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Co. Roscommon
Emigration Scheme/List

Updated 16 June 1999

Submitted by Ann Wright and posted here with her kind permission.

Originally published as "State-Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates
in Ireland c. 1850" in Analecta Hibernica, No.22 Dublin 1960
Excerpted and reprinted: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
Baltimore, 1977,1978,1983,1993
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 76-39654
International Standard Book Number 0-8063-0748-X
Made in the United States of America

State Aided Emigration Schemes From Ireland

From the crown estate of Ballykilcline

In the parish of Kilglass in the barony of Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon. It contained about 600 acres sub-divided into very minute holdings occupied by 'cottier labourers',and was almost completely over-tilled and worn out when the lease to the tenant, Lord Hartland fell in in April, 1843. A total of 366 persons from Ballykilcline had left Liverpool for N.Y., having sailed on seven different vessels.

Thus, with the exception of six families or twenty-two individuals who declined the offer to help them emigrate, and who were evicted from their holdings within a month of the departure of the last party, the entire tenantry of this estate had emigrated to America. On 17 May 1848 it was reported that the lands 'are perfectly untenanted'.

The estate was sold the following year to William George Downing Nesbitt for 5,500 pounds. The expenses for the emigration scheme amounted to 2,459 pounds 14s. 3d.

Itinerary: Dublin-Liverpool-New York 1847-1848
w=wife, s=son, d=daughter, sis-sister, m=mother,b=brother, bil=brother in law, sil=sister in law, fil= father in law, *=no relationship specified

ships 1=Creole,2=Roscius,3=progress,4=Channing,5=Metoka,6=Classon,7=Laconic See ship schedule at bottom of page

SHIP / Emigrants Surname and Given Names / Age / Relationship

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
1 Brennan or Brannon- William 70, Andrew 20s, Danie l24s, Gilbert 7s, Roger 28s, William 26, Jane 18d
2 Carlon or Carlin -John 30, Honor 40w, (Bridget 18, Ellen 9, Mary 7*)
1 Carrington - John 14 with family group of James Hanly
3 Caveney- Luke 46, Mary 40w, Edward 12s, Luke 10s, Patrick 17s, Thomas 15s, Anne 7d, Catherine 1d, Mary 10d
4 Cline- William 58 FIL of Pat Kelly
4 Colgan- Margaret 66, Honor 30d, Mary 28d
5 Colgan- Patrick 44, Anne 40w, Bernard 8s, Michae l4s, William 1s, Anne 12d, Betty 6d, Mary 15d
2 Colgan- Patrick 36, Mary 40w, Michael 19s, Patrick 8s, Anne 7d, Bridget 12d, Margaret 16d
3 Connor- James 45, Honor 44w, Martin 22s
6 Connor- John 37, Catherine 27w
2 Connor- Terence 50, Mary 35w, Thomas 20s, Mary 11d
1 Costello- Ellen 55, John 8s, Bridget 16d, Mary 18d
4 Costello- Thomas 46, Mary 45w, Martin 12s, Michael 14s, Pat 17s, Thomas 6s, Anne 16d
2 Croghan- Patrick 28, John 24b, Margaret 26sis
1 Deffely or Deffley-( Mary 60, George 26, James 20*)
1 Deffely or Deffley- Patrick 60, Mary 55w, Bridget 14d
2 Donlan or Donnellan- (Martin 32*)
1 Donlon- Patrick 28, Anne 27w
1 Donlan- Patrick 60, Edward 25s, John 36s, Patrick 27s, William 16s, Margaret 14d
1 Fallon- Garret 32, Eliza 26w, Bridget 20s
1 Fallon- Thomas 33, Anne 32w, Martin 5s, Ellen 8d, Mary 1d, Patrick 16b of Thomas, Bridget 25sis of Thomas
1 Fallion- Thomas 43, Mary 18w
4 Farrell- (Bridget 36*)
4 Farrell- Pat 55, Mary 50w, William 18s, Bridget 14d, Mary 16d Another son John stayed in Liverpool with Gr M
5 Finne or Finn- Patrick 35, Margaret 24w, Michae l22b of Thomas, Bridget 20sis of Thomas, Margaret 9sis of Thomas
4 Fox- Francis 35, Mary 33w, Francis 4s, Pat 7s, Thomas 26b of Francis, Catherine 16 sis of Francis
5 Gallagher- Michael 24, Margaret 20sis
5 Geenty or Ginty- Margaret 60, or Mary, Bernard 14s, Bridget 16s
4 Gill- Bernard 30, Catherine 25w, Andrew 3s, Pat 2s
5 Hanly or Hanley- James 64, Betty 54w, James 14s, John 18s, Martin 22s, Patrick 20s, Roger 12s, Mary 17s?
1 Hanly or Hanley- James 30, Susan 30w, John 7s, Peter 5s
1 Hanly or Hanley- Thomas 60, Mary 50w, Darby 18s, Edward 18s, Michael 13s, Patrick 24s, Honor 22d, Mary 20d
4 Hoare- Michael 35, Mary 30w, James 5s, John 7s, Thomas 2s, Bridget 8d, Mary 11d
4 Kelly- James 45, Mary 40w, Edward 18s, James 16s, John 2s, Anne 12d, Catherine 14d, Eliza10d, Ellen 7d, Mary 20d
3 Kelly- Pat 40, Eliza 36w, Thomas 12s, William 8s, Anne 10d, Bridget 1d, Maria 14d
5 McCormack or McCormick- Catherine 55, Patrick 22s, Peter 15s, Anne 9d, Ellen 30d
5 McCormick- Edward 40, Margaret 32w, Edward 4s, James1s, Thomas 8s, (Anne 14, Catherine 6, Mary 18*)
5 McCormick or McCormack- Mary 26, Anne 20sis, Bridget 24sis
1 McCoemick- Michael 19, Honor 17sis, Margaret 19sis, Sally 16sis
4 McCormick- Pat 32, Catherine 28w, Michael 4s, Pat 6s, Anne 8d, Mary 20 sis of Pat Hugh 50, Eliza 48w, Bernard 28s, Hugh 12s, James 26s, John 24s, Wm. 18s, Anne 25d, Bessy 20d, Ellen 13d, Rosanna 14d, Susan 22d
2 McDermott- Mary 44, John 13s, Thomas 15s, Bridget 11d, Ellen 20d, Mary 17d
5 McDermott- Michael 44, Ellen 40w, Michael 16s, Anne 8d, Betty 14d, Ellen 10d, Maria 12d
4 McDonell- Andrew 18, Anne 22sis, Ellen 16sis
4 McDonell- Michael 50, Michael 21s, Catherine 24d, Mary 18d
5 McDonell- Patrick 24(no family relationship specified)
4 McGann or McGanne- John 24, Atty 19, Luke 20b, Anne 26sis, Mary 15sis, John 1(no relationship specified)
4 McGann or McGanne- Mary 40, James 18s, John 5s, Thomas 8s, Anne 1d, Bridget 10d, Eliza 14d
4 McManus- Thomas 29, James 20b
4 McManus- Thomas 24, Andrew 21b, Pat 23b, Mary 18b?
4 Madden- Mary 46, Thomas 13s, Catherine 16d
5 Magan- John 34, Patrick 22b, Anne 28sis, Ellen 26sis, Catherine 24sis
1 Maguire- John 30, Mary 30w, Patrick 5s, Mary 3d
5 Moran- John 56, Winifred 44w, Francis 7s, John 5s, Catherine 10d
4 Mullera- Anne 25, Pat 29(no relationship specified
2 Mullera, Mullerea or Mulere- Catherine30
1 Mullera- James 50, Bridget 50w, Denis 12s, Anne 9d, Bridget 10d
5 Mullera or Mulera- James 2, Thomas 20b
4 Mullera- John 35, Sarah 30w, Francis 6s, James 4s, John 8s, Patrick1 2s, Thomas 10s, Pat 25b of John
4 Mullera- Thomas 36, Mary 30w, Thomas 6s, Anne 2d, Bridget 55(mother of Thomas)
4 Narry- Bartholomew or Bartley 45b of Pat Narry , Michael 26s, William 36b
2 Narry or Neary- Patrick 40, Mary 28w, Bridget 1d
1 Neary- Mart 35, James 3s, Anne 7d, John 16bil, Bridget 14sil, Catherine 24sil
5 O'Neal or O'Neill- Bernard 45, Betty 40w, Bernard 13s, John 16s, Anne 20d
2 Padian- Richard 32, Mary 30w, James 9s, William 12s, Bridget 10d, Maria 6d
1 Quinn- Catherine 30, Hugh 6s, James 8s, John 1s, Anne 3d, Catherine 17(no relationship specified)
2 Reynolds- James 28, Bridget 60m, John 24s of Bridget, Joseph 22s of Bridget, (Thomas 40, Bridget 14, Catherine 2*)
4 Reynolds- Michael 9(listed with family of Mary McGann, but no relationship specified)
5 Reynolds- Thomas 33, Mary 30w, Andrew 5s, James 8s, John 6s, Thomas 2s, Mary inf. d, Andrew 27 (b of Thomas, Bridget 60(m of Thomas)
4 Stewart- Bridget 35, James 17s, Michael 5s, Bridget 14d
7/4 Stewart- Francis 56, (Not accepted as passenger in Liverpool due to aged appearance and was sent from Dublin on the Laconic-7 instead). Anne 50w, John 30s(went on the Channing-4)
1 Stuart- George 40, Bridget 32w, Charles 6s, John4s, Mary 10d
2 Stuart- James 63, Ellen 60w, George 20s, Ellen 18d
1 Stuart- John 21, Bridget 17sis, Catherine 15sis
2 Stuart or Stewart- Patrick 18, Catherine 25sis
1 Stuart- William 47, Bridget 43w, Charles 14s, Michael 12s, William 8, Eliza 10d
5 Winters or Winter- Honor 60, Thomas 30s, Honor 18d, Margaret 24d, Catherine 1 (no relationship specified)
4 Wynne- Bridget 30(Her family had gone in the Metoka as she was in England at the time)
5 Wynne or Winn- John 52, Patrick 22s, Mary 13d
4 Wynne- Michael 60, Bell 55w, James 16s, Catherine 13d, Mary 18d

Ship 1 Creole Depart Liverpool Oct.18, 1847 and arrive N.Y. Nov. 22, 1847
Ship 2 Roscius Depart Liverpool Sept. 19, 1847 and arrive N.Y. Oct. 21,
1847(55 emigrants)
Ship 3 Progress Depart Liverpool April 25, 1848 and arrive ???
Ship 4 Channing Depart Liverpool Mar. 13, 1848 and arrive N.Y. Apr. 17, 1848
Ship 5 Metoka Depart Liverpool sept. 26, 1847 and arrive N.Y. Oct. 30, 1847
Ship 6 Classon Depart Liverpool Sept 30, 1847 and arrive N.Y. Nov. 19, 1847
Ship 7 Laconic Depart Dublin Mar. 16, 1848 and arrive N.Y. ??

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