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Ramsay Springs Community, Stone County MS

Submitted by Sandra Walker as given to her

by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Noah Walker June 18, 1982

It should be noted some tombstones list Ramsay and some Ramsey.

Albert Ramsey, b. 5/22/1922 d. 3/22/1982G.W. Ramsey b. 12/4/1934, d.


Clyde R. Ramsey, b. 7/31/1924, d. 11/26/1945In memory of Mother,

Mrs. Willie A. Ramsay, b. 4/12/1868, d. 12/15/1947

In Memory of George W. Ramsay, Sr., b. 3/27/1854, d.

7/20/1941Catherine Fairley, b. 5/4/1876, d. 10/14/1945

Mack R. Ramsey, b. 1860, d. 6/3/1939Amanda J. Ramsey, b. 1879, d.


Footstone with initials E.M.R.Jane Ramsay, 1/7/1862, 9/13/1955

Annie Ramsey, 12/31/1910, age 84Green B. Ramsay, b. 2/7/1846, d.


H.C. Ramsay, b. 3/4/1894, d. 4/11/1927A number of graves with the

last name of "GRACE"

Florence L. Ramsey, 8/19/1884, d. 6/11/1966Ida B. Ramsey, 4/8/1896,

d. 9/5/1960

In memory of Harriet Wife of George Ramsay, b. 1866, d. 3/13/1900Dr.

J.E. Ramsay, 1872 - 1936

Charley W. Ramsay, son of Green and Edith Ramsay, b. 8/19/1876, d.

7/3/1902In memory of John Batease Ramsay, b. 1/12/1822, d. 7/10/1903

Nepsey A. Read, wife of Daniel J. Read, 2/19/1844 Note per Sandra

Walker: Nepsey Ramsay was a sister to James Polk Ramsay. She was the

first wife of Daniel Read. His sister, Mary Margaret, married James

Polk Ramsay. Daniel is buried at Coalville Cemetery next to his

second wife, Hattie Cunningham.William J. Ramsay, 12/15/1811,

4/7/1890 (Father of James Polk and Nepsey Ann Ramsay)

Sabra Ramsay, b. 8/14/1833, d. 8/23/1905Mary, wife of W.J. Ramsay,

b. 5/25/1815 d. 10/24/1862 *Mary Fairley was the daughter of Judge

Fairley of Ramsay Springs Community. The headstone on her grave also

lists the names and dates for their three children who preceded them

in death. Each child's grave is marked only with their initials.

Also their Children: William R. Ramsay b. 11/4/1838 d. 4/24/1860;

Issa E. b. 12/11/1847 d. 10/12/1862; Lewis C. b. 3/5/1850 d.


Marker with W.R.R.Marker with I.E.R.

Marker with L.C.R.Buried in close proximity are are the following,

whose graves are marked with a cement curbing around it: Molly Bass

O'Neal b. 10/20/1883, d. 9/8/1961; Irene O'Neal b. 4/16/1888 d.

5/1/1945; John B. ramsey b. 1/27/1887 d. 5/30/1906; Sarah Rose

Ramsey b. 1855 d. 1933; John Ramsey, Jr. b. 1895 d. 1937

A number of graves with the family name "Johnson"