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RC Parish of Kilmicahel
Marriages 1819-1855,
Baptisms 1821-1851
Co. Cork

Updated 20 Nov 2000

Posted here with the submitter's permission.

Extract of Marriages 1819-1855 from the RC Parish Register of Kilmichael, Co. Cork.

Jan. 1819: John BUCKLEY to Joanna HALAHAN witnesses: Jim(?) HALAHAN + Danl. BUCKLEY
Feb. 1819: Jerry BOHANE to Eliza BUTTIMER witnesses: Francis BUTTIMER + Jas. NEVILLE
19 Feb 1822 Jerry MURPHY to Jude HALLIHAN witnesses: John CALLAGHAN + Timothy HALLIHAN
1823: John AHERN to Mary HALLIHAN witnesses: John HALLIHAN + Jerry HALLIHAN
Feb. 1823: Daniel NEILL to Catherine CONNELL witnesses: Danl. + Richard CONNELL
2 Jul 1823 John LEARY to Margaret NEVILLE witnesses: William CALLAGHAN + Michael NEVILLE
1824: Ned KEARNEY to Eleanor HALLIHAN witnesses: Patt. LEHANE + Mary KELLY
1825: Mich. HALLIHAN to Ellen CONNELL witnesses: Michael + Julian CONNELL
June 1826: Mort KELLEHER to Norry HALLIHAN witnesses: Jerry HALLIHAN + Kitty HALLIHAN
Feb. 1828: John MURPHY to Peggy HALAHAN witnesses: Jerry(?) HALAHAN + ? MURPHY
Feb. 1829: Patt. RIORDAN to Mary HALAHAN witnesses: Tim(?) HALLAHAN + John RIORDAN
Sept. 1829: Theo(?) MULCAHY (?) to Mary HALLAHAN witnesses: Mick HALLAHAN + Lucy(?) HALLAHAN
July 1837: John HARTNETT to Joan HALEHAN witnesses: Jerry HALIHAN + May DONOVAN
11 Jun 1837 Ned HALLEHAN to Ellen LYNCHY witnesses: Daniel DRISCOLL + Denis LEARY
Sept. 1838: Ned RYAN to Joan NEVILLE witnesses: Tim + Nell NEVILLE
Jan 1839: Patrick NEVILLE to Nancy HALIHAN witnesses: Tom NEVILLE + Daniel HALIHAN
July 1839: Cor. HALLAHAN to Biddy MURPHY witnesses: Mick BUCKLEY + Joan MURPHY
Sept. 1840: Cor. NEILE to Mary GALLAVAN witnesses: Patt. NEILE + John GALLAVAN
June 1841: Wm. HEFFERNAN to Catherine HALLAHAN witnesses: Jeremiah HALLAHAN + Johannah MURPHY
Feb. 1848: John BARRETT to Peggy HALLAHAN witnesses: John HALLAHAN + Anthony BARRETT
Nov. 1848: James GALLAVAN to Joanna HALLAHAN witnesses: Jerry HALLAHAN + John GALLAVAN
Feb. 1855: John CUNNINGHAM to Ellen HALLAHAN witnesses: Jeremiah HALLAHAN + Denis CUNNINGHAM

Extracts from Kilmichael RC Parish Register, Baptisms 1821-1851

? Jan 1821 Denis of Patt.hallihan + Judy CULLINANE sponsors: Davy PINE + Mary MILEADY, Cooldaniel
Mar. 1821: Margaret of Denis McCARTHY + Catherine LEARY Sponsors: Denis LEARY + Ellen(?) McCARTHY
3 Mar 1821 Ellen of Darby HOULAHAN + Ellen COAKLEY sponsors: Patrick HALLAHAN + Ellen CRONIN
? Mar 1821 Patrick of James LONG + Peggy LEARY sponsors: Tom LONG + ?
13 Apr 1821 Betty of Tim HALLAHAN + Betty DROMEY sponsors: John WISEMAN + Hally (?) DROMEY, Cooldaniel
8 Aug 1821 Jerry of Timothy HALLAHAN + Mary MURPHY sponsors: Denis MURPHY + Nell MURPHY
6 Mar 1822 Margaret of Timothy HALLAHAN + Mary ? sponsors: Daniel HALLAHAN + Peg ?
Jun.1825: Mary of John LEARY + Peggy NEVILLE, Tomes Sponsors: Mary (?) DONOGHUE + Judy MURPHY
Oct.1827: Jude(?) of ? LEARY + Peggy LEARY, Clonmoyle Sponsors: Timothy MURPHY + Tom CONNELL
Sept.1834: Patt. of Daniel HOULIHAN + Keat(?) NEVILLE, Cooldaniel Sponsors: Tom NEVILLE + Nance CALEHAN
May 1837: Catherine of John NEVILLE + Catherine LEARY Sponsors: Danl. NEVILLE + Mary MURPHY
Dec 1839: Nelly of Patrick NEVILLE + Nancy HALLAHAN., Tomes Sponsors: Matthew NEVILLE + Betty DROMEY
July 1840: James of Con HALLAHAN + Biddy MURPHY, Tomes Sponsors: Michael BUCKLEY + Nelly MURPHY
Dec 1840: Kate of John NEVILLE + ?, Carrigboy Sponsors: Patt.RIORDAN + Mary(?) HALLAHAN
Dec 1840: Norry of James LEARY + Pegg KELLY, Tomes Sponsors: John LYNE + Pegg HALLAHAN
May 1842: Denis of John NEVILLE + Kate LEARY, Ardananeen Sponsors: Denis NEVILLE + Peggy LEARY
Oct 1843: Ned of John MURPHY + Margaret HALLAHAN, Tomes Sponsors: Jerry(?) HALLAHAN + Denis GOOLD
Nov 1843: Betty of Patt. NEVILLE + Nance HALLAHAN, Tomes Sponsors: John(?) HALLAHAN + Mary(?) CROWLEY
Dec 1844: Joan of Patt. NEVILLE + Anne HALLAHAN, Tomes Sponsors: Patt. HALLAHAN + Joan NEVILLE
Apr. 1846: Maurice of Patt. NEVILLE + Nancy HALLAHAN,Tomes Sponsors: Denis NEVILLE + Bessy HALLAHAN
July 1848: Daniel of Patt. NEVILLE + Nancy HALLAHAN, Tomes Sponsors: Matthew NEVILLE + Joanna (?) MURPHY
Mar. 1851: John, son of Patt. NEVILLE + Nancy HALLAHAN Sponsors: Leo(?) HALLAHAN + Mary(?) MURPHY

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