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Marriage Bonds 1751-1845 Cork and Ross
Surnames Clancy, Clancey, King
Co. Cork

Updated 26 July 1999

Submitted by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Will have to get the film number later.
Marriage Bonds 1751-1845 Cork and Ross
Surnames Clancy, Clancey, King
Mark to Anne Baily 1813

Catherine to George Reed 1786
Dennis to Catharine Williams 1792
James to Mary Clary 1812
Maurice to Elizabeth Bryan 1760
Susanna to John Browne 1769
Thomas to Mary Welch 1805
William to Hannah Leckey 1812

Allen to Catherine Martin 1770
Arthur to Eliza Baldwin 1838
Catherine to Francis Beatty 1796
Catherine to Richard Dukelow 1814
Catherine to James Philips 1776
Charles to Eliza Beamish 1823
DAniel too Mary McCarthy 1798?
David to Ann Sharp 1795
Edmund to Mary McCarthy 1798 ?
Eliza to Richard Meara 1832
Eiza Adlart Miller 1830
Elizabeth to John Woodward 1775
Elizabeth to John Dixon 1796
Ellen to Richard Spiller 1811
Francis to Mary Mahony 1809
George to Mary Cottrell 1809
Hannah to William Sullivan 1834
Isabella to Adam Wall 1801
Jane to Robert James 1786
Jane to John Spiller 1774
John to Mary Conn 1814
John to Ellen Curtin 1767
John to Mary Roch 1774
Joseph to Mary Morgan 1768
Julia to William Youall 1810
Margaret to Wooley Leigh Bennett 1839
Margaret to Bartholomew Cotter 1839
Marftha to James Clifford 1838
Mary to Nicholas Cummings 1781
Mary to John McCann 1771
Mary to William McCarthy 1832
Mary Margaret to Dennis Creagh Moylan 1820
Mary Theresa to Patrick Campbell Weldon 1824
Owen to Eleanor Baker 1807
Richard to Catherine Altridge 1834
Robert to Jane Dunn 1813
Sarah ( a widow) to James McMullen 1763
Susan to Richard Milbank 1843
Thomas to Mary Baker 1832
Rev. Thomas to Eliza Kerwin 1796
Thomas to Elizabeth Murphy 1769

I believe they were C of I marriages.
I have no more information on any of them.

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