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Dunmanway Parish

National Library of Ireland Research 2002

Updated 21 Mar 2003
Transcribed by Candi McCarthy Zizek and posted here with her kind permission.
Indexed 2002
Main names are of the McCarthys of Dromdrasdil of Dunmanway, and the Donovans of Cashell, Leap, Cork, Ireland.

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Date of MarriageGroomParentsTownlandBrideParentsTownlandSponsors
Feb 21,1833Michael Lordan KilmichaelCatherine Hurley GlaunJohn Hurley & John Lordan
Feb 17,1833James McCarthy  Catherine Hurley  Alexander McCarthy & Thomas Donovan
March 6,1832Daniel Leary IvelearyHonora Farrell TogherJames Farrell & James Grady/Togher
Feb 15,1831John Farrell/Togher
Feb 13,1831Tom Lucey  Ellen Toomy TogherCornelius Hallahan & John Farrell
Feb 13,1831John Sullivan widower  Julia Lordan TogherJack & John Lordan
Feb 15,1831Patt Hurley  IvelearyJudy Farrell  James Hurly & Timothy Farrell /Moneyreague
Jan 30,1831Dennis Farrell IvelearyMary Cotter TogherJack Farrell & Sylvester Cotter
July 11,1829John Lordan  Mary McCarthy TogherTimothy Farrell & John Crowly
Feb 19,1822David McCarthy  Catherine Regan DrumdrasdilDavid McCarthy & Denis Regan
Feb 19,1828Timothy Farrell TogherEllen Cotterdispensation 4thTogherMatthew Moore & Margaret Hallihy
Date BatisedChild ParentsTownlandSponsors
Jan 10,1834RichardTom White & Mary Walsh John White & Julia Walsh
Jan 9,1834Daniel McCarthyTim McCarthy & Mary McCarthyDrumdrasdilThomas Donovan & Judy Donovan
August 18,1833Jeremiah FarrellCornelius Farrell & Johanna ReganMoneyreagueDenis Callaghan & Margaret Cotter/Moneyreague
March 8,1835Timothy FarrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherHonora Farrell
Oct 19,1834Timothy FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen LearyMoneyreagueCornelius Farrell & Catherine Mannin
Feb 2,1835John FarrellCornelius Farrell & Johanna ReganMoneyreagueJohn Farrell & Mary Cotter of Moneyreague
June 15,1835James FarrellJeremiah Farrell & Mary LeyoreTogherJohn & Mary Doheny
March 20,1835Mary McCarthyDan McCarthy & Bridget DonahoeDromdrasdil
May 5,1836Timothy FarrellCornelius Farrell & Johanna ReganMoneyreagueJeremiah tregan & Johanna Hurly
July 3,1836Daniel LucyThomas Lucy & Ellen ToomeyTogherCornelius Hallanee & Honora Toomey/Togher
Sept 15,1836Johanna McCarthyDaniel McCarthy & Ellen HurleyDrumdrasdilCornelius McCarthy & Catherine Donovan
Dec 8,1836Bridget CoakleyJeremiah Coakley & Honora SweeneyGlaunCharles McCarthy & Ellen Sweeny/Glaun
Dec 17,1836Honora FarrellJohn Farrell & Mary CrowleyMoneyreagueJohn Crowley & Bridget Crowley/Moneyreague
Nov 27,1836Timothy FarrellDenis Farrell & Mary CotterTogherPatrick Lyne & Margaret Coholae
June 11,1837Mary FarrellTimothy Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherLawrence Cotter & Ellen Farrell/Togher
March 9,1834Daniel McCarthyTim McCarthy & Mary McCarthyDrumdrasdilTom & Judy Donovan
June 2,1833Cornelius FarrellJames Farrell & Catherine MaynahanMoneyreagueCornelius Farrell & Mary Lucy/Moneyreague
Feb 1,1833Jeremiah FarrellJeremiah Farrell & Mary LeyyoreTogher
April 26,1833Mary FarrellTim Farrell & Ellen Cotter TogherWill Cotter & Mary Cotter/Togher
Sept 30,1832Ellen FarrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherJohn Doheny & Charity Cotter
May 20,1832Mary FarrellJohn Farrell & Mary CrowleyMoneyreagueTim Farrell & Bridget Crowley/Moneyreague
May 20,1832Ellen FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen LearyMoneyreagueTim Farrell & Johanna Hurley/Moneyreague
Feb 28,1832Patrick McCarthyTim McCarthy & Mary McCarthyDrumdrasdil
July 23,1831Daniel CrowleyTimothy Crowley & Mary LearyGlaunDan Leary & Ellen Sullivan/Glaun
March 4,1831Jerry FerrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherCornelius Farrell & Mary Leyne/Togher
Feb 11,1831BridgetMcCarthyDaniel McCarthy & Mary McCartyDrumdrasdil
Dec 18,1830Dennis FarrellTim Farrell & Mary CotterTogherCornelius & Mary Farrell/ Togher
Dec 26,1830Dennis FarrellJerry Farrell & Mary ReyneTogherJames Leyore & Ellen Farrell Togher
May 16,1830Margaret FarrellTim Farrell & Ellen Hurley MoneyreagueJerry McCarthy & Margaret Murphy
July 25,1830Johanna FarrellCornelius Farrell & Johanna RiordanMoneyreagueTim & Honora Farrell/Moneyreague
July 25,1830Mary FarrellJames Farrell & Catherine HornahanMoneyreagueJerry McCarthy & Mary Donovan
July 17,1830Cornelius FarrellJohn Farrell & Mary CrowleyMoneyreagueCornelius & Honora Farrell/ Togher
March 2,1830Honora LordanJerry Lordan & Catherine ReganTogherLawrence Sullivan & Marry McCarthy/ Togher
Sept 13,1829Honora FarrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherJohn Good & Mary Farrell
Nov 1,1829Honora FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen LearyMoneyreagueCornelius Mannin
February 12,1829Honora FarrellTim Farrell & Mary Cotter Farrell & Margaret O Herlihy/Togher
Oct 26,1828Julia McCarthyDaniel McCarthy & Ellen HurleyDrumdrasdil
Aug 28,1828Judy FarrellJohn Farrell & Mary CrowleyMoneyreagueTim Farrell & Ellen Hurley/Moneyreague
June 22,1828Timothy FarrellJames Farrell & Catherine HourihanMoneyreagueDaniel McCarthy & Ellen Hourahan
June 22,1828James FarrellCornelius Farrell & Judy RiordanMoneyreagueJohn Farrell & Catherine Hourahan
June 29,1828Honora FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen LearyMoneyreagueJerry Farrell & Mary Hourahan/Moneyreague
March 28,1828Timothy FarrellTim Farrell & Ellen HuurleyMoneyreagueTim Farrell & Mary Crowley/Moneyreague
Feb 13,1828John FarrellJerry Farrell & Mary LeyneTogherJohn Farrell & Mary Farrell
Nov 3,1827Jeremiah McCarthyDaniel & Mary McCarthyDrumdrasdilWm Hurly & Catherine Murphy
Nov 9,1827Timothy LordanJury Jeremiah Lordan & Catherine ReganTogherMamie Namuel Dullein & Catherine Reagan/Togher
Sept 30,1827Tim FarrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogherLaurence Cotter & Mary Cotter
June 4,1827Jeremiah FarrellCornelius Farrell & Judy RiordanMoneyreagueDennis Farrell & Betty Riordan
April 3,1827Jeremiah CotterCatherine Drumny Ed & Ellen Cotter
June 29,1826Cornelius FarrellJeremiah Farrell & Mary Leyne (or Leyore)TogherTim Farrell & Catherine Lyye/Togher
Aug 13,1826James FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen LearyMoneyreagueTim Farrell & Judy Leary/Moneyreague
Aug 26,1826Jeremiah McCarthyTim McCarthy & Judy CahillMoriniag MoulcraghNeill & Ellen McCarthy
May 30,1826Mary CrowleyDaniel Crowley & Honora LordanTogherJeremiah Lordan & Mary Hourahan
Jan 1,1826Jeremiah McCarthyDaniel McCarthy & Mary CartyDrumdrasdilTim Minnune & Mary Lorny
Jan 5,1826Mary FarrellJohn Farrell & Ellen CotterTogher
June 14,1826Honora FarrellCornelius Farrell & Judy RiordanMoneyreagueTim & Mary Farrell
Aug 28,1825John FarrellTim Farrell & Ellen Hurley MoneyreagueCornelius Farrell & Ellen Hurley
Jan 23,1825Mary LordanJohn Lordan & Catherine ReganTogher
March 21,1824Patrick FarrellDenis Farrell & Ellen ?MoneyreagueTim & Mary Farrell

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