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  • British Military Barracks Submitted by Michael Cronin. Posted to the cork mailing list. Updated 13 Nov 2001 with Cork City and Cork Harbour Barracks.
  • Cork Battalion 1916 A list of names in the Cork City Battalion in 1916. This page will also lead you to images of Cork Volunteers. You will also find an image of a scroll presented to surviving members circa 1948. Posted to the cork mailing list.
  • Collins Barracks, Dublin - National Museum - Irish Architecture Online.
  • Collins Barracks, Cork Mercier Bookshop lists the book: "The Barracks: A History of Victoria/Collins Barracks" by Dan Harvey & Gerry White. ISBN 1 85635 194 7 Hardback 25.00. Mercier Bookshop 18 Academy Street/5 French Church Street Cork. Tel: (021) 275040 Fax: (021) 270297 **Link incorrect**
  • Cork City Volunteers - various photos & documents, including the Cork Volunteer Pipe Band and examples of Volunteers in uniform. Brian Wickham's web site.
  • Cork Volunteers and the Nationalist movement in general. I've included many documents relating to the Rising, Frongoch and the Tan War. Brian Wickham.
  • Cork Royal Garrison Artillery (Militia), The . Submitted by Michael Cronin. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • Fermoy Barracks. Link submitted by Denis Grant
  • Garda Siochana in Ireland Link submitted by Denis Grant
  • Garda Siochana Historical Society. Link submitted by Denis Grant
  • Hotel Royal des Invalides (1692-1769). The registers of the Hotel Royal des Invalides in Paris show 111,394 soldiers admitted between 1692-1769. Of these, some 2,000 were Irish and of these 298 were from Cork. Submitted by Colin Ferguson to Rootsweb Cork and Cork City mailing lists.
  • How to trace a Regiment- Fermoy. Submitted by Kieran.
  • The Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland. The Military History Society of Ireland, c/o University College Dublin, Newman House, 86, St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. Address posted by Colin Ferguson to Rootsweb Cork-City mailing list.
  • Irish Cavalry Regiments. Submitted by Michael Cronin. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • King James's Irish Army List, 1689 from Irishroots. Submitted by Shauna to Genexchange Co. Cork Mailing list.
  • Mailing List for Military History/Genealogy of Ireland.
    Provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of pre-1922 Irish military history and military genealogy. This includes all forces in Ireland during the British period whether of the regular British Army, the Militia, Yeomanry, Auxiliary or the Irish Volunteer Army, the Citizen Army and similar. The emphasis is on Military Genealogy and the post Treaty period will not be included. Topics can include the history of any of the above, their uniforms, badges, equipment, medals etc. as well as the actions they participated in. Some of the discussion will require an enormous amount of discipline. Since we will be discussing legitimate Military History, the words 'murder(ers)' and 'terrorist(s)' are not allowed. It is hoped to encourage the study of this area and especially the documentation of those who served in these forces.
    Submitted by Denis Grant.
  • Medal Roll of The Service (1917-1921) Medal (An Bonn Seirbhise(1917-1921)
    I am in the process of writing for publication a Medal Roll for this award (also known - ambiguously- as 'The Black & Tan Medal' because of its relation to the fight against that force and also its Black and Tan coloured ribbon. It is intended that this work cover both classes of the medal, i.e., with and without the COMRAC (combat) bar and I hope to append a short bio to each recipient entry. My intention is also to include as much as possible a listing of the brigades, battallions and companys.

    This is a huge task given the paucity of information and I am appealling for any help I can get. This could come in the form of knowledge of existing medals and a note of their recipients, references to published works that contain details of the award and/or the brigades, newspaper cuttings, pictures of memorials etc. Please direct these to me at Denis Grant

    I have chosen to write this work, not only because of my interest in this medal as a collector, but also because I believe it to be long overdue that this award be raised to its deserved stature. Such a work will also be of interest to Irish Genealogical circles.
    Donncha De Grant
    Denis Grant

    Check out Denis Grant's web site - which has a Military flavour, and the results of his Service Medal (1917-1921) researches.
  • PRO, Kew, London - British Army Records at
    A rich source of information often unknown to even seasoned researchers is the military record. It is often forgotten that during the 19th Century as much as 40% of the British Army consisted of Irishmen. If you have an ancestor who was in the military there is a good chance you can learn much about him from the PRO at Kew near London. Unfortunately records are not online but researcher fees are extremely reasonable. There is a comprehensive series of guides online. A complete index to these can be found under B(ritish Army....) at
    'Military Barracks In Ireland' 'This table has been compiled taking the list from the index of 'The Forlorn Hope.' by Kitzmiller and supplementing the entries with other sources. These sources are noted at the end. Additionally, where supplementary material was located on the World Wide Web links have been added in the column labeled Location. These links in many cases show pictures of the barracks and supply useful historical background.' Denis Grant web site.
  • Military Department, General Directory Of Cork For 1867, Henry & Coghlan's.. Jean and Finbarr's web page. **Link incorrect**
  • Militia Regiments Of County Cork Submitted by Michael Cronin. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • Light Infantry. 32nd Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. Link submitted by Michael Cronin to the Co. Cork mailing list. **Link incorrect**
  • Munster Volunteer Registry - Cork - 1782. Following links suggested by Colman Ahern:
  • Munster Volunteer Registry - Cork - 1782. A list of names and ranks of Cork Field Officers and Officers for 1782 giving year unit was formed. Submitted by Jane Lyons to Genexchange.
  • North Cork Rifles.Record of the North Cork Rifles from 1881. Submitted by Kieran Healy. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.
  • Protestant Militia and Volunteers 1778 Posted by Moira Forde to the cork mailing list.
  • "The Royal Irish Constabulary; A Short History and Genealogical Guide". Author: Herlihy, Jim. Publisher: Four Courts Press, Dublin, 1997
  • Royal Irish Constabulary and The Dublin Metropolitan Police. Jim Herlihy's site.
  • RIC records from PRO 1847-1849. Submitted by Patty Pickett to the Genexchange Cork mailing list.
  • RIC Cork Appointees 1816-1840 Vol. 1. Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi. ** Not posted to any mailing lists.
  • RIC Cork Appointees 1816-1840 Vol. 2. Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi. ** Not posted to any mailing lists.
  • RIC Cork Appointees 1816-1840 Vol. 2. Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi. ** Not posted to any mailing lists.
  • RIC Ranks. Submitted by Peter McGoldrick.
  • Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Records. How they can help you in your Irish Research. Maura Petzolt web site.
  • Soldier's Diary covers the 1916 uprising in Dublin and training at Fermoy before going on to France.
  • Royal Munster Fusiliers, The Submitted by Kieran Healy. Posted to the cork mailing list.
  • Royal Munster Fusiliers.
    Extracted from the Regimental Records of the 3rd Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers, formerly South Cork Light Militia.
    General court-martial, 2nd August 1813
    Sgt James Cochrane was charged with:
    Unsoldier like conduct, in having in the month of January last written and sent to the general officer commanding at Colchester, a letter dated 17 January 1813 containing groundless and vexatious and injurious charges and complaints against Major Philip Le Geyt of the 2nd Battalion of the 63rd Regiment, as his commanding officer, such conduct being subversive of good order and military discipline and a breach of the Articles of War.
    Sgt Cochrane was demoted to the rank of private soldier and sentenced to 500 lashes with the Cat-O-Nine Tails.
    At least they treated his complaint seriously!
    Submitted by Michael Cronin
  • Some Army deaths 1918-1923 The Anglo-Irish War 1916-1923 submitted to cork mailing list
  • South Cork Light Infantry Militia. Submitted by Michael Cronin. Posted to the Genexchange cork mailing list.

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