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Gerret Wolfertse Kouwenhoven emigrated with his father in 1631 and resided in Flatlands. Bought July 26, 1638, of Adrus Hudde 50 morgens of land at "Achtervelt" in Flatlands. He was one of the 8 men representing the people who, November 3, 1643, memorialized the States-General for relief in consequence of their forlorn and defenceless condition as per p. 139 of Vol. 1, of Documents Of Colonial History Of New York. March 11, 1647, a patent was issued in his name (dated after his death) for 19 morgens of land in Brooklyn on the valley of Gowanus Kil, between the lands of Jacob Stoffelsen and those of Federick Lubbertsen. (Made his mark to documents)