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Cousin helping cousin
Rebuilding the broken bonds for future generations

W E L C O M E !

From the: * Buie * Condy * Gilbert * Graffam * Hamilton * Howard * Howland * Huggard * Huston * MacDougall * Martin * Rhodes * Russell * Shepphard * Spier * Stegall * Skinner * Trott * Families

Eventually, this page will hold all the family genealogy for the above surnames, and many more related through those family lines. Please check back often to see the new listings, photographs, and histories.

The MacDougall, Huggard, Howard, Gilbert, and Spiers family lines run through eastern Canada and into the USA. The other family lines run into the USA and a few into Canada, with histories dating back to Scotland in 900 A.D.

Our ancestors's primary locations are as follows:
Scotland:Isle of Jura, and Hamilton
USA: MA, ME, VT, NC, CA, AZ, MS, AL, and LA
Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario
England: Hammersmith
With cousins around the world . . .


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BUIE: Angus > David > Melton James > Archie Duncan > Alzy Mae Buie Stegall > John Edgar Stegall > Me

HAMILTON: David > Abel > Benjamin > John > John > Hannah Hamilton Russell > Martha Lee Russell Stegall > Me

HUGGARD: Thomas > Bertie > Aubrey Bert > Kimberley John

RUSSELL:Joseph > Thomas > John > Jeremiah > Rowland Taylor > John Newton > Charles Harry > Martha Lee > Me

SHEPPHARDS: James Martin Sr > James Martin Jr > Estelle Elizabeth Shepphard Buie > Alzy Mae Buie Stegall > John Edward Stegall > Me

STEGALL: Richard > Bird > John Estelle> John Edgar > Me

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere, out there are cousins I've not found,
Living, loving, laughing while I'm not around;
They're making memories, and living out their dreams,
While I search the internet to rebuild the broken streams.

Somewhere, out there are cousins never seen,
They traveled far away, not knowing where I've been.
I'm waiting to embrace them, sharing treasures dear,
The history of our families, the truth comes ever near.

Somewhere, out there are cousins I never knew,
The bonds long ago broken, when the wild winds blew.
And as the world changes, we're strangers in a mall,
I'm trying to build a mountain from pieces of us all.

Somewhere, out there, I'm reaching out to you,
Hoping you will know someone, who knows someone too,
Then that someone they know, will find our family site,
Returning cousins to our family, making things alright.

We'll laugh and share our memories, as time moves ever on,
We'll pass around the photos, and speak of broken bonds.
Our children taught as messengers, will never be deprived,
Will carry forth the family history, keeping the bonds alive.

The tune you are listening to is a rendition of
"Somewhere Out There"

Please send this site URL to everyone you know,
and help us rebuild the broken the bonds. This
site was made possible because the internet
brought a cousin long ago lost, into my life.
A tribute to her is on our Stegall family page.
Thank you Jeanette!

This site was last updated Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004

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