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One small extract from
the History of Cork
by Charles Smith, M.D.,
published in Dublin c. 1774, second Edition

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

"The following persons were by an inquisition held at Shandon Castle in Cork Sept 9 1588, found to be concerned in the Earl of Desmond's rebellion and were, most of them, attainted by act of Parliament.

Patrick Condon of Cloghleight, Esq
Sir John Desmond
Knight John Piggott, Esq
Sir John Fitzgerald
Knight Sir James Fitzgerald
Knight Edmund Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon of Curribehy
Edmund Power of Ballyinn
Donough MacCormac Oge of Boughfailey
Dermot Mac-Edmund Oge of Bantry
Teig Mac-Edmund Oge of the same

and there are more names

Attainted - stripped of their property etc.
Oge - anglicisation of Irish "óg" meaning young, younger, junior.
In sixteenth century documents you might also find these:
Mor - Irish "mór" meaning big, large
Beg - Irish "beag" meaning small
Roe - Irish "rua" meaning red
Ban/Bawn - Irish "bán" meaning white
Duff - Irish "dubh" meaning black
Boy/buoy - Irish "buí" meaning yellow
M' - mac, son of
Ny - ní, daughter/descendant of

Charles Smith "History of the City and County of Cork" Dublin 1750.
By the same author:
"History of the City and County of Waterford" Dublin 1746.
"History of County Kerry" Dublin 1756.

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