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Mallow Baptisms, 1809-1828, NL film #P4997
Sheehan (and variants) and Sullivan,
and sponsor names for Mallow and area.
Co. Cork

Updated 11 Jan 2001

Transcribed from public records by Anita and posted here with her kind permission.

Mallow Baptisms: 1809-1828 SHEEHAN (and variants) & SULLIVAN and sponsor names for Mallow and area, transcribed from National Library film # P4997 in Dublin.

date child parents/place sponsors

1. 1809 Bartholomew Dooling Tom and Cath. Sheehan Patt. Sheehan and Mary Sheehan

1809 register very faint

2. 1820 John Sullivan Dan and Joahanna Conners(?) James ..........and Cath. Nagle

3. 1820 Dec 18 Bridget Sheehan Patt.and Johanna Hennefy (Hennessey?) Wm. Lane and Johanna Sheehan

4. 1820 Dec 25 John Nagles John and Cath. Sheehan Ellen Finn and Rich. Hanlan

5. 1821 Feb 27 Ellen Sheehan Jerry and Hona Morrery(?) John Roche and Honor Croneen

6. 1821 July 27 Anne SHEAHANE Denis and Ann Coakly Rich. Rirodane and Cath Doherty(?)

7. 1821 May 26 Denis SHEAHAN Mich. and Mary Flynn Mich. Mahony and Johanna(?) Bernard

8. 1821 May 27 Daniel Sheehan Patt. and Cath. Brien Andrew Callaghan and Ellen Sullivan

9. 1823 May 11 Bridget Sheehan James and B(?) Ahern Michael Hays and Mary D....

10. 1823 May 29 Ellen Sheehan John and Begs(?) Sullivan Batt. Oliver and N. Nagle

11. 1823(?) Mary ? Patrick ? and Ellen SHEAHANE Mary Conner and ?

12. 1824 June 4 Jeffery Sullivan David Sullivan................ ....................................

13. 1824 July 10 Mary Sheehan John Sheehan and Cath. Fling(?) John Sheehan and Marg. Buckley

Format change,gives location, poor condition.

14. 1825 Apr 10(?) Bridget Sheehan Denis and Ellen (?) ..............................

15. 1825 June 2 Bridget Murphy John and Ellen Sheehan, Bridewell Lane John Barrett and Mary Malph(?)

16. 1825 June 17 John Sheehan Patt. and Cathe. Sheehan, Beches(?) St. William Sheehan and Anne Whelan

17. 1826 Jan. 17 Daniel Sheehan Daniel and Mary Barett, Lodge Johans(?) Sheehan and Mary Do......

18. 1826 Jan 22 Mary SHEAHANE Thos. and Mary Brien/Bruen, Inft. Lane Timty. Brien/Bruen and Ellen Carroll/Connell

19. 1826 Apr 23 Margaret Harrington Cornelius and Marg. Sheehan John Sheehan and Bridget McNamara

20. 1826 Nov 7 Daniel Sheehan Michael and Mary Flynn, Carragoon Edward Kelly and Nelly Mahony(?)

21. 1827 May 29(?) Wm. Sheehan John Sheehan and Bett(?) Nagle Lar(?) Browmule(?) and W(?) Calahane

22. 1827 Catherine Sheehan Conl. Sheehan and Norry Creane, Bullgalale(?) Jn(?) Carthy and Norry Creane

23. 1828 Jan 2 Ellen Sullivan DAVID and Ellen Sullivan, Ballydaheen Paul Naughton and K Callaghan

24. 1828 Timothy Mahony John and Betty Sheehan, Ballydaheen Patt. Butler and Hana(?) Butler

25. 1828 June ? Sheehan James and Margaret Bourke, Hunny(?) Lane Mich. O Mahony and Cath, Dobbins.

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