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Tithe Applotment Records-Mallow, 1823
Co. Cork

Updated 21 Sept 1999

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted to Genexchange Cork list and used here with her kind permission.

I have copies of 8 pages of the actual handwritten Tithe's for Mallow and immediate vicinity, taken from microfilm roll # 18 at the County Cork Library, Records of the Irish Church Temporalites Commission, Applotment Book, and I will copy here the names on each sheet. What I do not include here are the number of acres, composition of acres, or description of ground, etc.

(pages 3&4)


(Small lotts)-      Daniel Murphy
                    James Nagle
                    _____ Moon *(given name space blank)    
                    William Doyle
                    George Hawell esq.  
                    Rob.(?) Callaghan *(given name hard to read)
(Two lotts)         Jerry Shanahan
                    Dan Regan
                    William Mullane
                    Danl. Callaghan
                    John Bush *(could be Burk, hard to read)
                    _____ Broder *(given name space blank)
                    Johanna Barry
                    Widow Sweeney
                    Denis Hegarty
                    Ellen Keefe
                    John Rearden
                    Roger Mahony
                    Charles Curtain
                    Butler McTeir *(difficult to read either name)
                    Widow McAuliff  
                    Denis Sullivan
                    John Shein *(could be Shine, Sherin)
                    William Broder
                    John Murphy
                    Patrick Regan
                    Michael Sheehan *(Indications are he 'belongs' to my 
clan) :-)
                    John Ganty
                    Patrick Carroll *(the "c" in this surname looks like a 
                    Henry (?) Sheehan *(given name hard to read)
                    Joan Geffries   
                    Danl. Canty
                    _____ Shanahan *(given name space blank)
                    _____ Atkinson *(given name space blank)
(end of 3rd page copied)

BALLYGARRETT-        William Lane
                     James Mahaffey *(surname very hard to read)
                     William Nowlan
                     David Nagle
                     Owen Nagle
                     Patrick Grady
                     Daniel Sheehan
                     John Carmichael 
                     John Carmichael 
(end of page4 copied)

(pages 5&6)


DROUMSLIGO- Timothy Crowley
                Cornell Linnihan
                John Hegarty
                John Fowloo
                John Carmichael 
                Darby Connell
                David Fitzgerald
                Michl. Reily
                Thomas Footte
                Patrick Sullivan
                Daniel Callaghan
                Timothy Keefe
                Jerem. Fowloo
(end of page 5 copied)

GLYNN-          Jeremiah Connolly
                John Desmond
                Henry Rice
                Thomas Barry
                Cornel. Connolly
                Richard Jones
                David Ring *(could be King)
                Thomas Connolly
                Widow Sheehan
                Cornel. Connolly
(end of page 6 copied)
(pages 7&8)


		George Baggs, esq.
		James Barry
		Thomas M. Justice
		Doctor Barry
		John Gardiner
		George Tarrant
		Samuel Rice
		Robert Delacour, esq.
		William Atkins, esq.
		Horace Harris *(given name could be Herman)
		Charles Harris
		David Reese
		Charles Hains
		John Carmichael
		Lawrence Murphy
		Ch. D.O. Jephson esq.
		Clarence Hume *(given name hard to read)
		John Ahern
		Ch. D.O. Jephson, esq.
		Sullivan & Hays
  		George Tarrant
		Ch. D.O. Jephson, esq. 
(end of oage 7 copied)

		John Guines
		Doctor Davies
		Rev. Nich. Wrixon
		Rev. J. Armstrong
		W. Cronin
		W. Forde *(could be Fowlo, hard to read)
		Francis Dorman
(end of page 7 copied)
		John Sheehan 
		Patk. Brown
		Denis Clehane
		Denis Sullivan
(end of page 8 copied)

What I do know is that this copied page of persons who paid Tithes was on microfilm roll # 12 or # 18 at the County library in Cork. After I had booked my time at the microfilm reader, then got to the library the next week, I found I had trouble loading the film onto the reel, as this particular reader was different than the ones I've used here at the archives and libraries in Philly. Anyway, I had to ask Niamh (who works at the county library in the genealogy dept. with Tim Cadogan) to help me load the film. Once she had it on the reel, she printed out one page, just to make sure it was working properly. She was going to throw the page away, but for the 20p it cost per page, I thought, nah, let me keep it.

So... As with the previous Tithe's I've posted, I do not include the number of acres, composition of grounds, etc.

Oh, and if anyone knows in which parish, or area of Cork, these townlands can be found, could you let me know?

SPRINGROVE-	Thomas Harris
		Thomas Cronin
		Owen Mullane
		Patrick Sulivan [sic]
		Thomas Connell
 		Patrick Daly
 		Owen Callaghan

KNOCKNACOLAN-	John Fhilpot *(first letter of surname hard to read)
		John Fhilpot *(ditto)
		Cornelius Connell
		Dennis Sheely & McAuliff
		Walt Reardon
		Jeremiah Sheehan
		William Daly
		Cornelius Kennedy
		Timothy Murphy
		Thomas Harris
		Timothy Sheehan
		Thomas Connell

GRINANE- 	Owen Callaghan
		Daniel Galvin
		Mich. Shehan
		John Connell
		Thomas Callaghan
		Patt. McCarty
		Cornelius Enright
		Matt Deady
		Thomas Buckley
		Harry Griffen

(end of copied part of page)

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