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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

List of Probate Records
for Gilcher/Gilger, etc.
in Onondaga Co. Courthouse,

The following list was culled from LDS microfilm no. 0873186, "NY, Surrogate's Court, Onondaga County, General Index to Probate Records E-K, 1802-1923" by Michelle Stone on 26 March 1998.

[Info in brackets are my annotations as of May 2001; much of the German info comes from F.F. Hüttenberger. Note that in general Syracuse research, these surnames are spelled interchangeably as GILCHER, GILGER, GILCHAR, etc.]

To obtain copies of these probate documents send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents per page for photocopying to:

Surrogate Court
Onondaga Co. Courthouse
Room 209
Syracuse, NY 13202
Telephone: 315-435-2101

page 293:

JACOB GILCHER [died 6 May 1893 in Syracuse]
letters issued 1893
will recorded Book 36, p. 53
Letters Testamentary: Bk S, p. 161
Decrees Granting Probate or Administration: Bk I, p. 265
Order to Publish for Claims: Bk G, p. 46
Miscellaneous orders and decrees: Bk 8, p. 421
[He was a laborer, b. 13 Dec. 1823 in Horschbach, Pfalz to parents Johann Jacob GILCHER and M. Catharina DIEHL; married to Elizabeth THEOBALD in Horschbach 17 March 1864; they lived at 104 Ash Street in Syracuse; buried 8 June 1893 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Lot 58, Section 21, Syracuse.]
See full burial information.

page 294:

letters issued 1875
Letters of Administration: Bk I, p. 233
Order to Publish for Claims: Bk A, p. 299
Order Appointing Appraisers: Bk F, p. 113
Miscellaneous orders & decrees: Bk I, p. 77

DANIEL GILCHER [died 6 October 1893]
Letters issued 1893
Letters of Administration: Bk V, p. 226
Decree granting probate or administration: Bk C, p. 567
Bond recorded: Bk D, p. 210
[He was the twin brother of Jacob GILCHER, above; worked as a blacksmith; also lived at 104 Ash St., Syracuse; buried 7 Oct. 1893 Woodlawn Cemetary, Lot 66, Section 32.]
See full burial information.

page 295:

JANE GILCHER [died 30 November 1902]
Letters issued 1903
Will recorded: Bk 47, p. 133
Letters Testamentary: Bk AA, p. 158
Decrees granting probate or administration: Bk N, p. 174
[Born in Ireland c.1830, died 30 Nov. 1902 per Syr. City Directory 1902; bur. 2 Dec. 1902 Woodlawn Cemetery Lot 18 Section 22, Syracuse; widow of John GILCHER/GILGER/GILCHAR, (a carpenter buried 17 June 1891 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Grave 15, Block 12, Section 36 Next of kin: "Jacob & Katherine Gilcher"); they lived at 506 Pond St., Syracuse.]
See full burial information.

Letters issued 1895
Letters of Administration: Bk X, p. 208
Decrees granting probate or administration: Bk D, p. 286
Bond recorded: Bk F, p. 248
[I believe this to be Jacob F. GILGER, a barber who worked at the Onondaga Co. Savings Bank Building 1881-88 and/or 109 E. Water Street 1888-95, who lived at 1121 E. Genesee St. and was married to Mary T. GILGER.]

Letters issued: 1905, 1906
Will recorded: Bk 51, p. 172
Letters Testamentary: Bk AB, p. 109; Bk AC, p. 73
Letters of Trusteeship: Bk A, p. 88
Decrees granting probate or administration: Bk O, p. 9
Bond recorded: Bk X, p. 45; Bk AA, p. 64
Inventory filed: July 15, 1905
Order to publish for claims: Bk J, p. 334
Order Appointing Appraisers: Bk L, p. 259
Miscellaneous orders & decrees, including judicial settlement:
Book 21, p. 536, 537, 568
Book 40, p. 604
Book 78, p. 533
Book 132, p. 211
[I believe this to be the widow of JACOB GILGER above.]

JACOB GILCHER [died 11 April 1906]
Letters issued 1906
Will recorded: Bk 48, p. 319
Letters Testamentary: Bk AC, p. 360
Decree granting probate or administration: Bk O, p. 136
Order to publish for claims: Bk J, p. 536
Miscellaneous orders & decrees: Bk 33, p. 33
[The oldest of seven children, he was born 28 August 1843 in Hachenbach, Pfalz, to parents Jacob GILCHER, JR. and Philippina HOFFMAN. His three younger brothers, Peter, Julius, and Adolf, also emigrated to Syracuse. He married Katharine LOOS. Buried 13 April 1906 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lot 3, Section 3.]
See his biography and photos in Geschichte der Deutschen in Syracuse und Onondaga County.
See full burial information.

ELIZABETH GILCHER [died 22 January 1917]
Letters issued 1917
Will recorded Bk 66, p. 513
Letters Testamentary: Bk AI, p. 41
Decree granting probate or administration: Bk V, p. 490
Order to publish for claims: Bk N, p. 211
Miscellaneous orders & decrees: Bk 62, p. 129
[Born 28 June 1841 Elizabeth THEOBALD in Horschbach, Pfalz; widow of Jacob GILCHER above; buried 24 January 1917 Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse, Lot 58, Section 1.]
See full burial information.


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