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Updated 12 Dec 2000

From various postings to Genexchange County Cork mailing list
Ellie Earley
Colman Ahern
Denis Grant
michael cronin
Margaret A Moon

Refer also to Land Ireland's land, class struggles, emigration, etc., Religous Tolerance
Refer also to Lismore Papers

From: (Ellie Earley)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 09:39:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [Cork-L] Records mid-1800s

There are a set of records, sometimes called the Cancellation Books, which trace land occupation and ownership from right after Griffiths Valuation to (I think) 1954. They are available at the FHC and in Dublin.

There are 10 sets of books, and changes made during the different valuations are indicated by lines drawn thru the original entry with new tenants or owners written in. I am told that in Dublin the lines are different colors so you can tell exactly what year the change took place.

There doesn't seem to be a definite time period which caused them to stop using one set of books and begin another, but you need all 10 sets to follow the progression.


Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 12:36:47 -0800
Subject: Re: [Cork-L] Records mid-1800s
Thanks Ellie for the info on the Land Valuation Books. I have looked at part of the Land Valuation Books on film from the LDS, for part of Co. Louth where my mother's Hanratty and Thornton ancesters came from. They are very interesting and informative. They seem to be listed by District Electoral Division, not Registration District (or is it the other way around? Perhaps someone who understands Divisions and Districts could explain it better?).

They are listed at the following for Cork, under Land and Property, "Valuation lists for Cork County". There are 3 films for Queenstown Urban. Does anyone know which film would include Orelia Terrace in Cobh? My grandmother Margaret Roche lived there when she was married in l894. Perhaps it would show when her family first lived there, or give a clue as to when her father James died, anything!!! Sorry, just going a little cracked in the head trying to find any info on her family! I have her birth in Whitegate from l867, nothing after that until her marriage.
There's also some info re these books in Grenham's "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors".
Good luck,

Colman Ahern,

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 21:22:12 EDT
Subject: [Cork-L] Estate records, County Cork Data
Hi again,

Ellie, I want to thank you for reminder of the 'Cancellation Books.' In addition to what you have already so well described about them, I add here only the following from 'Tracing Your Cork Ancestors', by McCarthy and Cadogan;

"All the old records were retained and are available to researchers at the Valuation Office, Dublin. It is possible to get photocopies of the pages of the cancelled books that are relevant to your research. However, considering the use of colour already mentioned, the full picture may not come across in a photo copy."

If, like Michael and Sharon, you are lucky enough to have some copy of a lease for land your ancestors owned, you can write the Valuation Office in Dublin for guidance in obtaining information to trace these records back further:
Valuation Office
Irish Life Complex
Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1;
Phone: (01) 817-1000
Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, 2 PM to 4:30 PM.

Or, as both Ellie and Colman have suggested, and is probably far more practical for most of us, check your LDS centre, although I admit I couldn't find any film references for these Cancelled Books searching through their online catalog yesterday, but if you 2 say they are there, I believe you! I probably wasn't using the search words correctly.

Ok, also there are a few things of great interest available here on the web. This page:
contains a wonderful list of National Census/Substitues, a list of Directories, Estate Records and Memorial Inscriptions, all specific to County Cork.

Then there is Boole Library at UCC. If you haven't browsed through their pages yet, there are all kinds of records that would be of interest, and might be of some actual help, to those researching ancestors in Cork. Their page:
Boole Library at UCC

And one final webpage I came across yesterday, it is of a man named Tony Fitzgerald who is a professional genealogist and lives in New Zealand. But this page contains much useful information, especially if you are somewhat new to this journey of finding your Irish ancestors. But even after 8 years of this search, I found this page to be extremely well organized in terms of available Irish records, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll find a list of 'Miscellaneous Irish Records.' Irish-research

No doubt there are hundreds of other webpages chock full of information also, but these 3, I think, are helpful in light of what we've recently been discussing. If any of you have suggestions of other webpages that also contain this kind of information, by all means, please let the rest of us know. Oh, and of course, lest I should forget, there are the National Library and National Archives of Ireland also!!

Take care all,

From: "Denis Grant"
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 00:56:49 -0400
Subject: [Cork-L] Land ownership
Don't forget the extensive collection of items in the possession of the LDS. I believe where these haven't been filmed and you can't get a copy through interlibrary loab, the LDS at Utah will film at work at your request. there is about a 3-6 month wait.

To look at what's available go to familysearch Custom Search | Family History Library Catalog | Place Search and put in Ireland. Click on the returned 'Ireland' item and this will take you to the lists. Page through to Land and you will see mention of many works and collections of Estate papers, also e.g.,

Title: Land owners in Ireland to which is added a summary for each province and for all Ireland : return of owners of land of one acre and upwards, in the several counties, counties of cities, and counties of towns in Ireland, showing the names of such owners arranged alphabeticallu in each county, their addresses ... the extent in statute acres and the valuation ...

Authors: Ireland. Local Government Board (Main Author)
Notes: Reprint of original published: Dublin : [s.n.], 1876.
Cover title: Land owners in Ireland, 1876.
Call Number Location
941.5 R2ir FHL BRITISH Book
Format: Books/Monographs
Language: English
Publication: Baltimore : Genealogical Publishing Company, 1988
Physical: vi, 325 p.
ISBN/ISSN: 080631203 3
Subject Class: 941.5 R2

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:13:01 -0800
Subject: Re: [Cork-L] Estate records, County Cork Data
When you get to,
Go: Place Search
Enter: Cork, Ireland
Click on: Ireland, Cork
You get a partial list of records.
At the end of the page is a link to items 21 -40, open it.
More links!
One is: Ireland, Cork - Land and property, open it.
You get a list of 31 links, the first for Valuation Books is:
Valuation lists for Cork County, Bandon Rural District, 1856-1967.
Click on the View Film Notes link:
You get a list of 12 films.

The Valuation books seem to go by Electoral Division, not Registrars District. For instance, the Townland of Slieve, civil parish Kane, Co. Louth, is in the Registrars District of Barronstown, but also in the Electoral Division of Faughart. The film number for Faughart would be #856641.
Good luck,

Colman Ahern,

From: "Denis Grant"
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:43:29 -0400
Subject: [Cork-L] LDS Ireland - Land and Property

These are the 70 items in the Ireland - Land and Property entry at the FHLC. The entry is in the 181-200 group from the starting point when you choose this link. Many of these have been filmed. If so the individual entries will have View Film Notes in the upper right corner. If they have not been filmed I believe that the FHL Utah will film them on request. This of course takes some months and I don't know the conditions. Any of the filmed items can of course be ordered up to a local FHC. Topic: Ireland - Land and property
Abercorn papers , Abercorn, James Hamilton, Duke of, 1811-1885
Accounts of loans, Co. Roscommon and Westmeath, 1864-1893
Ancient Irish deeds and writings, chiefly relating to landed property from the 12th to the 17th century... , Hardiman, James
Applotment books, abt. 1824-1840 , Ireland. Land Commission
Calendar of Ormond deeds, 1172-1615 , Curtis, Edmund, b. 1881
Calendar of Ormond deeds, suppl. to vols. I-VI
Calendar of the Gormanston register : from the original in the possession of the Right Honourable the Viscount of Gormanston , Mills, James
Calendar of the Orrery papers , MacLysaght, Edward, 1887-1986
Calendar of Trustees' deed rolls, 1704
Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin : with the register of its house at Dunbrody and annals of Ireland , Gilbert, Sir John Thomas, 1829-1898
The civil survey, A.D. 1654-1656 , Simington, Robert C
The compossicion book of Conought , Freeman, Alexander Martin
Cottesmore papers
Cromwellian inquisition as to parishes in County Armagh in 1657 , Paterson, T. G. F. (Thomas George Farquhar)
The Downshire estates in Ireland, 1801-1848 : the management of Irish landed estate in the early nineteen century , Maguire, W. A
Extents of Irish monastic possessions, 1540-1541 : from manuscripts in the Public Record Office, London , White, Newport B
Extracts from Inquisitionum in Officio Rotolorum Cancellariae Hibermiae asservatarum reportorum, Vol. II
Extracts from patent rolls of James the First , Crossle, Philip
Fisher's will and deed abstracts , Fisher, Denis O'Callaghan
Freeholders, Ireland : returns of the number of freeholders in the different counties in Ireland, registered up to the 1st May 1831 ..
Genealogical collection of muster rolls, householders, wills, deeds, parish registers , Groves, Tenison
General valuation of rateable property in Ireland , Ireland. General Valuation Office
General valuation of rateable property in Northern Ireland, 1858-1864 , Ireland. General Valuation Office
The great landowners of Great Britain and Ireland , Bateman, John
Hill pedigree collection : collected by Arthur Hill , Hill, Arthur
An historical account of the plantation in Ulster at the commencement of the seventeenth century, 1608-1620 , Hill, George, 1810-1900
Illustrated incumbered estates, Ireland, 1850-1905 , Lyons, Mary Cecelia
The Inchiquin manuscripts , Ainsworth, John
Inquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hiberniae asservatarum reportorium
Ireland : registry of deeds, surname and county index 1708-1904, register of contents , Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogical Department. Library Division
Ireland and the land question, 1800-1922 , Winstanley, Michael J
The Irish cartularies of Llanthony prima & secunda , Brooks, Eric St. John
Irish emigration lists, 1833-1839 : lists of emigrants extracted from the Ordnance Survey memoirs for counties Londonderry and Antrim , Mitchell, Brian
The Irish Fiants of the Tudor sovereigns during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Philip & Mary, and Elizabeth I
The Irish land laws , Richey, Alexander George
Irish Monastic and Episcopal deeds, A.D. 1200-1600 : transcribed from the originals preserved at Kilkenny Castle, with appendix of documents of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries relating to Monastic property after the dissolution , White, Newport B
Irish patent rolls of James I : facsimile of the Irish Record Commission's calendar prepared prior to 1830 , Great Britain. Commissioners on the Public Records of Ireland
Irwin pedigrees , Irwin, Sir Alfred MacDonald Bulteel
The Kenmare manuscripts , MacLysaght, Edward, 1887-1986
Land owners in Ireland to which is added a summary for each province and for all Ireland : return of owners of land of one acre and upwards, in the several counties, counties of cities, and counties of towns in Ireland, showing the names of such owners arranged alphabeticallu in each county, their addresses ... the extent in statute acres and the valuation ... , Ireland. Local Government Board
The Land war, 1879-1903 : facsimile documents , National Library of Ireland (Dublin)
Landlords and tenants in Ireland, 1848-1904 , Vaughan, W. E. (William Edward), 1944-
Landlords and tenants in mid-Victorian Ireland , Vaughan, W. E. (William Edward), 1944-
The Landowner's and agents practical guide , Moleyns, Thomas de
The landowners of Ireland : an alphabetical list of the owners of estates of 500 acres or 500 valuation and upwards in Ireland with the acreage and valuation in each county , De Burgh, U. H. Hussey
The law of landlord and tenant in Ireland , Smythe, Hamilton
The Lismore papers. First series : viz. autobiographical notes, remembrances and diaries of Sir Richard Boyle, first and "great" Earl of Cork ... from the original mss. belonging to His Grace, the Duke of Devonshire, preserved in Lismore Castle , Cork, Richard Boyle, Earl of, 1566-1643
A List of the absentees of Ireland and an estimate of the yearly value of their estates and incomes spent abroad ..
. Miscellaneous genealogical records
A new lease on life : landlords, tenants, and immigrants in Ireland and Canada , Wilson, Catherine Anne, 1958-
Original documents deposited with the Belfast Public Record Office, 1750-1908 , Northern Ireland. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Patent roll extracts for Ireland
Records of the Rolls : abstracts of all the involvements of lands, deeds and other matters of property remaining of record in the Rolls Office of the High Court of Chancery and in Bermingham Tower from the 3rd year of King Edward I ... to King George II [1274-1760] , Lodge, John, d. 1774
The Red Book of Ormond : from the fourteenth century original preserved at Kilkenny Castle, with missing portions supplied from the fifteenth century transcript in the Bodleian Library , White, Newport B
Register of the hospital of S. John the Baptist without the New Gate, Dublin , Brooks, Eric St. John
Registry of Deeds, Dublin, abstracts of wills , Ireland. Registry of Deeds
Rent roll of the estate of the Rt. Hon. Edward Southwell
Rentals of encumbered Irish estates, pre 1860
Report from Select Committee on County Cess (Ireland), with the minutes of evidence, appendex and index. , Select Committee on County Cess (Ireland)
Return of owners of land of one acre and upwards in the several counties, ... cities, and ... towns in Ireland ...
Returns of the number of persons registered as freeholders ... in all cities ... in Ireland during the last seven years
Schedule of documents Church Temporalities : lodged in records branch applotment book
A sketch of the law of property inland in Ireland : eight lectures delivered in Dublin and Belfast during Michaelmas Sittings, 1935 and 1936, at the request of the Council of the Institute , Leet, Ernest F
Stipendary priests and disfranchised freeholders
Tithe applotment books and indexes, for Northern Ireland, ca. 1822-1837 , Ireland. Land Commission
Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy , Hardinge, W. H
Transcript of documents on file in the Belfast Public Record Office , Northern Ireland. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Transcripts of memorials of conveyances and wills, 1708-1929 , Ireland. Registry of Deeds
The Trinity College estates, 1800-1923 : corporate management in an age of reform , MacCarthy, Robert B
Upton papers , Upton, Henry A. S


Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:27:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Margaret A Moon
Reply-To: Margaret A Moon
Subject: RE: [Cork-L] Copies from LDS
Hi to all,
I have been reading and learning from some of the posts that have been put on. I thank all of you for such an interesting topic.

I also read that someone said you could have Salt Lake Photocopy book or copy a film. Not true.

I used to volunteer at an LDS for four years, even now that I don't do the volunteering I'm still asked , by the even the Director,how things are done. If you want things photocopied from a book, you can request up to 8 pages. This forces you to have the index of said book copied first, so that you may determine which chapter or the few pages you wished copied. When at the Centre you must ask for the Slip request for photocopy, you send it to send it to Salt Lake not the Centre. If the chapter is long, you can tell, it will be a long drawn out process. But it can be done. They will not copy a film and send it to you.


From: "Denis Grant"
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:20:29 -0400
Subject: [Cork-L] Microfilm Copies from LDS
Hi Margaret,

I have now traced my source which is 'Research at The Family History Center, Penelope Christensen, Toronto 1997, Heritage Productions.

"Books may not be circulated to Family History Centers, but there is a special green form entitled 'Request to Microfilm a Book' available from the staff. There is no charge for this except for the usual film or fiche charge."

I'm sure I read another discussion of this in genealogy circles which said part of the reason the process takes some time is that the FHL may have to get permission from the copright holder.

It would certainly help to get the definitive answer to this one.

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 21:29:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Margaret A Moon
Subject: Re: [Cork-L] Microfilm Copies from LDS
Hi Denis,
I know about this request form, but I also have many friends who tried to do this, to no avail. If it's copyrighted there is a slim chance of it being done. I know my friends have been very disappointed. They usually turn to the ISBN # and go the Public library root, or they try to purchase it out right. The LDS just don't have the staff, it's all volunteer in Salt Lake and great deal of turn over. When you request a portion of a book, you are not infringing on the copyright, thus for your own personal use.

From: "Jane Lyons"
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 06:02:17 +0100
Subject: Estate records Re: [Cork-L] Lismore papers - are they worth looking for

I loved your description of the visit to the Nat lib.....

I think it hits most people first time they ever visit the Nat lib and then they spend/waste half their time just wandering round the shelves and getting to know what exactly they can lay their hands on without having to request it.....and wait for it to be brought to them....

Only a waste when they've got a few days in Dublin....other than that - wonderful. only there's more to actually lay your hands on sraight off the shelves in the Nat Archives - that's where I like best. Cold, uninspiriing building - but I could wander those shelves for years and still foret where I found what!...

Anyway.........what I have is different but not to what I've seen listed so far.......mine is basics....Manuscript reference numbers and it will take me a while to cover what's here cos I've got too many balls in the air right now. I'm also not including any references I have for anywhere other than the National Library or Archives........I can list others at a later date if people want it.

one thing I'd appreciate: if any of these are actually on film at an LDS - and anyone has looked at them, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know the LDS ref so that i can tag it on alongside the Irish refs - thanks

PS I'm assuming that any rental rolls listed for different periods would cover different parts of the would be necessary to look at any lists of what estates he owned and when to be able to cross reference or maybe take a guess /do some research to find out which rentals referred to which places.

National Archives:
Name: Years covered: Type of manuscript: Reference
Carroll: 1843-67 Deeds D23557-63 & M5346
Dennis : 17th - 20th centuries Legal papers; Landlords or members of Landlords family 1095/1

National Library:
Name: years covered: Type of Manuscript: Reference
Ashe : 1844 Maps with names of tenants included 15B.22: 3; 27
Bantry: 1840-81 Lists Evicted tenants; Agents; Landlords or members f Landlords family Ms. 8599
Bennet: 1846 Maps with names of tenants included 15B.22: 33
Bowen : 1847-66 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rents for year or 6 months Pos. 5553
Clanwilliam :17th - 20th centuries Landlords or members of landlords family Unsorted
Crofton 1823-51 Rentals: Rolls etc; Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Ms 8151
Crofton 1824-67 Coll. Vouchers, bills, receipts Nat. Lib Ms. 20788
Crofton 1824-67 Coll. Vouchers, bills, receipts Nat. Lib Mss. 20791-2
Crofton 1840-60 Landlords or members of landlords family; Info on relief work & relief committees Nat. Lib Mss. 20777-9
Crofton 1845-60 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rents for year or 6 months; Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Ms 20,781
Cuthbert 1839-53 Demesne & Farm acounts Nat. Lib Ms. 4731
Devonshire 1749-1859 Leases Nat. Lib Ms. 6199
Devonshire 1808-50 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rents for year or 6 months Nat. Lib Mss. 6843-74
Devonshire 1811-67 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Pos. 2792-4
Devonshire 1815-60 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Mss. 6792-817
Devonshire 1815-70 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Mss. 6990-7039
Devonshire 1816-90 Leases Nat. Lib Mss. 6185; 6191
Devonshire 1817-70 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Mss.7062-114
Devonshire 1818-90 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Ms. 6929
Devonshire 1823-42 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Mss. 6780-90
Devonshire 1825-96 Deeds; Leases Nat. Lib Ms. 7130
Devonshire 1826-55 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Mss. 6755-72
Devonshire 1826-60 Leases Nat. Lib Ms. 6171
Devonshire 1831-57 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Lismore R/6
Devonshire 1832-40 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Ms. 6924
Devonshire 1835-47 Mode of tenenancy: Yearly or at will Nat. Lib Mss. 7127-3
Devonshire 1835-59 Estates Nat. Lib Mss. 7127-9
Devonshire 1839-51 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Mss. 6933-44
Devonshire 1840 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Ms. 6703
Devonshire 1840-56 petitions & proposals from tenants; Emigrant lists; info. On relief work & Relief committees Nat. Lib Lismore T/2-21
Devonshire 1841 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Ms. 6168
Devonshire 1842-60 Correspondance: Agents, Tenants Nat. Lib Mss. 7182-4
Devonshire 1843-47 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months; Info on Poor Law Unions, workhouses & rates Nat. Lib Mss. 6732-5
Devonshire 1843-48 Leases Nat. Lib Ms.6198
Devonshire 1843-71 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months: Estate accounts Nat. Lib mss. 7044-61
Devonshire 1844-60 Mode of tenenancy: Yearly or at will Nat. Lib Ms. 7129
Devonshire 1845 Mode of tenenancy: Yearly or at will Nat. Lib Ms. 6169
Devonshire 1845-50 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Ms. 7206
Devonshire 1845-83 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months Nat. Lib Mss. 6823-42
Devonshire 1846-50 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months;: info ON PLU's,Workhouses & Rates Nat. Lib Mss. 6818-22
Devonshire 1847-55 Vouchers, bills, receipts Nat. Lib Mss. 6736-8
Devonshire 1848-56 Vouchers, bills, receipts Nat. Lib Mss. 6742-3
Devonshire 1848-86 Correspondance: Agents & Others Nat. Lib Mss. 7185-92
Devonshire 1851-59 Estate Accounts Nat. Lib Mss. 6970-7
Devonshire 1852-55 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months: info on PLU's. Workhouses & rates Nat. Lib Mss. 6739
Devonshire 1853-56 Rentals: Rolls with tenants names or rent for years or 6 months; Info on Poor Law Unions, workhouses & rates; Estate accounts Nat. Lib Ms. 6742-4

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