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Marriages - Parish Of Ovens
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Extracted from parish records by Deirdra Sullivan posted to Rootsweb IRL-CORK-CITY-L and used here with her kind permission.

Etracted from Parish records; June 1999


January 1839
(Date, Groom, Bride, witnesses)
12 Jeremiah Murphy to Mary ? Cornelius Mahoney & Ellen Dwyer
17 Walter Baldwin to Margaret Murphy, Anne Dorgan & Nano Burk
18 John Long to Margaret Connell, Timothy Connell & Julia Connell
29 William Condon to Honora Leary, Cornelius Leary & Catherine Lane
31 Patrick Kidney to Johanna (?Noonan) Lawrence Kidney & Johanna Brien

February 1839
3 Patrick Mahoney to Julia Connell, Timothy Connell & Bridget Hayes?
5 Jeremiah Mahoney to Marg. Davies? Cornelius Kidney & Ellen Bevine
7 Jeremiah Coakly to Ellen Murphy, John Gleson & Ellen Keleher
12 Timothy Mahoney to Margaret D...., Martha Downy
12 Partrrick Okeeffe to Marg. Corkery, John Keeffe & Marg. Corkery
19 Michael Shea to Julia Riordan, Timothy Riordan & Mary Murphy

February 1839
Thomas Kelleher t
12 Timothy Kelleher t Bridget Hayes, John Brien & Ellen ?
18 Desmond

April 1839
13 John Lehane to Margaret Lordan, Daniel Sullivan & Ellen Daly
27 Michael Corkery to Julia Coleman, Denis Coleman & Margaret Corkery
23 John Barry to Honora Scannell, Denis Holland & Mary Ring
30 Daniel Corkery to Margaret Egan, Jos. Buckley & Nel Egan

July 1839
2 John Riordan to Ellen Sheehan , Daniel Sheehan & Margaret Riordan
24 Timothy Murphy to Catherine Callaghan, Denis Callaghan & Ellen Haly.

February 1840
15 William Murphy to Mary Connell, John Kelleher & William Lyons
?27 CharlesCrowley to Mary Keane, John and Kate Crowley

January 1840
7 Daniel Sheehan to Catherine Mahoney John Dwyer EllenFitz Fitzgerald
19 William Murphy to Ellen Mahoney , Timothy Doherty & Ellen Reid
20 John D ?Donovan to Mary Horgan, Pat Horgan & Hanora Horgan
23 Timothy Kennely? To Catherine Murphy, Con. Murphy Mary Murphy
24 Michael Mahone to Mary Brien, Michael Sullivan & johanna Sullivan
30 John Twomy to Mary Murphy , Andrew Twoomy & Ellen Murphy

August 1846
22 Maurice OConnell to Margaret McCarthy, wit. Geoffry OConnell & Maria OLeary
29 David ONeil to Ellen Murphy, wit. John Hapott(?) & Henriett Murphy

July 1846
12 Jeremiah Brien to Mary Sullivan, wit. Jeremiah Sullivan & Mary Sullivan

May 1846
12 Michael Buckly to Johanna Barkly(Buckly?), Wit. Owen Begley & Anastasia Buckly
31 Patrick Cronin to Mary Herlihy, Wit. Denis Sullivan & Catherine Corcoran

April 1846
23 James Nash to Mary Driscol, Wit. John Nash & Dorah Wiseman (?)

February 1846 (dates smudged)
10? Timothy Twomey to Catherine Murphy, Wit. Daniel Cronin & Ellen ........
15? Timothy Shea to Han Leisey (sp?), wit. John Shea & Catherine Shea
2 Timothy McGrath to Mary Hayes, Wit, John McGrath & Margaret Goggen

July 1846
26 Patrick Murphy to Honora Riordan wit. Timothy Riordan & John Curtain

Sept. 1846
1 John Corkery to Ellen Keane, Wit. John Keane & Joannah Keane
2. Daniel Crowley to Margaret Murphy wit., John Murphy & Mary Coleman

February 1847
6 William Connor to Joanah Hallisy Wit. Michael Hallisy & Mary Ahern
18 Denis McCarthy to Mary Murphy, Wit. John Murphy & Patrick McCarthy

March 1847
6 Jeremiah Connell to Mary Ahern, Wit., Richard Gillman & Mary Ahern

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