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JULY 1862 - DECEMBER 1862

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July 1st Light rain. (4th) Sold Envlps 10c. Had a shirt washed the first time. Paid 10 ct for it. Wrote 2 Letters S. P. Martin
4th Examined for Hospital
5th got on cars at Tupelo left 8 o'clk for Columbus ____ all night got to Columbus 1/2 hour by sun of 6th. got dinner then went to Convalescent. sent camp and naims Register. Left Billy Hunter at Depot in care of Dr. (19th) Light rain. Stood gard round conv. camp. (11th) on detail.
13th Sunday Went up in town to see Billy Hunter. Found him very low. Evening went in bathing in nice place.
16th Left camp Blewitt for Regt. Fine rain while on train. At Tupelo camp dark. James M. Waldrip had letters from home.
20th On guard
21st Wrote letters for Bob and myself
24th Herd from wife, from Bettie.
July 24 Lt Rayborn and others back to co.
31st Herd from home by W. H. Thomason.
August 1st Wrote 2 letters on guard
2nd Left Tupelo, at Mobile Sunday Eve. 3 o'clk. Left on Boat Dixie for Montgomery Arivid at Montgomery Wednesday Eve. Left on cars next morn.
7th 2 o'clk on cars for Atlanta, Ga. arrived by 12 o'clk, Left Atlanta for Chattanooga
9th At Chattanooga 12 o'clk
11th Went out in country got good dinner paid 50 cts. Bought Peaches and apples, sold some cleared 90c. This was at Camp Look Out.
12th Rec Letter from Wife and Bill
19th Left Camp Look Out in evening, Marched to Chatanooga. Staid all night. Jacob, Thos. W. Hargis, Wm Aiken and others came to Co. Rec'd letters from home with cheering news of a fine son and health of family.
F. M. Jones T. R. Hunter J. Patrick W. W. ___
August 20th Left Chattanoogs. Marched 6 miles to Camp Mocisen. Staid there till the 28th. Herd H. Ellis death.
28th Left at dusk marched all night and next day till 12 o'clk. Waded a creek.
31st Sunday Marched six mi to Dunlap. Camped till Sept 3rd. Went out in country, got some fruit, found clever people.
Sept 3rd Left early in morning. I and Jacob detailed with Ordnance waggons. Had a dry and hilly road over mountains. Nothing of importance happened. Marched on till Saturday eve, passed through Spencer and Sparta.
Sept 6th Through Vanburen and Smith Countys. Saw a gallows for hangin a man, a Soldier for committing rape on respectable woman but I learned he was pardoned.
Sept 7th Went in bathing in Cany Fork of Cumberland River. Saw Levi Smart well.
3rd Left after one days rest
9th Passed by a house and stoped and bought chicken 50 cts from a man that said the Federals had aimed to destroy him but was mistaken in the place and destroyed one of their friends houses. His name was John Taylor. Old Bachelor, and tanner by trade. County rocy and hilly. Road very Ruff.
10th Cross Cumberland River. Saw fine chance of Ladies in Putnam Co.
11th Smith County. Union People generally.
11th Camped at Red Sulphur Springs. Rain in evening. 18 mi of Greensborough
12th In Monroe Co., Ky
12th Crossed Barren River in twelve mi of Trenton
(13th) passed through Roseville, Barren Co. Jim Waldrip sick. Rested Sunday the 14th, had a mutton dinner 35 cts.
15th Washed clothes and left camp 2 o 'clk. Very fine cesession people. Rain light in eve. Passed through Glasgow at dark. Took wrong road, went one mi out of way, travelled all night.
16th At Cave City in morning at one hour by Sun. Herd of Wesly Brantly's death. Saw him killed by Waggon running over him, so stated.
17th News of the Surrender of Fort Munfordsville unconditionally with five thousand prisoners, ten thousand stand of arms, munitions, stores &c.
Sept 18th Rumors of Buels Army in pursuit
19th Cool. Still at Mumforsville. Still on detail, commenced with J. M. Moncrief Ordn Waggoner. Crossed Green River. Camped in Woodsonville, Heart Co., Ky.
20th Troops leaving. We left at sundown and saw more troops than I ever did before. Herd from Levi Smart who was in the fight at the front. He passed me but I did not see him. Marched all night. Jim Waldrip sick. Camped at Hogensville, Larue County, rested till 23rd.
23rd Passed through New Haven.
24th Arrived at Bardstown, Ky.
25th Drew rations and draw______.
26th Went out in country 3 mi. Could not buy anything. Got some apples and cleared after eating and giving away, $2.50. Billy Maples with me on 1/2 profit.
Sept 27th Reported to Capt Bowen, Capt of Waggon gard, changed to forage waggon detail. Rain eve.
28th Went to Catholic meeting. Very fine church and furniture, the finest I ever saw and the 1st.
Oct 1st Went on detail after some whiskey to Rogersville (20 mi), Spencer Co., Went through Fairfield 14 mi N. of Bardstown. Ate dinner with a clever Irishman, no charge. Bought Jim some butter. Found knife and swaped it for one large, 2 Big blades for $2.00 to Boot.
Oct 3rd Swaped knives twice. Drawed wages and commutation up to 30th of June. Amt $35.50
4th Left Bardstown. Back to my Co. Regt, passed through Springfield, Washington County, and Perryville.
5th Camped at Camp Breconnige
6th Camped at Harrodsburg and cooked rations

October Memorandum 1862
Oct 7 Counter marched back to Perryville in line of Battle. Rested in line at our guns, a fine moonlight night, pleasant, no disturbance, all quiet, still.
8th Picketts firing before daylite, canonading commenced early. We was ordered out in line about twelve o'clock when our Battery opened fire on the enemy's Battery. Three Horses was killed, one gun disabled,no one killed. About 3 o'clock we charged over the fence we had been behind, down a steep bluff very ruff and rocy, up a rocy branch where we was ordered to take off our knapsacks. J. W. Freeman was left to guard them. One man was wounded here by a piece of a shell. We then went on over a rock fence, over a field, two other fences about 1/2 or 3/4 of a mile.
Oct 8th We was ordered fire and fall down then rise and doublequick untill a general engagement commenced. We kept advancing till compelled to fall back on account of a heavy cross firing which wounded and killed half of my company, four being associate and bro-in-law J. W. Hargis, and orderly J. C. Cathy, Jas. Simpson and Corpl. Oldfield. Two others died from their wounds. I discharged my duty the best I knew how, shot 18 times, then helped Capt. Bowen to carry Levi Childress off the field and continued to help carry off wounded till after night. Our little company was rallied and charged the enemy's Battery under Adjut. Miller, one and the only officer that was not wounded. Col. Benton, Lt. Col. Wright and Major Mason all being wounded. Col. hip, Lt. Col. arm, Major foot. I was detailed to help pick up the lost guns of the Battlefield late in the night. Saw Some Yang (sic) wounded on the field, gave them drink of water for fellows appeared to be suffering a great deal.
8th The battle raged furiously till dark. The Federals being drove off the field all of ___ was busy all night but little rest at all.
9th Early in morning on the march back to Harrodsburg very tired and weary. Camped at 12 o'cllk . News reached us that Kirby Smith had taken 8000 prisoners.
Oct 10th Passed through Nevader and Brantsville.
11th and 12th Rested at Camp Dick Roberson. H. T. Rushton of my mess went out in country and got some eggs for breakfast and Cabbage for dinner. Cool rain.
13th and 14th Hard marching. passed through Lancaster, Rockcastle County. Very tired and sore. Very ruff, Rocky and hilly road, crossed R. C. river and passed Wild Cat Battle ground.
15th Passed through London at sundown. Camped at forks of the road 47 miles from Cumberland Gap, rested 2 days. Bought some fresh pork 16th.
17th Hard marching through Barbersville cross Cumberland River. Knox county, Ky.
19th Very tired, fell behind.
Oct 19 and 20 Still hard marching. Passed through the gap and crossed Powel's Creek, a beauty-full stream, clear as cristal.
21st Through Tazewell, Tenn. short rations but made out very well. 1/2 pt of flour per day, some bacon. Camped on Clinch river, Union County, Tenn. Myself and Rushton went about 1 1/2 mi and got a good supper and some dried apples and onions.
22nd Marched till 2 o'clk, camped at Maynedsville.
23 Good roads and weather.
24th Arrived at Knoxville 2 o'clk. Lieut. Readdin, S. P. Martin and others visited us, got letters from home for the first in long time, not since we left Chattanooga, by the hand of Bros. J. W. Freeman and Tos. Hargis.
25th Herd of Mikel Waldrip death.
26th Snow shoe deep, wrote letters to home folks.
Oct 27 to 30th Nothing of interest.
31st Went to town, bought aples and candy, sold some, cleared $5.00. On guard twice at the camp.
Nov 2nd Preaching twice, orders cook rations.
3rd Ordered to fall in line at 2 o'clk. Marched through Knoxville and out five mi. on the R. R. and camped.
4th Went out in the country and bought appels, cleard $5.70.
6th Bought apples, cleared $1.50
7th Still at camp on railroad near Knoxville, light snow . Bought appels myseelf and M. C. Watkins.
8th Left Knoxville on cars for Chattanoogs, there 10 o'clk p.m., went and staid with R. Freeman at Convalescent Camp. Herd of W. H. Watkin's death. Left in the evening for Brigeport.
9th At Brigport sundown, camped.

November 1962
November 10th Moved across the river. Briges not finished. Pretty day
11 Wrote letter home. I have very bad cold.
12 Still here
13th Left B. port 10 o'clk night forAlsona. At Alsona before day on cars.
14th Marched cross creek, put up tents and cleared off ground
15th Pray meeting.
16th Inspection Sunday. Warm and light rain.
17th Wrote Sister Emily a letter.
18th Drew 2 mo wages $22.
20th Washed clothes
21st On gard at R.R. Bridge Bought $5 worth apples. Cleared $2.00
22nd Recd Letter from home by Col. White. Bought ___ and dried peaches, myself and Watkins, Sold and Cleard $7.00
23rd Left Alsona for Shelbyville 2 days march. Capt. Bowen left for home. Sent $82.00 home and letters by him.
24th At camp near Shelbyville.
November and December 1862
25th Cleaned up streets. Cloudy.
26th Gen. inspection and Drill by Hardie.
27th Bought Tobacco and pies, cleared on pies $1.00
28th Sold tobacco to Faires at cost.
30th Inspection. Rainy last night.
Dec 1st to 4th Drill (Cloudy and cool, 1st)
4th Reported one case small pox in our Regt, but did not spread.
5th On gard. Snow. Orders to be ready to march at one hours notice.
6th Reported Price had gained victory at Holly springs and other places in Miss.
7th Wrote letter home. Div left us. Rushton came in from Brg. Detail. Myself and Jones made on pork $1.00
8th On gard round Regt. Built a chimney to our tent. Durham back to Co.
10th J. M. Waldrip on gard.
11 Pretty warm day.
12th Bought pork mess apiece $1.80.
13th Washed clothes
Dec 14th Cloudy. Swaped blankets with Rushton. Gave him $10.00 to boot.
15th Preaching by Well, private in Regt.
16th Vacconated. Dan Tate sick.
18th On gard. Passed with G. Rounds.
21st Regt drilled in Skirmish drill.
25th On gard in Magraws place, Nvg.
26th Went to town, bought pies cleared $1.75. Dan Tate sent to Hospital.
27th Egg nog three mornings, rain night.
28th Jim Waldrip sent to Hospital. Left for Brigade. Marched 9 mi and counter-marched back to Shelbyville, old camp.
29th On Duck River, Bedford County.
30th Pickett gards. Rushtons choice.
31st Herd cannonading at Murfresboro. F. M. Bloodworth back to Company.


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