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Wolfert Geretse emigrated with his family in 1630 from Amersfoort in the providence of Utrecht in the Netherlands; was employed at first, as early as 1630, as superintendent of farms by the Patroon at Rensellaerswick, afterwards cultivated a farm on Manhattan Island, and in June 1637, with Andrus Hudde, purchase of the Indians the westernmost of the flats in Flatlands and Flatbush, called Kaskuteur or Kaskateuw, patented to them by Directgor Van Twiller June 16, 1637. August 2, 1639, Hudde conveyed to him his interest in a house, barn, barrack, and garden on Long Island called "Achtervelt." September 16, 1641, Hudde conveyed to him 68 morgens of plain land and 55-1/2 morgans of woodland in the same locality (Flatlands). Was a magistrate in Flatlands in 1644.Wolfert may possibly have removed to New Amsterdam prior to his death; his name appears in 1657 on the list of small burghers on that place. (Made his mark to documents.)