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Baptisms January and Feb 1865
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Submitted by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

From the first Casey microfilm. There is indeed a name index to the volumes, however, there are at least 80 pages of names for this one microfilm alone.

This represents the first two months of the Dromtariffe RC Baptisms for Jan and February 1865.

date, child's name, parents names, witnesses and location.

1-1-1865 Dl. Daly, son of Eug Daly and Mgt. Sweeney, witnesses Pat Rahilly and Mary Connell, in Seagh
1-4-1865 Ml. Lane son of Pat Lane and Nora Farrell, witnesses Jn. Keliher and Julia, in Rathcoole
1-6-1865 Hannah Manlon, dau of Pat Manlon and Hannah Corkery, witnesses Ellen Sullivan and Edmond Burke, in Dysart
1-13-1865 Ellen Looney dau of Ty Looney and Mary Hielihy, witnesses Mgt. an Jerh. Hierlihy, Curregrieise
1-8-1865 Mgt. Kiely, daughter of D Kiely and Ellen Hurley, witnesses Pat Kiely and Mgt. Canty, Clounbemin
1-15-1865 Dl. Sullivan son of Maurice Sullivan and Ellen Shea, witnesses Ds. Shea and Cath Sullivan, Eleeglass
1-8-1865 Jn. Conner son of Benjamin Conner and Mary Drislane, witnesses Joseph and Ellen Murphy, Ferrisdoyle
1-22-1865 Ml. O'Keeffe son of Hugh O'Keeffe and Nora Sullivan, witnesses Daniel O'Keeffe and Mgt. Donohnue, Clounbemin
1-27-1865 Ty Leahy, son of M. Leahy and Ellen Beshin, witnesses Dl. O'Connor and Sara Beshin, Killinane
1-22-1865 Dl. Moylan son of Jn. Moylan and Catherine Linehan. witnesses Eliz Moylan and Jn. Leader, Dromskehy
1-22-1865 Dl. Keane, son of Jn. Keane and Eliz Leader, witnesses Jn. Leader and Mary, Keel
1-24-1865 Pat Keeffe son of Ty Keeffe and Cath Twohig, witnesses Jn. Walsh and Cath. Murphy, Curragraige
1-27-1865 Mgt. Galvin dau of Jn. Galvin and Mgt. Twomey, witnesses Jn. and Bgt Twomey, Drominagh
1-16-1865 Jn.Conner son of Jerh Conner and Mary Creedin, witnesses Pat Casey and Julia Creedin, Keleteragh
1-29-1865 Nora Daly dau of William Daly and Eliz Keeffe, witnesses Jn. Sullivan and Nora McCarthy, Coolelough
2-3-1865 Nora Scully, dau of Ty.Scully and Cath Murphy, witnesses Charles Scully and Nora Winkle, Kileeleman
2-3-1865 Nora Leehan, dau of Jn. Leehane and Julia Driskell, witnesses Corn. Driscoll and Mary Sullivan, Coolelough
2-9-1865 Bgt. Drew dau of Corn Drew and Abin Sheehan, witnesses Paul Linehan and Mary Scully, Dueleagh
2-10-1865 Nora Mahoney, dau of Dennis Mahoney and Mary Connell, witnesses Corn. Cronin and Ellen Cronin, Laght?
2-18-1865 Hon? Lynch child of Pat Lynch and Ellen Courtney, witnesses Jn. and Hannah Moynahan, Rathcoole
2-18-1865 Mary Connell dau of Dennis Connell and Ellen Murphy, witnesses Cors. Callaghan and Ellen Healy, Carragraige
2-19-1865 Ty O'Sullivan son of Timothy O'Sullivan and Cath Daly, witnesses Ds. Hartnett and Julia Daly, Knockanree
2-26-1865 Corn Sullivan son of Dl Sullivan and Ellen Drew, witnesses William Callahan and Nora Drew, Dromagh
2-26-1865 Mary Reardon dau of Jn. Reardon and Mary Donoghue, witnesses Ds. Reardon and Mgt. Donohue, Buelomore?
2-19-1865 Mgt. O'Sullivan dau of J. S. O'Sullivan and Mary Holiday, witnesses John O'Connell and Mgt. Kelly , Droumskehy

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