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Mallow Marriages, 1757-1823, NL film # P4997
SHEEHAN (and variants) AND SULLIVAN,
with various witness names.
Co. Cork

Updated 10 Jan 2001

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted here with her kind permission.

Following are marriages transcribed from film # P4997 at the National Library in Dublin.

MARRIAGES: SHEEHAN (and variants) AND SULLIVAN, with various witness names.
Register is faded in part and spotted. Entries are often unclear or scribbled. Mixture of Latin and English.
Many pages are without year numbers.

1. 30 Juli 1757 Dennis Wheilihan(?) and Margareta Sheahan Richard Walker and Gulielmo(William) Ahern

2. Aug 25 1757 Jacobus (James) Fitz Gerald and Honora Sheehan Thomas Walsh and ?

3 .Aug 1757 Gulielmis Thornhill and Ellena Sullivan Roberto Barrett and Demetris (Jeremiah) Fianaghty (?)

4. May 15 1759 Dionysius (Denis) Callaghan and Juliana Sullivan Gulielmo Sullivan and Gulielmo Galvan

5 .May 20 1759 Daniel Sullivan and Joanna Dinahy Donnitio (?) Dinahy and Joanna Sullivan

6. Oct 1759 Timothy McDonnell and Brigida Colbert Euginnis (Eugene) Conba and David Sheehan

7. 24 Oct 1759 Joannes (John) Linehan and Johanna Sullivan Donato Linehan and Maria Crony (?)

8. Nov 1761 Joannes Connor and Catharina Sheehan Fulielmo Duggan and Joanne Sheehan

9. 10 Nov 1761 Guliemo Sheehan and Ellena Ahern Daniele Ahern and Gulielmo Ahern

10. 10(?) Nov 1761 Eugenius Sullivan and Ellen Donoghue Joanne Donoghue and Davide Callaghan

11. Jun/jul 18 1762 Franciscus Nagle and Ellena Sheehan Daniele Sheehan and Gulielmo Ahern

12. Jun 10 1763 Daniel Sullivan and Ellen Collins Daniel Donegan and Gulielmo Ahern

13. Jan 14 1764 Daniel Guiney and Margareta Sullivan Demetrius Hanagan and Maria Barett

14. Jan 29 1765 Joannes Connor and Joanna Sullivan Thomas Sullivan and Gulielmo Connor

15. Jan 30 1765 Gulielmo Heas and Maria Sullivan Daniele Sullivan and Joanne Heas

16. Jan 31 1765 Joannes Collins and Maria Sullivan Cornelis Collins and Daniele Sullivan

17. Feb 14 1765 Joannes Sullivan and Juliani Dullane (?) Timotheo Shea and Gulielmo Connor

18. Feb 18 1765 Groom's name crossed out, Daniel X and Maria Duggan Timotheo Sheehan and Michaele Sheehan

19. Nov 25 1765 Joannes M'Auliffe and Joanna Sullivan Demetrius Managan and George(?) Frahe(?)

20. Jan 7 1765 Donatus Sullivan and Ellena Daly Thomas Sullivane and Maria Daly

21. in box at end of page: 1765.76 29 Gulielomes Mauia(?) and Anna Sullivan Rev. D. Donohie Lennan and Daniele Sullivan

22. Feb 7 1767 Michael Sullivan and Maria Bouhilly (Buckley) Timotheo Mullane and Timotheo Fitz Patrick

23. Gulielmus Sheehan and Margareta Hederman Timotheo Mullane and Patritio Murphy

24. Mar 5 1767 Patritrius Ganfree(?) and Joanna Sullivan Timotheo Mullane and Gulielmo Giheen (?)

25. Juni 30 1767 Thomas Calaghane and Ellena Sheehan Brien and Daniele Casey

26. Feb 14 1768 Daniel Sullivan and Maria Condon Richardo Condon and Michael Farrell

27. Jan 13 1769 Timothesis Corkery and Maria Sullivan Cornelio Mahony and Margareta Mullane

28. 17 JAN 1769 Jacobus Sheahane and Julian Lyne Patrius Begley and Margareta Hiallehy (Healy)

29. April 12 1769 John Sullivan and Cath. Cotter Micl. Barron and James Dunley

30. July 10 1769 Barth. O Neal and Catherine Sullivan Charles Sheaheane and John (?) Sullivan

31. Dec 2 1769 Edw. Brien and Mary Sullivan James Brien and Patrick Sullivan

32. Feb 27 1770 Daniel Sullivan and Mary Mohir Edmd. Condon and Timothy Duane

33. June 23 1770 Thomas Walsh and Mary Sullivan Michael Walsh and Mary Keefe

34. 27 Jan 1771 James Sheehan and Ellen Conba Patt. Fowlue (Foley) and Robert Magher

35. 28 Jan 1771 Daniel Baret and Julian Sullivan Mary Bargife (?) and Cath. Conba

36. Jan 10 1772 James Hafey/Hafgy (?) and Julian Sullivan Tim Hafgy (?) and Derby Fowlue

37. Jan 1772 Eugenius Sullivan and Maria Murphy Demetrius Sullivan and Thomas Farrell

38. 1772 Patritius Skilly and Maria Dunn Joanne SHEACHAINE, Margareta Keady and Cath. Conba

39. Sept 16 1772 (or 1773) Joannes Sullivan and Maria Riordan Terenia (?) Mackey, Maria Connor, Margareta Roch

40. Oct 4 1772/3 Patritius Flynn and Maria Sullivan Gulielmo Ahern and Catherina Conba

41. Feb 1772 Daniel Sullivan and Catharina Neil Tim Neil, Daniele Fitzpatrick and Joanna Neil

42. Feb 23 1773 Donaus Kepern (?) and Maria Sullivan Donato Dealan (?), Ellena Condon, Gulielmo Ahern

43. June 19 1773 Thadeus Sullivan and Fannia Dinahy Jacobe Quirk, Johanne Sheehan and Donato Calaghan

44. Julia 24(?) 1773 Teannes(?) Sullivan and Maria Kenenny (?) Cornelio Linehan, Gulielmo Ahern and Gulielmo Burgef (?)

1773 Aug *Rev. William Norry coadjutor of Malow married the following couples whilst I was drinking the salt water at Youghal.*

45. Derby Sheehan and Joan Rierdan Tim Keatine, William Oovy(?) and Wil. Ahern

46. John Leany(?) and Honora Sheehan William Ahern and Tim/Tom(?) Sewants(?)

47. Tim. Sullivan and Ellen Welsh Daniel Scarrons (?), Owen Conner and Tho. Lynch(?)

48. Oct 6. Rev. Wil. Norry married _____Loughnane and Mary Sullivan of Mallow John Sullivan, her father, Tom/Tim Connell and William Ahern

49. Oct 15 1773 Joannes Reily and Joanna Sullivan of Rahan Donndo(?) Murphy. Domundo and Timotheo Bouhilly Rev. Norry?Norys records marriages in Killshannick, Ballyclogh, Churchtown,Glantane, Carrighnavar and Whitechurch as if he has been travelling around performing these.

50. 10 Feb 1774 Michael Carney de Kahars(?) and Ellena Sullivan de Mallow Thomas Coppinger, Donato Sullivan and Demetrio Fowlue

51. 15 Sept 1774 Daniel Brien of Doneraile and Hanora Sullivan of Mallow Gulielmo Ahern. Ellena Leary and Margareta Flynn

52. 21 Jan 1775 Timotheus Lyne and Catharinam Sullivan Catharina Conba and Gulielmus Ahern

53. 22 Jan 1775 Joanniem Sullivan and Ellena Hely of Mallow Daniel Healy, father Patrious Keliher and Gulielmo Brugels (?)

54. Jan 30 1775 Michaelum Riurdan de Whitechurch affrates fuipassd (?) Dan Sheehan, Litters/Littens and Mariam Wallis de Wallgus (?) Jacobus Wallis, father Peter, Demetrius Riordan

55. 9 Feb 1775 Joannem Connell and Anastasiane Sullivan Joannes Sullivan, father Bartholomew O Neil and Jacobus Geran

56. 27 Feb 1775 Joannem Calaghan and Joannam Sullivan Donato O Sullivan,father Michaele Craddy Michael Calaghan, father

57. 28 Feb 1775 Robertum Kelly and Joannam Sullivan Fulielmo Fogarty and Eugenio Kelly

58. Marc 1775 Thomas Sullivan de Moinaininy and Eliz. Kelly de Ballyclogh Dominedus Kelly, father Demetrius Mackey

59. Aug 13 1775 Joannes Higgin and Cath. Sheehan Domunas Butler Gulielmus Sheehan, father Joanna Sheehan, firere

60. 22 Nov 1775 Joannem SEAHANE and Joannam Bril(Brit?) de Mallow Naffronicus (?) Prit, father Maria SEHAHANE and Maria Hallinan

61. 30 Nov 1775 Eugenium Fitz Gerald and Joannam Sullivan of Mallow Maria Casey, Joannam Sheehan and Gulielmus Fitz Gerald

62. Apr 9 1776 Michaelem Butler de Doneraile and Hanoram Sullivan de Rahan Daniel Sullivan, father Gulielmus Durgets(?) Maria Alliane (?) de Mallow, tesestes fruer(?)

63. Jun (?) 6 1776 Dionisiusm Sullivan de Bullen and Annam Begly de Mallow Much of the rest of 1776, 1777 and 1778 is very faint

64. 25 Julius 1777 Jacobus Kelly and Margartorm(?) Sullivan Daniel Dea, Daniel Ahern(?), Donato Donoghue

65. Augustus 7 1777 Dahilum Regan and Julian Sullivan de Rahan

66. Feb 16 1779 Cornelium SEHAHANE de Cahirduggan and Ellenam Regan de Mallow Jacobus Regan Barthomus M' Donnell and Joannes M' Donnell

67. Apr. 20 1779 Danielam Sheehan de Killshanick and Cath. Nash de Mallow Timotheus Sheehan, father Ellena Connor and Margareta Conner

68. Augustus 15 1780 Timotheum Sheehan and Maria Seahane Joannes Seahane, father Daniel Sheehan, father Richardus Seyhane

69. Marius 1780 Joannem Mullane and Annam Sullivan Labrtrius Sullivan, father Michael Sullivan and Thomas Hauxford

70. 6 Marius (?) 1780 Joannum Sheehan and Eleanor Mahony Petrus M'Carthy, Honora M'Carthy, Elizabeth O Keefe

71. April 1780/81 Timatheum Sheehan and Mariam Connell Joannes Sheehan, father, and Maria Callaghan

72. 1 Maius 1780(?) Danielum Sullivan and Margarttum Barett Honora Croak, Thomas Bary

73. 26 Nov 1780 Joannem Ahern and Elizabetham SHEEHANE Demetrius Sheehane, father Demetrius Sheehane and Catherine Shehane, ...frere

74. Junius 9 Joannium Sullivan and Margarettum Murray Margaretta Bary, Daniel Mahony and Cath. Canty

75. 1783 Cornelium Sheehan and Manism (?) Hogane .....Flynn, Daniel Conba and Mahito(?) Sullivan(?)

1783, 1784, 1785, 1786 - too faint to read

76. Apr 1 1788 Cornelium Sullivan and Cath. Dunlea Florentius Sullivan and Cors. Burke

77. Jan 29 1789 Thom. Mullins and Annam Sullivan Joan Sullivan and Tim Mullins

78. Feb 6 1789 Dionysium Sheehan and Mariam Barrett Patt and Son(?) Barrett

79. 30 Mar 1789 Patt. Kiely and Elizam Sheehan Michael Sheehan and Danl. Hely

80. 16 Oct 1789 Guliel Sheehan and Mary Lynch Tim and Dem. Lynch

81. Oct 15 1790 Robertum Sheehan and Cath. Hurley Cath, Hurly and Maria Nunan

82. Feb 24 1790 Dan. Connor and Ellenam Sheehan Parents and Maria Dun......

83. Feb 16 1790 Joan. Sheehan and Bridg. Barrett Jacobus Wall and Rob. Barett

84. Feb 16 1790 Galiel Anniven(?) and Cath. Sullivan Joan Anniven)?) and Joanna Sullivan

85. 1790(?) 4 Nov Guliel Sheehan and Cath. Creedon David Buckely and Danl Creedon

86. 23 Juli 1790 (?) Thom. Sheehan and Joannam Donworth Joan. Ahern and Rob. Barrett

87. 28 Oct 1794 Jeremiah Sheehan and Eliz. Keefe Joan Sheehan and Cath. Maher

88. 11 Oct 1794 Edm. Conner and Ellen SHEEHANE Mich. SHEHAN and Mich. Conner

89. 20 Oct 1794 Mich. Stanton and Betty Sheehan Wm. Bary and Nich. Roche

90. Feb 29 1797 Garrett Nagles and Cath. Sheehan Simon White and Joan Riordan

Number of marriages has decreased down to one and a half pages per year.

91. 1 May 1802 Con. Sullivan and Hanora Sullivan Simon White and John Sullivan

92. 14 Nov 1802 Michael Sullivan and Betty Sullivan John and Mary Sullivan

93. 28 Nov 1802 Jerry Coveny and Cath. Sullivan Simon White and James/Joan Sullivan

94. Feb 2 1803 Patt. Dunworth and Marg. Sullivan Brien and Joan Dunworth

95. 6 Nov 1804 Owen Mahony and Mary Sheehan Simon White and John Mahony

(Simon White is a witness to most of these marriages.)

96. Jan 16 1805 James Sheehan and Mary Egan John Egan and Simon White

97. 20 Jan 1805 Tim. Scannel and Mary Sheehan Mich. and John Sheehan

98. Jan 16 1806 Tho. Fitz Patrick and Ellen SHEAHAN Michael SHEAHAN and Con. Fitz Patrick

99. 29 May 1806 Darby SHEAHANE and Ellen Brien Joe Brien and Mary Sine(?)

100. Sept. 30 1806 James Sullivan and Mary SHEAHANE Tom Molly and Anne Sheehan

101. Oct 1 1806 James Landy and Julian SHEAHANE Ned Purcell and Patt. Leary

102. Nov 29 1806 John SHEAHANE and Mary Nunan Patt. Nunan and Judy Collins

103. 24 Sept. 1807 Danl. Lowry and Eliza SHEEHAN Darby Sheehan and Dan Fraigheny (??)

104. May(?) 1807 Tho. Turner and Marg. SHEEHAN Edm. Turner and Mary Ahern

105. 22 Nov 1808 John Sullivan to Ellen Mc Auliffe David Sullivan and Tom Mc Auliffe

106. 27 May 1808 Darby Donohue and Joanna Sheehan Patt. Sheehan and Joan Donnohue

107. 29 May 1808 Jerry Sheehan and Betty Joale/Toale(?) J. Corkerkey and Patt. Henify (Hennessey?)

108. Aug 7 1808 Jeremiah Sullivan and Joanna Nacton( Naughton?) Patt. Clohify(Clohessey?) and Tom Bromwell

109. Feb 27 1808 Tho. White and Mary Sheehan Maur. Sheehan and Mary White

110. Mar 1 1808 Maur. Brennan and Ellen Sheehan Danl. Lowry and Danl. Sexton

111. Oct 20 1808 Dan(?) Sullivan and Ellen Guinee Mich. Burke and Ellen Coffy

112. Oct 27 1808 Garrett Fitz Gerald and Cath. Sullivan Andrew Conway(?) and Ellen Flynn

113. Nov 20 1808 Wm. Callahan and Abby Sheehan Jerry Sheehan and Ann Callahan

114. Jan 2 1809 James Brien and Norry/Nancy Shehan James Nagles and James/John SHEAHAN

115. Feb 9 1809 Danl. Mahony and Mary Sullivan Anns(?) Sheehan and Mary M'Owen

116. Feb 11 1809 Wm. Ryan and Betty Sullivan John Ryan and James Sullivan

117. Apr 17 1809 James Sheehan and Ellen Connell Darby Sheehan and Patt Callahan

118. May 7 1809 Jerry Sheehan and Cath. Crowly Andrew Crowly and Marg. Roche

119. 14 Nov 1809 Patt. Leary and Mary Sullivan John Sullivan and Mary Cronin

120. Dec 2 1809 John Sullivan and Mary Brien Danl Sullivan and Wm. Brien

121. Aug 19 1809 Tim Sullivan and Norry Lorgan Tom SHEAHANE and James(?) Sullivan

122. Jan 24 1810 Mich. Sheehan and Mary Gready Betty and Ann Duggan

123. 25 Jan 1810 Tom Doolin and Cath. Sheehan David Doolin and Patt. Sheehan

124. 13 Feb. 1810 Patt. Sullivan and Eliza Sullivan Bat/Pat Bowesman(?) and John Burke

125. 10 June 1810 James Higgins and Biddy Sullivan Michael and David Higgins

126. Oct 24 1810 Patt. Sullivan and Mary Doherty Jerry Lyne and Jerry Lynch

127. Jan 7 1811 John(?) Sheehan and Ellen Sullivan Tom Bromwell and Joan Sullivan

128. 22 Jan 1811 Denis Sullivan and Marg.Jones Margt. Buckley and Darby Riordan

129. Feb 9 1811 Tom Tolier(?) and Ellen Sullivan Tim. Foluer(?) and Conl. Sullivan

130. 1812 Jerry Sullivan and Mary Sheehan Thomas and Edmd. Sullivan

131. Feb 19 1812 PETER SHEAHANE and Joanna Tobin Tho. SHEAHANE and Mich. Tobin

132. 9 Feb 1812 Jerry Sullivan and Mary Cotter Mich. Cotter and Mich. Sullivan

133. 10 June 1812 Edw.Cracknon(?) and Joanna Sheehan James Bary and Cath. Lynch

134. 2 March 1813 Wm. Sullivan and Marg.Carroll Conl. Carroll and John Sullivan

135. 2 March 1813 Patt. Callahan and Ellen Sullivan Jerry Sullivan and Norry Lombard

136. Feb(?) 13 1813 Wm. Jefferys and Mary Sullivan Wm. Jefferys and Ellen Sullivan

137. July 3 1813 James Crowly and Marg. O Sullivan Batt. Sullivan and Marg. O Connell

138. 18 Jan 1814 Jam. Haynes and Ellen Sullivan James Gibbs and Denis Sullivan

139. Jan 20 1814 Tim Sullivan and Marg. Cronin Darbey and Tim(?) Cronin

140. May 16 1814 John Sullivan and Mary Sullivan Denis Sullivan and John(?) Daly(?)

141. Aug 15 1814 Owen Sullivan and Mary Cah... John Shehan and Batt. Sullivan

142. 24 Jan 1815 Batt. Williams and Marg. Sheehan Tom Hely and Mary Dillon

143. June 15 1815 Den Cauly(?) and Mary Sullivan Owen and Biddy Carthy

144. July 15 1815 Con Sullivan and Kitty Hays David Fitzpatrick and Michael Walsh

145. Nov 18 1815 Dens. Keefe and Mary Sheehan Con. Sheehan and Cath. Feheen(?)

146. June 14 1816 Edm. Sullivan and Biddy Barett John Sullivan and Danl. Barrett

147. Jan 19 1817 Danl. Sullivan and Joanna Conners Patt. Harrington and Con.(?) Broderick

148. Feb 15 1817 ........Conner and Mary Sullivan James Sullivan and Wm. Ryan

149. Feb 16 1817 John Sullivan and Mary Ryan Tim Regan and Biddy Hays

150. Aug 21 1817 Jerry Denahy and Ellen Sullivan Denis and Marg. Murphy

151. Feb 3 1818 Patt. Conners and Mary Sheehan Tho. Sheehan and Mary Roche

152. Feb 7 1819 Danl. Sullivan and Maria Sullivan Tim Sullivan and Wm. Benjamin

153. Feb 19 1818 Timothy Sheehan and Mary Sweeny Maur. Burk and Patt. Daly

154. Feb 25 1818 Tim. Sullivan and Mary Nunan Denis Sullivan and John Nunan

155. Oct 29 1818 David Brien and Maria SHEAHANE Tho. Brien and Honora Buckly

156.July 29 1820 John SHEAHAN and Eliza SullivanDanl. M'Carthy and Patt. Daly

157. Aug 6 1820 Denis Sullivan and Joanna Nagle Denis Daly and Ellen Sullivan

158. Aug 15 1820 James Blake and Joanna Sheehan Thos. Blake and Bridget Connell

159. Mar 6 1821 John Sheehan and Eliza Nagle Mich. Callahan and Wm. Nagle

160. Feb 11 1821 Wm. Ring and Ellen Sheehan John and Ellen Sullivan

161. Nov(?) 1821 Thos. Tarrant and Norry Sheehan Patt. Stack and James Tarrant

162. Aug 17 1821 David SHEAHAN and Anne Hewlan(?)John Kidney and Patt. Daly

163. Feb 5 1823 Tim SHEAHAN to Joanna Buckley Patt. and Mich. Buckley

164. Feb 6 1823 Wm. Barrett and Joanna Sheehan David Shehan and Biddy Galvin

165. Aug 24 1823 Tom(?) Hyland and Mary Sheehan James(?) Sullivan and Edm. Sheehan

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