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MAY 1862 - JUN 1862

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Should this book get lost the finder will please forward it to Tyro, P. C., Miss. to care of R. T. Bowen, Esqr. and Oblige a soldier.
Sergt. J. H. Freeman's book of Co. I 34th Miss. Vol.
Walthall's Brigade
Gen'l Bragg's Army
John H. Freeman
Chulahoma, Marshall Co., Miss.

If in this book you read I ask you not to abuse for I write this for my own satisfaction and not for critics to peruse and often to abuse.

May 11th Left home 10 o'clk p.m. At Holly Springs next morning. In a tise.
12th left on cars for Corinth. At Corinth by 12 o'clk m., well and hearty
13th Wrote and sent letters home to Wife
16th sent off 2 letters home, S. G. Waldrip
21st J. M. Waldrip sick leaves for home
23rd Mailed letter to mother, R. Freeman. J. H. Freeman sick from 19th to 27th
" " Bought chicken (25th) sent J. W. F. letter
27th F. M. Jones leaves for home sick, sends letters by him.
(28th) W. H. Watkins sick, leaves for home. had orders to be ready to leave at a minutes warning 12 o'clk. Tents struck. Marched ___ Brest work in line of battle. Marched back to depot. then on duty some on detail some on guard Till we left.
(29th) Leaves in quick time without orders from any officers. Leaves in great confusion. Cloudy cool morning. large Army
2nd Stopped to rest at Clear Creek . Some little rain and flying clouds.
3rd Wrote a letter. Those that left us at Corinth on cars came to us and drew rations for the first time in six days. All of us very hungry. Rec. letter from Betty Waldrip by Wilie Newton.
3rd J. S. Aiken came to see us. He is from 18th Ark. Regt. Carrol Gen Daily Col. Lynch Capt. of Co. (G.) Vandorn headquarters. Sent S. G. Waldrip and wife letters.
4th Wrote Betty a letter and some for the other boys and shot off our guns (5th) sent off Betty's ltr by Capt. Falkner to Holly Springs.
6 and 7th Drilled for third time since I joined the army.
8th Left Clear Creek late in Eve. Marched all night till 2 o'clk. Started next morng at sunrise. Arrived at Tupelo 3 o'clk p.m. very tired and sleepy.
June 8th We had good road but two hills. Some good crops of corn on the Road. Saw a good deal of Cotton burnt and some burning.
9th Sent off two letters today. Wrote six for the company. Sent wife letter by Birdiron. Lt Readen came to Co.
10th Weighed 130 lbs. In Battalion drill. I made up my first bread very good. Recd and Read Letter sent to Thos Hargis from J. A. Hargis, Richmond, VA. Jas Steward came back from Hospital.
11th Wrote letter for Jim Steward and John Freeman and myself. Drilled by Lieut Readin for 1st time. Very dusty and warm (11th) Jas. M. Waldrip and Billy Aiken Returned to Regt and Co.
11th Recd Letters from wife, Pa's family and recd wife likeness and Mothers.
12th I was detailed with forage waggon gone two days 9 mi west Tupelo 14 mi. E. Pontoc. Good corn crops, no cotton scarsely.
June 12th Dusty roads. Got supper at Kirkpatricks paid 50 cts for it. Stayed with waggons in an old out House. Slept good on shatterd fodder.
13th Started early got breakfast .50 cts Saw a little child and nursed it. got back to Regt by 2 o'clk Regt moored in bottom. Stretched flies and wrote Letters to wife and Pa's family. Sent them to Waterford by hand. J. M. Waldrip wrote and sent one.
15th Herd sermon preached by our Chaplin, Sulivan. Sent 2 Books and letters to wife by Wm Locke. Warm and clear and dusty. Evening Sermon by Chaplin.
16th Drawed canteen.
18th Wrote four Letters, one for __. Rain last night. Saw Martin Shaw. Sent letters. Conly Watkins and Jon Fr. sick. Jas Waldrip commenced for cook. Prayer meeting night by Chaplin.
19th Lieut. Ruiborn left for home

J. H. Freeman's Memorandum June 20th 1862
June 20th Cooking broken up. I taken Rosole. Broke out At prayer meeting last night. (21st) A. J. Faires brought me letters from wife and Bill. 12 of co. come in to company. Lt Durkam, J. H. Brown, R. Landers, John Childress, H. T.Rushton, D. Tate, R. B. McKee, S. Simpson
22nd J. C. Cathy left for home, sent off Letters by him. Herd preaching Chaplin Weaver. Wm left for home also.
24th S. P. Martin sent off home. Sent Letters by him (26th) moved to new campground on the hill. Went in old mess with J. M. Moncrief in Tent.
28th Went to creek in bathing. Lost my Pockett Book but found it by chance. Taken sick with Diarear
29th Preaching by Chaplin and Harris. Taken mumps. (30th) at night great cheering of our great victory in Va. Wrote letter home. Still at Tupelo. Wrote letters for Bob and myself.


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