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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Birth registration of Catharina Gilcher

Birth registration for Catharina Gilcher, 
The civil birth registration of Catharina Gilcher,
born on 30 May 1856 in Rathsweiler in the Pfalz.
She was the fifth of seven children born
to Abraham and Luisa (Häsel) Gilcher.

Birth and baptism registration 
for Catharina Gilcher, 
The birth and Evangelische baptism registration
of Catharina Gilcher, who was baptized
at the Flurskapelle of Ulmet on 15 June 1856.
Her godparents were Philipp Hertel from Rathsweiler,
Jakob Schuck from Rathsweiler, Maria Elisabetha daughter
of Peter Gilcher from Rathsweiler (her father's sister),
and Juliana daughter of Jakob Schreiner from Ulmet.

The vital records for this family can be found
in the churchbooks of Ulmet, Kreis Kusel.

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