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    L O C A L I R E L A N D on the web:
    Local Ancestors [newsletter] is produced every two weeks and brings you all the news from the world of Irish genealogy. The latest news and events combine with a variety of feature articles on all things from research in Ireland to the origins of the Murphys, Clan news, Clan gatherings, views, previews and reviews from around the world.

    Editor: Francis Dowling email:

    A local heart with a global beat Local Ireland is a broad Internet infrastructure for Irish content and communities. It is run in partnership with local counties, organisations and individuals. Local Ireland is an eircom Information age Initiative.

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    Submitted by Anita in Genexchange County Cork Newsletter

    Military History/Genealogy of Ireland.
    Provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of pre-1922 Irish military history and military genealogy. This includes all forces in Ireland during the British period whether of the regular British Army, the Militia, Yeomanry, Auxiliary or the Irish Volunteer Army, the Citizen Army and similar. The emphasis is on Military Genealogy and the post Treaty period will not be included. Topics can include the history of any of the above, their uniforms, badges, equipment, medals etc. as well as the actions they participated in. Some of the discussion will require an enormous amount of discipline. Since we will be discussing legitimate Military History, the words 'murder(ers)' and 'terrorist(s)' are not allowed. It is hoped to encourage the study of this area and especially the documentation of those who served in these forces.
    web site to subscribe:Military History/Genealogy of Ireland

    Irish Placename Studies New Internet Discussion Group & Website
    - to handle queries about untraceable townlands or parishes etc., discuss modern and medieval placename issues, bring amateur enthusiasts and experts together, raise awareness of issues like the near total lack of recording and study of Irish field names etc., and above all to drag together all those disparate groups producing digital parish & townland maps and placename database materials like the awe-inspiring IREAtlas to begin a coordinated effort to digitally map out Ireland's placenames, making huge volumes of accurate data available free. Shortly be a website tied to the discussion group, and acting as a home/ gateway to whatever datasets or articles we produce or can find elsewhere on the 'net.
    email a blank message to this address -
    Submitted by PeteScherm to the Shamrock mailing list.

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  • RootsWeb List Finder Trying to find a surname list? Don't know which of 8,000 possible variant spellings it might be listed under? This tool finds sound-alike matches for a given surname from among RootsWeb's thousands of surname lists.
  • Six Steps to writing a successful genealogy query "How-to Do 73% of Your Genealogy Research From Your Home in Your Pajamas -- Using Your Computer, the Internet, and Your Kitchen Table."

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    Rootsweb link on how to turn off HTML settings when posting to newsgroups. HTML is the default setting for MS OutLook and is a "Bad Thing", as it trebles the size of a typical email.

    The other disavantage is that in some mailing lists in the digest form is that it can make the mail difficult to read. For example,

    explanations--good photographs)

    Irish Family Histories - Ida Grehan - =C2=A318.99

    Robert E. Matheson=E2=80=99s 1894 =E2=80=98Special Report on Surnames in Ire=
    land=E2=80=99 records=20
    the name Barry from all provinces numbering 217, with 173 of those in=20
    Munster, primarily located in Cork, Limerick & Waterford--but Cork alone=20
    containing about half of the entries =E2=80=98in all Ireland.=E2=80=99

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