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My Family Connection to Cork City
Co. Cork
Grogan Griffin Hartnett Kelleher

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Submitted by Margaret Grogan Turner.

My Family Connection to Cork city


Grogan is not a very common name in Cork today, there are only seven Grogans in the 1998 phone book, five in the city area and two outside. One of those is in Fermoy and the other in Buttevant.

My great great grandparents were Charles GROGAN (I), born about 1836, who was a cab or gingle driver, and Honorah (Nora) GRIFFIN who married at St. Patrick's Church in Cork on 5 Mar 1859[1].

John Grogan b. 1859

Their first son, my great grandfather, John GROGAN was born in the city of Cork on 26 Dec, 1859[3]. The address for John when he was baptised on 1 January 1860 at St. Patricks was Barracks Stream which is now known as Harrington Square. The sponsors were Daniel Spillane and Catherine Buckly.

James Grogan b. 1862

When John's brother, James GROGAN was born in 1862[4] and baptised also at St. Patricks, Cork, the address was St. Lukes. The sponsors where a James Grogan and Honora Grogan.

Charles Grogan b. 1864

When the third son of Charles (I) and Hanora, Charles GROGAN (II) was born in 1864[5] the address was again St. Lukes.

When John, a sailmaker married in 1879[6] Ellen HARTNETT, at SS Peter and Pauls. J ohn's address was St. Lukes Cross. Ellen's address was 2 Francis Street, her father Edward, sawer (sic) was deceased.


Francis Street, Cork

Ellen's address at the time of her marriage in 1879 was Francis Street. Ellen was not baptised at St. Peter & St. Paul, nor were her parents Edward HARTNETT and Ellen KELLEHER married there, according to the computerised parish records. Ellen's younger brother, Edward was baptised at SS Peter and Paul in 1863.

There is a Cornelius HARTNETT on the Griffith's Valuation for Cork (1851-1853) at Francis St, but I've yet to make the connection to Ellen's father, Edward HARTNETT.

The three children, who were born in Cork, of John and Ellen are:

  • Charles GROGAN (III) (my paternal grandfather) born in 30 Oct 1880[7]. Charles GROGAN (III) was born at the 'Lying in Hospital'.
  • Edward John GROGAN born in 14 Jan 1882 (but Edward was not baptised at SS Peter and Pauls, nor was his birth registered).
  • Nora GROGAN born on 15 Dec 1884[8], baptised at SS Peter and Pauls. The sponsors were Edmund (sic) Hartnett and Mary Hartnett. Is Mary a sister of Ellen?

    The Grogans Arrive into Australia

    John arrived in Australia about 1884. John, on 20 February 1885, paid a deposit[9] for his family to emigrate to Australia, his address was 14 Cumberland St. Sydney. John gave the address of 2 Francis St. for his wife and two children. Obviously John, by February 1885 had still not heard of the news of the birth of his daughter Hanora in December 1884. Ellen arrived in Australia, with Charles, Edward and Nora on the "Aberdeen"[10]. The "Aberdeen" left Plymouth on 8 Sep 1885, and arrived in Sydney, Australia on 25 Oct 1885. Their first Australian-born child was, Mary Ellen (Nellie) born in Sydney in 1886. Their next son, John was born in Sydney in 1888.

    The family then moved from Sydney down south to Melbourne, in the state of Victoria about 1888, from the details on John's death certificate. The stated cause was 'strangulated hernia, collapse'.

    So John emigrated from the marshes of Cork City, for the clean air of Australia only to die at the the age of 29 years, the same age his father died.

    Ellen was unable to cope with raising a family of as a single mother, so two or three of boys were put into St. Vincent De Pauls Orphange in Albert Park. In 1890, Ellen gave birth to a daughter May Theresa on the 24 Nov 1890[12] (birth registered as Mary Grogan). Ellen Grogan then remarried in 1891[13] to a Nicholas Barnicott. Later she is referred to as Ellen Armstrong. May Grogan adopted the surname of Armstrong.

    Grogan Surname

    GRUAGAN (gruag = "the hair"), meaning "the hairy man", anglicized GROGAN and GREGAN. He was son of Connor, who was the 156 monarch of Ireland; a quo O'CONNOR, of Moy Ith, Co. Donegal. A branch off the O'CAHAN of Londonderry pedigree.
    GROGAN, O' Growgane, O' Grogaine, Groogan, Grogan, Groggan - descendant of Gru(a)gán (diminitive of gruag, hair of the head or of grúg, fierceness, anger) A Roscommon name now found all over Ireland.
    Source: Woulfe, Rev. Patrick."Irish Names and Surnames, 1923". (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogy Publications, 1993) (1923), repr. 1993


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