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Record of One Branch of the Newcomer Family and Genealogical History

James K. Newcomer
(Great Grand Son of Ulrich Neukommer)

Urbana, Ohio

(Electronic facsimile reprint, A.D. 2000, by J. William Newcomer, Ada, Michigan)

Preface to the 2000 Electronic Reprint

As a young boy growing up on our Southern Michigan farm, I would rummage through the desk in our dining room, and there find “the little black book”. In this little black book I read of Ulrich Neukommer and his family. I learned about Jacob Newcomer and his two brothers moving from York County, in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, to Fayette County in the far western part of that same State. Here were the outlines of how my Great-Great-Grandfather John Newcomer ended up settling in Fulton County, Ohio, on land that is now part of the city of Wauseon. In this “little black book”, published by my Great-Great-Uncle James in 1882, was the story of my Newcomer roots. It is a pleasure to now share that story, as told by Uncle James, with you.

James K. Newcomer was my great grandfather, George D. Newcomer's older brother. It was probably from George that the book was handed down to my grandfather, Guy V. Newcomer, and from him to my father, Rex Newcomer. The work is in the public domain, and as this is a facsimile reprint, I can make no copyright claim. I would ask as a courtesy that in citing this electronic reprint or any hard copy printed from this electronic reprint, that you include the line, “Electronic facsimile reprint, A.D. 2000 by J. William Newcomer, Ada, Michigan”. I also ask that this reprint would not be used in any “for profit” manner. This book is not without some errors. It is a secondary source for genealogy information, and it is your responsibility, as you are able, to verify from more original sources all facts in this book. I should also note that this reprint contains some hand written notes written by my family that would not be found in other extant copies of the original 1882 work.

J. William Newcomer, Ada, Michigan June 1, A.D. 2000

If you choose to download and use this file, would you please send me a note. I would like to have some feedback on how many people are using this electronic "reprint".

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This page and its contents are copyright © June 2000 by Bill Newcomer.