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Boherbue, Mallow
Baptismal records
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett,
and posted here with her kind permission.

film 0823808 of the Casey materials, pages 177-178 .

2-8 Denis Cronin, Corn Cronin and Hannah Murphy, Witnesses Corn Sullivan and Mary Vaughan, Urehilbeg
2-13 James Hartnett Ty Hartnett and Julia Keeffe, witnesses Dl, Keeffe and Bgt Buckley
2-13 Cath Reardon Ml Reardon/Ellen McAuliffe, Ds.Callaghan and Mary Reardon, Urelhilmore
2-15 Pat Sweeney Dl. Sweeney and Jane Roche, Jn. and Elizabeth Cotter, Kippagh
2-21 Daniel Keeffe Ml. Keefe and Nora Mahony, Ty Mahony and Ellen, Urihilmore
2-26 Jerh. Reardon toJas Reardon and Cath Cronin, Pat Cronin and Pat Cronin, Islandbrack
3-7 Julia Lenihan, to James Lenihan and Hannah Mc Auliffe, Jerh. Sullivan only witness, Boherbue
3-8 Julia Linihan to Denis Linihan and Mgt.Keliher, Mary Mahony listed twice for witness, Glashakeenlees
3-16 Pat Cronin, to Dl. Cronin and Mary Greaney, Michael Angland only witness, Knockmanaugh
4-4 Hannah Lenihan to Jn. Lenihan and Nora Sweeney, Corn Lenihan and Julia Leary, Woodview
4-4 Bridget Lenihan to Corn Lenihan and Ellen Connell, Corn Lenehan and Mary, Derryleigh
4-10 Nora Sullivan to Denis Sullivan and Nora Curtayne, Denis Hartnett and Mary Connell
4-14 Timothy Tuomy to Jerh Tuomy and Mary Murphy, Jn. Keliher and Mary Murphy
4-18 Mary Greany to Jn. Greny and Cath Leary, Denis Leary and Mary Greany
4-24 Timothy Keeffe to Ty Keeffe and Elis Keeffe, Dan Murphy and Nora Keeffe
5-3 Ty Reardon to Ty Reardon and Mary Scannell, Ellen Buckley and Rev. D. Lynch
5-13 Daniel Tuomy to Jerh Tuomy and Mary Murphy, pat. Tuomy and Rev. D. Lynch
5-24 Cornelius Danaghy to Ty Danaghy and Nora Cronin, Pat O'Connor and Mary Connell
5-18 Denis Quines to Denis Quines and Julia Buckley, Corn Quines and Cath Twomey
5-31 Mary Hallisey to Ml Hallissey and Ellen Leane, Jn. Leane and Mary Burke
6-7 Ml. Reardon to Denis Reardon and Julia Sullivan, Ds. Reardon and Mary Sweeny, Doonbeg
6-12 Mort Cullity to Jn. Cullity no spouse, Elis Cullity and Rev. D Lynch
6-13 John Reen to Denis Reen and Esiz Connor, Mary Fitzgerald only witness
6-17 Mary Cahill to Michael Cahill and Cath, Hannah Gallivan only witness
7-9 Jas Sullivan to Jn. Sullivan and Mary Forrest, Jn. Lenihan and Mary O'Sullivan
7-15 Julia Lenihan to Gerard Lenihan and Bgt Clifford, Dl. O'Connell and Ellen Clifford
7-12 Nora Leary to Ty Leary and Mary Breen, Jn. O'Sullivan and Julia Breen
7-19 Jn. Mahony to Jn. Mahony and Mary Murphy, Nora Nolan only witness
7-26 Batt Conner to Pat Connor and Cath Keeffe, William Keeffe and Elis Oconnor
4-14 Dennis Keeffe to Ellen Keeffe and Ellen Connell Wm.Herlihy and Hannah Connell and it listed Ellen and Ellen as the parents
7-16 Nora Danahy to Ty Danahy and Cath Keeffe, Cath Murphy and Elis O'Connor
7-16 Nora Danahy to Ty Danahy and Mgt. Murphy, Catherine Murphy, Catherine Murphy
8-8 Ellen Reardon to Wm. Reardon and Hannah Shine, Charles McCarthy and Mary Shine
8-9 Elisabeth Lucy to Corn Lucey and Mary Buckley, Dl. Connor and Mary Lehane
9-2 Bgt Lane to Denis Lane and Mary Murphy, Michael and Nora Danahy
9-12 Eugene Gerin to Denis Gerin and Anne McSweeney, Denis and Ellen McSweeney
9-17 Maurice O'Donohue to Ds. O'Donohue and Hannah Crowley, Dl. O'Donohue and Bgt Crowley
9-20 Mary Keeffe to Bery Keeffe and Mgt. O'Sullivan, Jas Keefe and Mary O'Sullivan
9-26 Ellen Clifford to Corn Clifford and Margaret Keeffe, Mary O'Sullivan and ?
10-12 Arabella Ankatel to John Ankatel and Mary Horan, Edmund and Ellen Horan
11-22 female Fitzpatrick, I wrote down Arabella but I think this is wrong, to Jn. Fitzpatrick and Mgt. Keliher, Jn. Keliher and Mgt. Lenihan
12-2 James Danahy to Ty Danahy and Julia Keeffe, Margaret Fitzgerald, Margaret Fitzgerald
12-26 Mgt. Lane to Denis Lane and Margaret Casey, Eliz Lane
12-31 Jerh Feehan to Ty Feehan and Mary Sweeny, Jn. Sweeny and Bgt Nelon

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