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by Fredrick H Dyer

Published by Torch Press of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Republished in 1994 by Broadfoot Publishing Company, Morningside Press

This book may be referred to at any given moment as "Dyer", "The Compendium",or "Dyer's Compendium" by historians and aficionados of the war.

The 1994 book consists of 2 volumes and along with the Official Records(OR) is indispensable for researching the history of the war between the states and a great aid in determining the engagements the regiment of your ancestor was involved at any point during the war. Fredrick "Dyer left his family and went into seclusion for 5 years in a room filled with books and papers and labored every day, before breakfast and after midnight, including weekends, stopping only to eat, sleep or exercise to complete the task.*" The result shows this dedication.
*paraphase of information given by Lee A Wallace in his introduction to the Broadfoot edition.

The 1st volume contains:
Vital statistics for each state who furnished troops to the Union Army.
The structure of all the Union Armies and all of the changes thereto.
An alphabetical list of all regimental commanders.
A state by state listing of every battle fought in that state and which troops fought in that engagement.
An alphabetical listing of every battle, engagement, action, combat, siege, skirmish, affair, reconnoissance, scout and any other hostility from April 12, 1861 to May 26, 1866

The 2nd book contains:
The organization of every Union regiment which fought and the service record listing all the events in which the regiment took place during its existance.