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Co. Cork

Updated 27 June 1999

Submitted by Jane Lyons and posted here with her kind permission.

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The first directory for Cork was issued in 1787 by Richard Lucas. It has an alphabetical list of Cork merchants, there are separate lists of other professionals and was reprinted in the JCHAS in 1967. pp. 135-157

In 1788 he produced one which covered towns in Munster and Leinster. It was called the "General Directory of the Kingdom of Ireland" but only covered the above two provinces.
pubished in the Irish Genealogist in 1968 (Possibly)
covers: Limerick pp. 529-537.
Co. Tipperary: pp. 468-476
Leinster: Carlow, Kildare, kilkenny, Laois(Queens), Waterford, Wexford & Wicklow: pp. 392-416

In 1797 john Nixon produced a trade directory of Cork City. the 'Cork Almanack' listing merchants & traders in Cork City

1809 Holdens Triennial Directory of Cork

1810: William West Cork dierctory..again listing merchants & professionals

1812: John Connor same as West

In 1820 Pigot & Co. produced "The Commercial Directory of Ireland..the first in a series, covering main towns, arranged by trade rather than alphabetically. The names of nobility & Gentry are also given, covers Bandon, Cork, Kinsale & Youghal.

Pigots 1820 Directory of City of Dublin & Hibernian Provincial directory covers merchants of Cork alphabetically

1826: John Connor's Directory: merchants & traders & 1828

1846: Slater covered a number of Co. Cork towns & 1859; 1870; 1881; 1894

1875: Guy's Directory of Cork county & city

1886 Guys postal directory of Munster

1889: Guys City & County of Cork Almanack

Some of these have to be available on fiche outside Ireland. It is possible..when you are very, very lucky to come across some in auctions here...or in the specialist second hand bookshops

The directories only listed those merchants and traders who were doing well. Their businesses were good. I have seen reference to the fact that if someone appeared in one this year then they appeared in them for a few years and that it is generally thought when a name disappeared from a directory..the person had died rather than emmigrated.

If you have family who were amongst the better off..then it is also wise to check the directories for Dublin and not to go to simply the alphabetised section but to check sections called teh Official Authorities of individual counties.

Some of the directories have names indexed alphabetically...and then you go to the street they lived on to take the address and occuption of the you have an alphabetically arranged index of surnames & names...and tehn the streets are laid out alphabetically....and people listed as they lived on the streets. In directories of this layout I have found people living on streets who were not included in the main *if* you are really desperate and just know for sure that the person lived in that place at that time..its as well to check your way through the whole directory..

I always think it such a pity that people who are interested in a particular surname....never really wonder about the street itself..what the other people who lived on the street did for a living. It is amazing the way the street can almost be seen...if one looks at everyone on the street and their occupation...not just the occupation of the one person whose name you are looking for. The streets for the Dublin directories can come can almost see them and the people who lived there. That is only for the post 1821 directories....and the ones for the cities....

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