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How to trace a Regiment
Co. Cork

Updated 6 Jan 2001

Submitted by Kieran and posted here with his kind permission.

The best source I know of to trace a Regiment and where it served is :
"In Search of the "Forlorn Hope"; A Comprehensive Guide to Locating British Regiments and Their Records (1640-WWI)"
by John M. Kitzmiller II published 1998 ISBN # 0-9619260-5-8
(The Set = 2 Vols + 1 supp).

From this can be gleaned that the following Regiments were garrisoned in
1692-93 	5th	Royal Irish Lancers		"The Redbreasts".
1797		9th	Royal Norfolk Regiment		"The Holy Boys".
1798		89th	Princess Victorias Reg't	"Blaneys Bloodhounds"
1785-86 	51st	2nd Yorkshire,Kings Own 	"The Koylis"
Etc...Etc. (There are pages and pages of this info).
Page 1259 gives a list (too long to include here) of regiments stationed in Fermoy during the 1860's and beyond.

This should be available at LDS and you would be able to check which regiments were in Nova Scotia at that time.

"One should never trust a single source for your research, always try and collaborate with other sources of information".

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