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George Washington Russell

My mother (Roween) always said that Grandpa was an orphan raised by "Mother" Lockhart. She wasn't sure what the relationship was but that Mother Lockhart had two daughters: Savilla and Key and that they lived in Little Rock.

I came across some notes I made at another time when Mother was telling me more about Grandpa Russell. This is the content of those notes: Savilla worked for a wholesale grocer.

Note1: Among some of Mother's thngs I found a typewritten letter on a letterhead for Plunkett-Jerrell Grocer Co., Wholesale Grocers and Coffee Roasters, Little Rock, Arkansas, and dated April 28, 1930, Little Rock, Ark)

Key married Roy Polk. Key had two sons, one named Billy (she couldn't remember the other one's name). They all lived in Little Rock, AR. Note2: In the letter mentioned above Savilla says "The Polk family are all doing fine" and mentioned "Billy" (and his bird dog) and "Raymond", which from the wording you can tell they are both young men. In fact, she says "Raymond" is 17 and weighs 165. She also mentions "Roween" and signs the letter Mother & Sis.)

Grandpa's sister and brother-in-law were ________and Tom Holliman. They had two daughters: Ruth and ________. Both their last names were Warren and they both lived in Shreveport, LA

Jim Russell Warren was (I believe she meant) Ruth's son. He was a teenager in about 1932. During WWII he sas stationed in El Paso and came to see Grandma and Grandpa Russell . He later died when a jeep turned over on him.

Grandpa had a brother named Joseph (Joe) who came to Munday in about 1920. He had cancer of the face. Died. (I don't know if she meant that he had died in Munday at that time or if she just said he had died (at some point in time.) That's what happens when you're making notes while you're talking with some one. You think you'll remember exactly what they said or meant, but, alas, you don't always!

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