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Munster Volunteer Registry - Cork - 1782
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Dec 2000

Submitted by Jane Lyons and posted here with her kind permission.

A list of names and ranks of Cork Field Officers and Officers for 1782 giving year unit was formed.
Munster Volunteer Registry

Mitchelstown Light Dragoons - July 1774
Colonel Viscount Kingsborough
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Cole Bowen
Major Thomas Badham Thornhill
Captain Harmer Spratt
Lieutenant William Raymond
Cornet William Alsop
Captain Thomas Bush
Surgeon David Fitzgerald
Secretary John Ryan
One Troop: Uniform - Scarlet, faced black, silver epaulets, yellow helmets,
white buttons.
Furniture- goat skin edged black

Black Pool Horse, 1776
Colonel John harding
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Barry
Major William Alexander
Lieutenant bradshaw Popham
Chaplain Arthur Hyde
Surgeon Richard Maguire.
One Troop: Uniform - Green laced gold, ditto epaulets, buff waistcoat and
breeches; furniture goat-skin

Bandon Cavalry: May 6th 1778
Colonel Sampson Stawell
Major John Moore
Traverse, captains Robert Waterhouse & Simon F. Davies
Cornet Charles Bernard
Chaplain Charles Hewitt
Surgeon - unnamed
One Troop : Uniform - dark olive gren jacket, half lapelled, crimson velvet
cuffs and collar, silver epaulets; furniture, white cloth, hosing and
holster caps embroidered; device,B.C. harp and Crown.

Muskerry Blue Light Dragoons June 1st 1778
Colonel Robert Warren
Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Hutchinson
Major Samuel Sweete
Captain - unnamed
Lieutenant Thomas Copinger
Surgeon Richard Grey
Quartermaster John Spread
Secretary James Daltera
One Troop: Uniform - blue lapelled, edge white, silver epaulets, white
jackets edged blue, furniture, goatskin

Youghall Cavalry 1776
Captain Commandant Robert Ball
Lieutenant John Smyth
Chaplain the Hon. Robert Moore
Surgeon - unnamed
Secretary John Segwick
One Troop. Uniform Scarlet, white faced.

Duhallow Rangers 1778
Colonel Hon. Charles Percival
Lieutenant-Colonel William Wrixon
Major Robert Wrixon
Captain George Crofts
Lieutenant - unnamed
Cornet James Purcel
Captain Arthur Kiely
Surgeon - unnamed
Seretary William Dore
Uniform not given

Imokilly Horse September 1778
Colonel Edward Roche
Lieutenant Colonel Robert McCarthy
Captain Robert Ball
Cornet John Fitzgerald
Chaplain jeremiah Hart
Surgeon John Nagle M.D.
Secretary William Garde
One Troop. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons, gold epaulets,
yellow helmets, white jackets edged red; furniture goatskin trimmed red.

Kilworth Light Dragoons July 1779
Colonel Stephen Earl Mount Cashel
Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Hyde
Major John Hyde
Captain William Newenham
Lieutenant Thomas Power
Cornet Garret Wall
Chaplain Hon. Robert moore
Surgeon John Pigot M.D.
Adjutant and Secretary Richard Whitford
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, gold epalets, yellow buttons and helmets;
furniture goatskin, trimmer green

Imokilly Blue Horse 1779
Colonel Robert uniack Fitzgerald
Major Thomas Fitzgerald
Captain Travers
Lieutenant Uniack
Cornet - unnamed
Chaplain Edward hardwood
Secretary John Hanning
Uniform: Blue faced red.

Doneraile Rangers Light Dragoons July 12th 1779
Colonel St. leger Lord Doneraile
Major John Hayes Sentleger
Captain Nicholas green Evans
Lieutenant John Watkins
Cornet Nicholas gren Evans junior
Chaplain Hon. James Sentleger
Surgeon John Creagh M.D.
Adjutant Robert Atkins
Secretary James Hennessy
One Troop. Uniform- scarlet, faced green, edged white, gold epaulets,
yellow buttons and helmets, green jackets, faced red; furniture, goatskins

Glanmire Union 27th August 1779
Colonel henry Mannix
Captain Simon Dring
Lieutenant - not named
Cornet Deane Hoare
Chaplain Archdeakon Corker
Surgeon James bennet M.D.
Secretary Rev. Chambre Corker
One Troop: Uniform Deep green, faced black; furniture, goatskin trimmed

Cork Cavalry
Colonel William Chetwynd
Major John Gilllman
Captain John Smith
Lieutenant - unnamed
Cornet Paul Piersy
Chaplain - not named
Surgeon Thomas Harris
Secretary John Smith
One Troop: Uniform - Scarlet faced blue, silver laced, silver epaulets,
white buttons; furniture, black cloth, laced gold.

Mallow Cavalry 1782
Colonel Cotter,
Captain - unnamed
Lieutenant - not named
Cornet - ditto
Uniform - green jackets

Great Island Cavalry June 24th 1782
Captain Wallis Colthurst
Lieutenant William Colthurst
Cornet William Widenham
Adjutant Richard Donovan
Chaplain - not named
Surgeon Patrick Fitzgerald
Secretary John Roche
One Troop: Uniform Scarlet, green faced, gold epaulets., yellow buttons,
white jackets edged black; furniture goatskin.

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