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Cork Parish films in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin

Updated 8 Jan 2001

Submitted by Anita and posted here with her kind permission.

1. Kilmichael (RC), Co. Cork

Diocese of Cork, not indexed
Rural Parish
Register begins in 1819 (baptisms and marriages)
Years searched: Baptisms and Marriages 1819-1880
Condition: Most of the 1819 baptisms are illegible but the rest of the filmed register is in good condition, writing is legible and clear.
Language: English
Baptism format: date/child/parents/sponsors/ townland (not in all cases)
Marriage format: date/groom/bride/witnesses/ - no addresses given

Comments: There is no reference to the Famine in this register. Kilmichael had, according to the 1841 census, a population of c. 7,000 yet there seems to be relatively few entries for this amount of people. Failed to find a marriage dated 1874 in the register for which there is a civil cert. Register contains conversion declarations.

2. Kilmurry (RC), Co. Cork

Diocese of Cork, not indexed
Rural Parish
Register begins in 1786 (baptisms and marriages)
Years searched: Baptisms and Marriages 1786-1811,
NL Film no. P4803, bap: June 2 1786 - Feb 1812, Mar: 1803 -1805
Language: English
Baptism format: "I baptised" date/ child/ parents/sponsors - no addresses given
Marriage format: "I married" date/ groom/bride/witnesses - no addresses given

Comments: The years 1786-1802, the "first" book, are in very bad condition and illegible. The years 1803-11 are difficult to read with baptisms and marriages all mixed up together and repeated in parts. Register contains conversion declarations.

3. Macroom (RC), Co. Cork

Diocese of Cloyne, indexed by Mallow Heritage Centre
Town parish with surrounding rural areas
Register begins in 1780 (marriages), baptisms begin in 1803
Years searched: Baptisms and Marriages 1780-1823
Language: Latin and English
Baptisms: 1803, 1805, 1807+
Format: date/child/parents/sponsors - no addresses given. No sponsors listed for baptisms 1807-17.
Marriage format: date/groom/bride/witnesses - very few addresses are given
(Macroom, Ahina [Aghinagh], Iveleary [Inchigeelagh]).

Comments: Reasonable condition, neatly laid out for the most part. The fragments of baptisms for 1803 and 1805 appear to have survived from another register.

4. Mallow (RC), Co. Cork

Diocese of Cloyne, indexed by Mallow Heritage Centre
Town parish with surrounding rural areas.
Register begins in 1757 (marriages), baptisms begin in 1809, 1817+
Years searched: Marriages 1757 - 1823, Baptisms, 1809, 1817+
NL Film no. P4997
Language: Latin 1757- 1790, English 1790+
Baptism format: Date/child/parents/sponsors - addresses from c1825
Marriage format: Date/groom/bride/witnesses - 1757 -1772
1772 - 83 - 3 witnesses given, sometimes incl. father's name and addresses
1788+ - date/groom/bride/witnesses

Comments: Marriage register can be untidy and difficult to read in parts, register is faded and spotted, some pages have no dates. Years 1776,77,78, 83,84,85,86 - too faint to read. By 1802, the number of marriages noticeably decline.
The years 1773 - 1779 record marriages in Youghal, Killshannick (Kilshannig), Ballyclogh, Churchtown, Glantane, Carrignavar, Whitechurch, Rahan, Litter and, of course, Mallow.

5. St. Patrick's, Cork city

Diocese of Cork, indexed by church
City parish, covering NE city area and also some rural parts.
Register begins in 1831 (baptisms), 1832 (marriages)
NL film no. p4788
Years searched: 1831-80
Language: English
Baptism format: date of baptism
  date fo birth - from 1840 onwards
  residence - not on all
Marriage format: date/groom/bride/witnesses/ residence - occasionally

Comments: In the early years of this register, groups of baptisms and marriages are recorded sporadically. Otherwise, one of the best and most detailed registers laid out neatly and clearly in columns.
This church was the RC garison chapel for the nearby Victoria (now Collins) Barracks. The years 1839-54 feature a lot of military baptisms done in lots on seemingly separate registers. Among these military baptisms, some children are as old as two years old, many have a non-Catholic father and some have non-Catholic parents. In one case, a fifteeen year old boy, son of non-Catholics was baptised. There are many conversion declarations on this register in which the convert, usually an English soldier, gives his place of birth and the names of his parents.
St Patrick's database also seems to have omissions.

6. St. Finbarr's South (The South Chapel/Parish), Cork city

Diocese of Cork, indexed by church.
City parish covering south city area and some rural parts
Register begins in 1775 (baptisms), 1789 (marriages)
Years searched: Baptisms 1860-78
Language: English
Baptism format: date/child/parents/ sponsors/address - occasionally

Comments: Small writing, difficult to read in parts. The church database has omissions.

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