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This is the contents of the little notebook in which (supposedly) Uncle Lee Photo wrote down some family information. I haven't quoted it verbatim and have corrected spelling and punctuation, but the important data is here.

Mother ("Palm", Emily Jane Crownover) joined church at 12 years. Baptized by P.B. Chandler at Plum Grove, TX, in Colorado River, into Plum Grove Baptist Church. In same church until 1881. Rev. P.B. Chandler was missionary sent to TX by (Baptist) Home (Mission) Board of Georgia. Father (Marion Ruter Crownover) joined Baptist Church at Black Jack Church, year 1860, four miles out of Black Jack, Rev. Parr Pastor.

74 years ago Plum Grove Church had association Meeting (1860.) Clark Moore (Palm's father), and Pick Darby delegates to the association. (In the Old Plum Grove Cemetary Index there is a W.P. Darby (b. Aug 12, 1821, d. June 6, 1895) who was one of the five trustees of the Plum Grove Baptist Church. I feel sure this is he.)

John Crownover died in LaGrange, Tex. Nancy Crownover died at LaGrange, Tx.(He's referring to John Chesney and Nancy Castlleman Crownover, Lee's (and Maudie Mae's) Grandparents)

After the death of Grandfather Crownover (John) and Nancy, Chet (Chesney) and Arter went out as cowboys for themselve, Lonie (Leoney) went with John Rabb, Fana (Rufana) and Marion went with Arter Crownover Senior  Picture, Grandfather's brother. John went with Ben Philips (Aunt Licy)Lissey(Melissa) Picture

Listed below are John and Nancy's children and some of their grandchildren as Lee listed them (with my reconciliation, etc.)

Chesney Crownover (b. Aug. 25, 1827, d. Jul 8, 1889, m. Isaphena Stewart, bet. 1845-1878) died in Llano Co., Tx. He had Edna (Edan, b. abt. 1868, d. bet. 1869-1958),, John (b. ab.t 1875, d. bet. 1875-1964), Alma, Buster (I couldn't find any record for either of these people. The records I did find listed, in addition to John and Edan, an unnamed male, and Maud, as Chesney and Isophena Crownover's children).

Arter Crownover ("Little Arter"b. 1832, d. abt. 1876, m. Melissa Tribble 1852) died in Burnette Co., Tx. His children: Mat Wells, Martha, b. 1853, d. bet 1867-1947, m. W.D. Wells bet. 1867-1900) Kate, (b. bet. 1853-1876, d. bet. 1848-1960) Emma Cook, (Emma J., b. 1856, d. Bet. 1870-1950, m. Louis H. Cook, Bet. 1870-1903) and Clent Crownover, Dewitt Clinton, b. bet. 1843-1876, 1878-1957, m. ??Thompson, bet. 1873-1915)

Lonie,(Leona, b. Jan 25, 1836, d. May 8, 1906, m. John D. May, Oct. 1, 1854. John D. May's children: Mantat(I couldn't reconcile this name with any record of children born to Leona & John May. In another place in his notebook, Lee spells the name Mantta), Annie,Annie Leona, (b. May 8, 1871, Bell Co., TX, d. bet. 1885-1965, m. bet. 1885-1918 W. T. Newman) Laura,(b. Oct. 17, 1867 in Bell Co., TX, d. Dec. 4, 1958 in Moody, McLennan Co., TX, m. Henry Carroll Nelson, Jan. 5, 1888 in Moody, TX) Emma,(b. Mar 12, 1864, Bell Co., TX, d. bet. 1891-1958, m. W. R. Newman 1885) Lee,(Robert Lee May, b. Aapr 10, 1874 in Moody, TX, d. Oct. 16, 1959 in Loraine, Mitchell Co., TX, m. `st Dec. 24, 1894 in Roscoe, Nolan Co., TX Hattie Elizabeth Turner, m. 2nd July 12, 1908 Alice Alma Baker) Tom,(Steven Thomas May, b. Oct. 5, 1866, Bell Co., TX, d. Jul 13, 1955, Gorman, Eastland Co., TX, m. Ida Ophelia Turner, Nov. 14, 1888) Willie,(William Riley May, B. Aug. 21, 1856 in Bell Co., TX., d. Apr. 8, 1884, m. C.E. Lelia Carson, 1876) John,(John Wesley May, b. Jan 30, 1859, Bell Co., TX, d. Jun 26, 1946, m. Cordlia Wright, 1885.) There were records for two other children born to Leony & John May, Mary Francis and Minnie Belle but I don't know if either of these is the Mantta Lee names in his notebook

Marion (Lee's father, Marion Ruter Crownover)Edd, Will, Jim, George, Frank, Maudie, Lee, Clark, and Ben.(You can see the information on these people here.

Fana,(Rufina/Rufania, b. Dec. 22, 1840, d. May 22, 1878, m. John H. Smith abt. 1862) Picture her children: Leathie Quiral, (Leatha, b. abt 1863, d. bet. 1881-1957, m. Newt Quirl, bet. 1877-1910), Mrs. Atta Green,(Attie, b. bet. 1856-1876, d. bet. 1879-1962, m. bet. 1873-1914 Reason "Reese" Stephen Green) Guy deceased at age of 20 years(Guy D., b. abt. 1876, d. bet. 1876-1965).

John Crownover died in Galveston during sivil war.("little John" Bunyon, b. Apr 1, 1844, d. Feb. 24, 1863 in Galveston, TX)

John and Nancy (Grandma) died at LaGrange, Tx

The death of their children:

Chesney died in Llano Co. Tx, Arter died in Burnett Co, Tx, Lonie (Mrs. Johon D. May) died in Belle Co., TX, Marion died in Callahan Co., Tx, Fana (Mrs. John Smith) in Llano Co., Tx, John Jr. Crownover died in Calveston during the Civil war.

The grandchildren of Marion Crownover:

By Edd: there were none. He died at the age of 8 years.

By Will (William Riley (see his information here): Myrtle, Marion,(Marion Riley), Hilman,(George Hillman) James,(James Cutbirth) Allen, (Allen Norris), J.C. (I'm not sure who Lee meant with this name. The only "J.C." I could find was James Cutbirth above), "W.R." (William Riley Duty Crownover), Russell (Russell Strange Crownover)

By Jim: Marion, Robert, Alma, Sella, Albert, George, Lyda May, E. J.(No confirmation)

By George: Ira,(Ira Clark) Frank, (Frank J.) Dink,(I have no idea who this is. I could only find records for seven children for George L. Crownover) Willie,(William R.) Earnest,(Ernest M.) Pauline, Norris,(Norris L.) Sudie Ruth (Suda Ruth)

By Frank: Oran, Clark, Beulah Lee, Orval, Troy No confirmation

By Maudie Russell: Callie, Aubra, Frank, Glynn, Lera, Jewell, Ruby, Sam, Clyde, Roween (See Maudie Mae and George Washington Russell page)

By Lee: none

By Clark: Doriece

By Ben: none died at the age of one year