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Berehaven Tombstone Inscriptions
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Submitted by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

On microfilm -0994078, described as Ireland-Cork,Cemeteries, Tombstone Inscriptions, Berehaven,Cork

There were eight or nine items on this same film. Interestingly enough there was a diverse collection of materials on this film.

Item two was the 1901 Census street Index for Dublin - and as I did a quick run through discovered they included ships at port as well as the streets.

There were parish register entries for Southam Warwickshire England, covering chr 1633-1809, marriages 1657-1812, and burials 1647-1808.

There were several extensive family tree work ups for the Marshall, Wigg, Lamb, and Carnell families (and the Carnell family branched out to Taylor, Gamble, Robertson, Oakes and Oates, Drayton, Menere, Snelling, etc. many in AU).

Item 7 was a listing of Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard of Ordiquhill, Baniffshire, Scotland.

Item next was the Berehaven Tombstone Inscriptions.
Introductory statements were to the effect that Dr. Albert Casey sponsored this project, which was conducted in Jan 1975. Eight 13 year old students of the Sisters of Mercy Secondary School recorded all stones that were readable prior to 1880 and went on to include some after this date as well. The original of this is in the Cork Co Library, Castletown, Berehaven.

Some of the areas included in this project were: Kilcaskan, Clanlaurence, Parish of Adrigole; Church of Ireland Adrigole; Drumlave RC; Rosmacowen RC; Castletown Berehaven Graveyard, North Road; parish of Killaconenagh old graveyard two miles west of Castletowon Berehaven; Kilcatherine graves and townland of Gortgarriff which is now parish of Eyeries (as of their recording in 1975 anyway); Kilnamanagh Old Graveyard Allihhies, Bantry, now parish of Allihies; Ballaghboy; Dursey Island; Bere Island. It does not include Glengariff.

Main names include O'Sullivan, Harrington, Murphy.

Samples of some names;
Jeremiah Obrien
Patrick O'Sullivan
Henry Trenwirth
Edward Trenwirth
John Kelly
Florence O'Sullivan
Catherine O'Sullivan
Mrs. E. O'Sullivan
Mr. Sullivan
son James Sullivan
Mathew Crowley Natl teacher in mem of father Michel Crowly
Dan O'Brien and father Dan
Julia O'brien his mother
Mary Cochrane and Thomas
Rev. Michael Enright
Rev. James Hampsten (his grave was noted as B A.D. 1800. died 1861 and further noted that local legend has it that Father
Sheehan is buried at this site and not the Rev.Hampsten - sounds like a story in there to me)
Margaret Hanupston and Patrick
John McMillan
Edward Meehan
Mary Mulcahy wife of John in the Coast Guard
Micheal McCarthy
John Ryan stonecutter of Kilkenny
BVM (no names)
Mary O'Shea wife of Denis and sister of Rev Michl O'Reilly and Rev. John O'Reilly
Cora Susanna Wallis, father Lt. Henry Wallis 57th Regt
Wm Butler and dau Mary Ann
Robert Jeffers + Jane
Henry Lavallin Puzley
Margaret Savine Wright wife of Rev. Richard Wright
Rev. Geo Armstrong
Sarah Lambert wife of Robert Clogg
Nora their daughter
Stephen Huggard
John O'Sullivan, brother Tim O'Sullivan
John Crowley parents Timothy and Mary
Mary Sullivan and Johannah
Danl murphy, Hannah his wife, their son Dan, his wife Nora, their son Patrick, his wife Jane
Denis O'Leary
John, Timy Crowley and Mary his parents
John and wife Johannah and father Michael John
Denis Sullivan, Johanna, James
John O'Dwyer, son Wm
Denis O'Leary
Michael Harrington, wife Mary, dau Kathleen
Padraig O'Laoiae?
Dan Harrington, Peter, Nora, Mary, Julia
Patk Harrington
Patk Harrington and parents John and Marg
Danl Murphy, Julia,
Anne Shea

there are more names obviously. Format is that the data is typed up as on a mimeograph sheet and then the handwritten notes of the students is included at the end and they are easier to read than the typed notes. Very good penmanship, even for the young man who was really meant to be lefthanded you could tell but had been taught to write with his right ( I am quite familiar with that technique).

I know nothing more of Dr. Albert Casey beyond his sponsorship of the volumes I am using of birth, death, marriages, etc on the O'Kief etc. works, but I am eternally grateful to him for encouraging these children and all the others he promoted to record for our use the data they have.

I am not going to publish each inscription in any message because, unlike the public records information on most of the films I have used, this is a completed work done in 1975 with living creators and I won't touch a copyright issue.

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