEANE / M/ 60 / farmer's wife / chronic lung 9 months/ uncert / PATRICK KEANE present at death

3-17-1864 / Ballinahoune / ELIZABETH WALSH/ f/ 60 / Laborer's wife/ pneumonia 2 weeks / PAT SULLIVAN, nephew, present at death of same place

1-26-1864 / Knocknalumman / DANIEL DUGGAN / M/ 84 /dancing master / diarrhea one month/ MARY DUGGAN, daughter, present at death of same place

7-20-1864 / Knocknalummon / JEREMIAH O'SULLIVAN / 90 /farmer/ morbus cordis of 2 days, no medical attendance/ JERH O'SULLIVAN, nephew present at death of same place

11-17-1864/Drishanebeg (Drishane)/ DENIS MACCARTHY / M / 80/ herdman/ bronchitis of six days/ JEREMIAH KELLEHER, grandson present at death, of same place

10-15-1864/ Coolinarna/ JOHANNA NUNAN,formerly HOGAN/ wife of JOHN NUNAN farmer/ heart disease of two years/ JOHN NUNAN, husband and occupier present at death


1-29-1865/ Dooneen (Drishane)/ JOHANNA SULLIVAN, formerly MURPHY/ F/ 50/ laborer's wife/ asthma and chronic bronchitis of six years/ no medical attendance, MICHAEL SULLIVAN, husband and occupier present at death

1-26-1865/ Anagloor(Drishane)/ HANORA RIORDAN / F/ 76 / a poor woman/ of bronchitis for six weeks / WILLIAM SULLIVAN, son, present at death

1-5-1865/ Tullig (Drishane)/ MARGARET CALLAGHAN, formerly McAuliffe/ F/ 64/ widow of OWEN CALLAGHAN / laborer/ bronchitis for six days/ no medical attendance/ JOHN DENAHY, son in law, present at death, occupier

1-5-1865 Curragh (Drishane)/ MICHAEL CORCORAN / M/ 33/ typhus (maculated) 12 days / THOMAS CORCORAN father and occupier present at death

1-6-1865 Cahirbarnach (Drishane)/ HONORA SCANNELL, formerly CASEY/ F/ 70/ widow of laborer / fracture of ribs one week, no medical attendance/ CORNELIUS DONNELLY, son in law and occupier present at death

2-28-1865 Liscreagh (Drishane) EUGENE SULLIVAN/ M/ 65/ farmer/ hoemoptysis of two days, no medical attendance and uncert/ HANNA SULLIVAN, daughter, present at death

2-27-1865 Millstreet (Drishane)EUGENE SULLIVAN / M / 76/ victualler/ of typhus fever three days , cert/ MARY MOYNIHAN, daughter present at death, of same place

1-28-1865 Ballinaholla/ JULIA HERLIHY/ F/ 83/ housekeeper/ supposed bronchitis of 14 days, no cert/ THOMAS HERLIHY, son and occupier present at death

2-23-1865/ Knocknahoule/HONORA FLYNN/ F/78/ farmer's widow/ of heart disease, information received from John Roche coroner

1-24-1865 Knockeenahone/ MARGARET TANGUEY/ f/90/ mendicant bronchitis for 14 days, uncert/ JOHN CREMIN, occupier, present at death

3-23-1865 Clougholamore (Drishane)/CATHERINE KELEHER/F/ 67/ wife of laborer/ bronchitis of two weeks, no medical attendance/ MICHAEL KELLEHER, occupier present at death

5-24-1865 Drishanebeg (Drishane)/JULIA KELEHER, formerly LEARY/ F/ 42/ widow of DANIEL KELEHER a laborer/ of heart disease, dropsy of 8 weeks, no medical attendance/ DANIEL KELEHER, son and occupier present at death

6-8-1865 Knocknakilla (Drishane/ JEREMIAH SHEEHAN/ M/ 85/formerly a publican and clerk/ cancerous ulcer for two years/ MICHAEL SHEEHAN of Millstreet present at death

11-4-1865 Shanaknock (Drishane) HONORA CONNORS, formerly HERLIHY/ F/ 79/ farmer's widow/ hepatitis chronic two months/CORNELIUS CONNORS , present at death, occupier


3-14-1866 Knocknaboul/ MARY CROWLY/ F/64/ farmer's wife/ supposed inflammation of lungs for four weeks, no medical attendance/ MARY CROWLY of same place present at death

1-15-1866 Knocknaboule/ NED KEARNEY/M/44/ farmer/ heart disease for two years and anasarca for two weeks/ DAN KEARNEY, of same place, present at death

8-19-1866 Rathduane (Drishane)/ JEREMIAH HEALY/ M/ 61/farmer/ cancer of glands for five months following ulcer of lips/ DANIEL HEALY, son of same place present at death

8-18-1866 Rathduane (Drishane)/ ELLEN SHEEHAN, formerly COFFEE/F/65/ farmer's widow/ of cholera for seven days/ JEREMIAH SHEEHAN of same place present at death

7-7-1866 Knocknalummonon (Drishane)/ MARY DUGGAN formerly LINEHAN/ F/78/widow of dancing master/ of hepatitis of 10 weeks, uncert and no medical attendance/ ALEXANDER SULLIVAN, occupier, present at death

7-4-1866 Knockrour/ CORNELIUS BROSNAN/ M/ 70/farmer/ supposed bronchitis for four days and no medical attendance/ PAT REIDY of same place present at death

10-7-1866 Coolinarna (Drishane)/ MARY CRONIN,formerly KELLEHER/ F/80/ widow of laborer/ of chronic bronchitis of 10 years, uncert and no medical attendance/ TIMOTHY DAWLEY,occupier, present at death

10-29-1866 Rathduane (Drishane)/ JOHANNA HEALY, formerly KEEFE/ F/ 84, wife of DANIEL HEALY, farmer/ bronchitis for one year, uncert and no medical attendance/ JEREMIAH HEALY of same place present at death

11-25-1866 Inches (Drishane)/MARY TUCKER, formerly MURPHY/ F/30/ widow of EDMUND TUCKER, railway porter/ of phthisis for three years, no medical attendance/ BARRY MURPHY, father, present at death


1-20-1867 Rathduane (Drishane)/ JOHN KELEHER/M/ 70/ laborer/ of liver disease for two months,uncert and no medical attendance/ TIMOTHY HORGAN, occupier present at death

1-6-1867 Knockeenahone/EDMOND QUINLAN/ M/ 37 / laborer/chronic asthma for five years/ DARBY HORAN, occupier, present at death

5-8-1867 Knockeenahone/THOMAS WALSH/ M/78/ laborer/ of chronic bronchitis for three months/ DAVID WALSH,of same place, present at death

7-9-1867 Knockrour/ MARY MOYNIHAN/ F/ 70/ farmer's widow/ diabetes for six months, no medical attendance/PATRICK REIDY,occupier, present at death


1-9-1868 Rathduane (Drishane)/ HONORA RYAN, formerly MCCARTHY, formerly RIORDAN/ F/ 82/ farmer's widow/ of pleuritis for 8 days, uncert., no medical attendance/DENIS MURPHY of same place present at death

1-15-1868 Coolinarna (Drishane)/ DENIS SWEENEY/ M/70/laborer/ of bronchitis for 10 years, uncert, no medical attendance/ JOHN SWEENEY of same place present at death

10-4-1868 Knockrour/ EDMOND MOYNIHAN/ M/ 78/ laborer/ of liver disease for four weeks / TIMOTHY SULLIVAN, occupier, present at death

11-1-1868 Brosna/ JOHN BURKE/ 35/ shoemaker / of a ruptured blood vessel in 10 or 15 minutes/ information from JOHN ROCHE, Coroner

11-11-1868 Knockeenahone/ HONORA HORAN/ F/ 80/ farmer's widow/ old age and infirmity for six months, no medical attendance/ DAVID REIDY of same place present at death

12-9-1868 Knockeenahone/ JUDE MORRISSEY/F/ 48/ labourer's wife/ cancer of the breast/ JOHN FLYNN of same place present at death


3-1-1869 Rathduane (Drishane)/ ELLEN MURPHY, formerly MCCARTHY/ F/ 60/ wife of a farmer/ of phthisis for ten months, no medical attendance/ DENIS MURPHY of same place present at death

2-2-2869 Brosna/ CATHERINE CALLAGHAN/ F/ 72/ farmer's widow/ chronic rheumatism for 12 months, no medical attendance

3-1-1869 location missing/ PATRICK KEARNEY/ M/72/ farmer/ of paralysis and apoplexy for thirty six hours, information from JOHN ROCHE, coroner

3-10-1869 Brosna East/JEREMIAH MURPHY/M/30/shoemaker/ of fainting fit from disease of heart and intemperance

3-1-1869 Knockeenahone/JANE CRONIN/ F/ 65/ laborer's widow/ chronic cough for two years, no medical attendance

5-29-1859 Knockrour/JOHN FLEMING/ M/ 63/ jobber/ inflammatory fever of 14 days, no medical attendance/ HONORIA KERIN, present at death

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