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Inchigeelach RC Baptisms, July-Dec 1863
Inchigeelagh marriages, 1816-1817
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Submitted by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

Pages 489-490 on Volume 11 of the Casey microfiche at the Mormon Family history library, Baronies of Muskerry and Carberry.

I have the dates, names of children, parents and witnesses. I am sorry to tell you I could scarcely decipher locations at all and rather than my poor attempt at guessing I have left them off altogether. If you find somebody you need on the postings let me know and I will see what I can see on an individual basis. Most locations are scarcely legible.

7-26-1863 Bgt. Vauhan, daughter of Ml Vauhan and Peg Mahony/ witnesses Dl. Connell and Jude McCarthy
8-1-1863 Barnaby Lanktry, son of Thomas Lanktry and Julia Morgan, witnesses Dl. Morgan and Jude Lanktry
8-5-1863 Mary Tanner, dau of Wm Tanner and Mary Crowley, witnesses Jn. Tanner and Ellen Brien
8-7-1863 Jude Dromy ( I think) son of Jas Dromy and Hannah Murphy, witnesses Corn Murphy and Mgt. Halisey
8-27-1863 Dl. Keleher son of Corn Keleher and Norry Cronin, witnesses Ty Cronin and Norry Moynihan
8-15-1863 Wm. Cotter son of Pat Cotter and Mary Leary, witnesses Wm. Cotter and Nelly Leary
8-23-1863 Jn. Dineen son of Ty Dineen and Mary Taylor, witnesses Dl. Ring and Nel Dineen
8-24-1863 Mary Murray dau of Jn Murray and Cath Twohy, witnesses Jn Kearney and Nell Cronan
9-2-1863 Corn Cronin, son of Corn Cronin and Judy Hurley, witnessesJn. Cronin and Nell Riordan
9-19-1863 Ty Sullivan son of Ml. Sullivan and Ellen Cotter, witnesses Jn. Sullivan and Mgt. Cotter
9-22-1863 Nelly Cotter dau of Jn. Cotter and Nelly Coleman, witnesses Ty Kelleher and Ellen Wiseman
9-17-1863 Jerh Galvan son of Pat Galvan and Ellen Donohoe, witnesses Mary Galvin and Jerh.Hurley
9-6-1863 David Walsh, son of Jn. Walsh and Hannah Hurley, witnesses Jerh Hurley and Mgt. Kelliher
9-19-1863 Mgt. Driscoll dau of Ty Driscoll and Cath Walsh, witnesses Jerh Riordan and Ellen Drummey
9-20-1863 Dl. Murphy son of Wm Murphy and Mary Lucey, witnesses Dl or Dr Murphy / Mary Hyde
9-20-1863 Cath Purcell, dau of Ty Purcell and Mary Galvan, witnesses Jn. callahan and Nell Byrne
9-23-1863 Julia Cotter dau of William Cotter and Cath Manning, witnesses Ty Cotter and Mary A Cotter
10-18-1863 Barry Ragan son of Jerh Regan and Mary Murphy, witnesses Pat and Norry Leshane
10-25-1863 Hannah Droomy, dau of Thomas Droomy and Jude McCarthy, witnesses Pat Droomy and Cath McCarthy
10-27-1863 Corn Cronin son of Jerh Cronin and Mary Leary, witnesses Rich Cronin and Mary Murphy
10-30-1863 Wm. Murphy son of Andrew Murphy and Mgt.McCarthy, witnesses Corn and Mgt. McCarthy
11-3-1863 Dl. Dineen son of Denis Dineen and Nelly Buckley, witnesses Pat Dineed and Mary Cotter
11-10-1863 Cath Cronin, son of Corn Cronin and Mary Moynihan, witnesses Jn.Moynihan and Norry Cronin
11-15-1863 Ty Cronin son of Jas Cronin and Jude Leary, witnesses Jn. Duggan and Norry Casey
11-11-1863 Mary Galvin dau of Ty Galvin and Hannah Cotter, witnesses Ty Galvin and Ellen Cronin
11-22-1863 Mgt. Hallisey dau of Corn Hallisey and Mary Cotter, witnesses Jn. Kelleher and Abbey Hallisey
11-25-1863 Ml. Morrissey son of Jas Morrisey and Mgt Leary, witnesses Wm. Cotter and Nelly Callaghan
11-26-1863 Jerh Mahoney son of Ml. Mahony and Mary Callaghan, witnesses Ty Mahony and Mgt. Tobin
11-22-1863 Mary Kellyher dau of Wm. Kellyher and Nora Sweeney, witnesses John Mahoney and Norry Leehane
12-4-1863 Mary Healy dau of Jerh Healy and Mary Leary, witnesses Jn. Fitzpatrick and Mgt. Callaghan
12-6-1863 Nance Leary dau of Dl. Leary and Ellen Sullivan, witnesses James Leary and Nilly Farrell
12-6-1863 Norry Hurley dau of Jas Hurley and Nellie Leary, witnesses Ty Leary and Norry McCarthy
12-9-1863 Nelly Hurley dau of Pat and Hannah Hurley, witnesses Ty and Mgt. Hurley
12-10-1863 Hugh Creedon son of Dl.Creedon and Hannah Swiney, witnesses Michael Fitzpatrick and Mgt. Healy
12-14-1863 Jude Keleher child of Ml. Keleher and Cath Sullivan, witnesses Ty Leary and Hanna Kelliher 12-21-1863 Wm.Cotter son of Sylv Cotter and Hannah Corkeran, witnesses Ty Corkeran and Anne Cotter
12-28-1863 Ty Leary son of Jerh Leary and Mary Murray, witnesses Jn. and Ellen Murray
12-8-1863 Cath Leary dau of Jas Leary and Cath Sweeney, witnesses Barth and Mary Leary
12-13-1863 Jn. Connor son of Peter Connor and Nelly Cronan, witnesses Corn Cronan and Nora Walsh
12-27-1863 Bgt. Shorten dau of Benj Shorten and Cath Lucey, witnesses Geo Shorten and Abbey Lucey
12-28-1863 Mgt. Leehane, dau of Ty Leehane and Mary Connell, witnesses Pat Goulden and Nell Barry
12-20-1863 Dennis Creedon son of Ty Creedon and Mary Leary, witnesses Corn Lucey and Mary Leary.

Inchigeelagh marriages, 1816-1817

1816 format, wedding parties, location if decipherable, witnesses
3-20 Garrett Barry and Mary Sullivan, Tullagh, Richard Barry and Jerh Sullivan
3-24 Corn Lynchy and Mgt. Leary, ?Manevadra?, Michael Lynch and Edmund Deleau?
3-30 Jerh Kelleher and Norry Cronin, ?Rahahaskey?, Jerh Murphy and Jeremiah Cronin
3-30 Corn Coakley and Mary Sullivan, Gorta, Edmond Ring and Patrick Sullivan
3-30 Denis Callaghan and Mary Leary, ?Currihy?, Patrick Callaghan and Timothy Leary
1-16 Timothy Collins and Ellen Leary, ? Cahirnine", Corn Leary and Patrick Kearney
1-29 Corn Cronin and Mary Sullivan,? Gortimore?,, Dl. Sullivan, Jerh Swiney
2-2 Jeremiah McCarthy and Ellen Hurley, ? Shanacrane? Ty McCarthy and Thomas Hurley
2-11 Daniel Callaghan and Mary Sullivan, ?Cappenclare?, James Callaghan and Jerh Sullivan
2-13 Jerh Buckley and Ellen Coakley, Rosmore, Daniel Buckley and Daniel Coakley
2-13 John Purcell and Ellen McCarthy, Tour----, Jerh Ceaton, Julia McCarthy
2-15 Batt Buckley and Norry Creedin, Killmore, Cornelius Cotter, Jerh Cotter
2-15 Owen Daly and Abbey Murphy, ? Inchineal?, Owen Daly and John Murphy
2-18 Mark Scott and Ellen Buckley, ? Dirrineanig? James Buckley and Mary Scott
2-18 John Collins and Catherine Tobin, ?Dromcorra? Phillip Tobin and Mary Tobin
2-18 John Dineen and Norry Cotter, ? Meenavadra?, Timothy and Ellen Cotter
2-18 Daniel Sullivan and Hannah Lehane, Gurt----, Michael Ahern and John Lehane
2-18 Corn Hurley and Hannah Hurley, ?Shannacrane?, Daniel and Jerh Hurley
5-7 John either Haddick or Naddick and Julia Leary, Graig, Owen McCarthy and Julia Leary
5-10 Morty Sullivan and Fanny Browne, Inchigelia, Own Sullivan and Timothy McCarthy
5-29 Michael Leary and Julia Coakley, ?Illaneinigh? John Murphy and Jerh Coakley
7-10 William Good and Ellen Cotter, ? Gortashughty? John Good and William Cotter
9-3 Daniel Murphy and Julia Connell, Rosmore, Daniel Murphy and Julia Connell
9-3 Cornelius McCarthy and Mary Walsh, Carrigrane, Richard Walsh and John Hurley
1-12 John Lynch and Nora Tobin, Dromcarra, Denis Lynch and John Tobin
1-20 George Busteed and Bridget Murphy, Dromcarra, Richard Busteed and Denis Murphpy
1-22 Jim Murphy and Hannah Goggin, Milleen, Jerh Holland and Michael Goggin
1-22 Daniel Kearny and Hannah Driscoll, ?, Daniel Kearney and Denis Driscoll
1-25 Jeremiah Reily and Catherine Lordan, Carrihy, Batt Barry and Patrick Manning
1-30 Corn Murphy and Mary Leary, ? Inchimussig? Patrick Murphy and Jeremiah Leary
1-31 Corn Cronin and Asastisia McCarthy, Coolmountain, Con Cronin and Jeremiah McCarthy
1-21 Daniel Coakley and Margaret Connell, Cullen, Denis Coakley and Norry Swiney
5-5 Michael Lehane and Mary Mahony, Drumcollig, John Lehane and Denis Mahoney
5-5 Denis Mangan and Catherine Mahoney, ? Jim Mangan and Jim Mahoney
8-2 Morty keleher and Mary Barry, Cornelius Kelleher and Mary Keleher, location?
10-20- John Sullivan and Mary Cotter, Sheehy, Jerh Mahoney and Timothy Cotter
11-22 Abrahan Jago and Margaret Walsh, ?Drominag? William Jago and Cath Walsh
11-28 Jim Cream and Jane Oldan, Rosmore, Daniel Cream and Richard Oldan

more to come later

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