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Dunmanway- Baptisms

Updated 21 Mar 2003
Transcribed by Candi McCarthy Zizek and posted here with her kind permission.
Indexed 2002
Main names are of the McCarthys of Dromdrasdil of Dunmanway, and the Donovans of Cashell, Leap, Cork, Ireland.

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DateSurnameFirst nameCork TownlandMotherFatherResource
"May 14 1870 b 3:15 am"LordanJohn-twinGurteenasownaEllen WhiteJohn LordanSkibbereen Cork Vitals Office
"May 14 1870 b 3:00 am"LordanMichael-twinGurteenasownaEllen WhiteJohn LordanSkibbereen Cork Vitals Office
"Dec 14 1868"LordanJohn GortmacheraCatherine WhiteDaniel LordanSkibbereen Cork Vitals Office
1868LordanJohnDrounfeighKate Cochran/CochlanJohn LordanSkibbereen Cork Vitals Office
"December 3 1867"LordanJohnGlaun (near Moneyreague)Catherine CrowleyDaniel Lordan

1868 no John Lordans born in Dunmanway Town

Information & mailing address: Ann Withycombe, Registrar's Office, County Courthouse Skibbereen/, County Cork Ireland

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